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Stomper 16/8 Webisode

We were watching some of the videos we have released recently and we found the very first 16/8 Webisode featuring UKMG Artist Stomper. We made the 16/8 Webisode series to give fans what they have been wanting. They have been demanding music videos from their favorite Urban Kings Artists, from the classic songs, to the newer songs, to even unreleased songs. I remember thinking about what song we should do with Stomper, and then we heard what song fans wanted to see for the 16/8, and we have came up with the song “I Wish It Was Fake“. Directed by Kast N Fame, the video came out sick and exactly what we envisioned it. If you havent seen this Webisode yet, make sure to press play and watch it right now!

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Urban Kings Artist on American Crime

Have you been watching the show American Crime on ABC? I have been watching every week to support Urban Kings Artist Richard Cabral, who stars as Hector in the show. The show is really good, and is about racial tension during a murder trial in Modesto, California. We found out that a murder happened of a white young couple, one man is dead and his wife is alive, but in a coma. We find out their are 3 suspects involved in a murder, Carter, a black man who was told on by Hector, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, who is also a suspect, that had the dead mans ID, credit cards, etc. The third suspect is Tony, who was driving the car that was at the scene of the crime. With a racist mother of the man killed, and the family of the couple figuring out the next step to bury a son and preparing for the trial. While on the other side, family is behind those accused, doing everything they can to get Carter and Tony out of jail. While Hector deals with being a gang member trying to get out of the gang, also awaiting deportation. He is awaiting his options of a deal to snitch on Carter. What will happen in the case? The only way to find out is watching American Crime, Every Thursday Night.

Aint No Sunshine

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Chino Grande’s Book Of Lyrics Video

Have you seen this instant classic video from Urban Kings artist Chino Grande. Its a short video of Chino talking about going through his neighborhood and as he was walking, he wrote a quick little freestyle, and saved it for us to put in a small video. Make sure to watch the video, and listen to Chinos lyrics that came straight from the heart, and be prepared for his new upcoming album “1300 Block Boys” coming soon. Its finally complete and now just putting the finishing touches on it. But its coming soon! Make sure to stay posted. We just made all his CDs just $7.99 exclusively and only inside The UKMG Merch Store!

Chino Grande On Pocos Pero Locos

We recently added Chino Grande’s Story Of My Life ft Fiesty 2 Guns to Pocos Pero Loco The Social Network online station. So you can now request it and dedicate anytime you want.They even have him on the banner of the website. Shout out Khool Aid and E Dubb for the love and support. Get Chino Grande’s newly released album out now, available on Itunes, and all FYE Locations.

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Chino Grande’s Prison Art Sold

Chino Grande’s drawing from prison goes to the winner Pancho Huerta for the selling price of $400. (Sorry we took so long to announce it).

We got a custom frame for it and you will be receiving some gifts as well ; ).Congratulations Pancho and thank you for your support. Greatly appreciated…

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