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Stomper & 2Tone

Stomper was with 2 Tone this past week at the Dead End Studios with Kast N Fame. They were talking about Stompers new album “Once Upon A Time In America 2“. Both Stomper and 2Tone gave a few shout outs and a few history moments. Stomper talks about 2Tone being the artist that started out his music career. Artists have been coming out and giving the album props because it is a really good CD. With features from Sick Jacken from Psycho Realm, Spanky Loco, Chino XL, MC Magic, Slush Tha Villain, Omar Cruz, Frost, Guzzle, Fingazz, 2Tone, Krazy Race, Thief Sicario and more, the album shaped up very real and very lyrical.

Once Upon A Time In America 2 is available now at ALL FYE Locations , Digitally Download through iTunes , and The UKMG Catalog .



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We Don’t Fake It

This year we have released 9 albums including two mix-tapes, and in every single pre-order all autographed posters were done by the artist themselves. It was a pleasure having the artist come down to our headquarters to signed the posters. Some we got the video tape and others…well lets just say some signings are not always PG (lol jk). Now of course not all pre-sales offered the autographed poster because of situations being what they are but we do hope everyone is happy with their autographed posters. I know I was when I received my first Ms. Krazie autographed poster.(practically hugging the wall lol). We are going to keep offering Pre-sales and we are going to keep sending them out before the release date so everyone can get the Urban Kings hook up courtesy of Watch the signing at urbankingstv or subcribe to our youtube channel to see all the videos we have done . Big shout out to all our fans and don’t forget we are still accepting applications for our Urban Kings Shot Callers.

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Youtube Friday – The 20 Second CellPhone Charger Invention

Check this out for our Youtube Friday. I know this will help out people everywhere, but I dont know if the cell phone companies will let this one get big, because it will take down all their charger business. Esha Khare is an 18 year old inventor, still in high school, and has created a brand new cell phone battery that can FULLY CHARGE a cell phone from 20 to 30 seconds. She just won an inventor award, winning over $50,000 and is already being contacted by billion dollar companies such as Google. I know this can help the world, but will the cellphone companies let this one be buyable since it will take their lesser quality chargers out of business? We will see, but we hope Esha can slide her friends at Urban Kings a few of these!

Making Our T Shirt Designs (2 of 3)

The Front Design

urban kings films

The  Back Designurban kings films

Date The Screen For Our Records
urban kings films

Ready To Burn The Design Into The Screen

urban kings films

Prepped And Ready To Print

Installed It Onto The Press
urban kings

Ready To Get Inked
urban kings

Its Automatic To Us Baby!

We went to Downtown Los Angeles to buy the screen we need to make a design. Now its time to put our design into the screen so we can make our own shirts. Its a complicated process to etch our designs into a screen then imprint it onto the frame. We are making our Urban Kings Music Group T Shirts, with the Urban Kings logo on the front with the UKMG initials on the back with the website underneath. Next Monday will be our next blog of this series.

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Ms Krazie & Miss Lady Pinks

Urban Kings artist Ms Krazie is back in the studio working on her new upcoming album “Sad Girls Club”. She is wrapping up her album, and with a few songs left, she collaborated with another artist that fans have been asking for years to work with, Miss Lady Pinks. This is history in the making with the news of this collaboration already spreading like crazy. I was in the studio session for the song and it was awesome. I cant wait until the world hears the song, but its definitely one of those songs that will be a hit. Stay posted to our website for updated information on the album!

The Basement this Saturday

The Basement this Saturday July 30,2011. Featuring Charlie Row Campo and Steel Banging Musick in studio.


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