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Stomper – Behind The Scenes of Seven Plus Six

Stomper has already finished his music video for his upcoming album “Once Upon A Time In America 2″, called Seven Plus Six. This is the official Behind The Scenes video that we did for the fans. Stomper talks about the album real quick, before starting the filming for the music video. He has been working hard on this album, getting the exact features he wanted and the songs he wanted to create. With Features from Sick Jacken from Psycho Realm, Chino XL, MC Magic, Omar Cruz, Slush Tha Villain, Spanky Loco, Kid Frost and more, the album is complete, well rounded album and fans are gonna love this album. The Pre-Sale for Once Upon A Time In America 2 will be available May 14th, and will have many extras that will come with the Pre-Sale Orders. Make sure to stay updated with our blog to see new information about Stomper and Once Upon A Time In America 2 will be available on June 19th,2012!

Stomper – Seven Plus Six – Behind The Scenes

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Brown Is Beautiful by Ms Krazie

Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie has released a classic album through Urban Kings, and it was her very first album. The CD is called “Brown Is Beautiful“, and features Mr Shadow, Knightowl, Payaso, Abusivo, Mal Hablado, Danger, The Pricks and D Salas. This album features the jams like “Walk Away“, “From The Throne“, “Mommys Little Girl” and “Always“. Brown Is Beautiful is a classic album and features all the hit songs from Ms Krazie! Urban Kings even digitally remastered the album, and added 3 new bonus tracks! Brown Is Beautiful is available now at all Major Music Retailers, including Amazon and FYE, and digitally through iTunes! I put a song below so you can hear a song from the album, its called “Chinga Tu Madre” and one of Ms Krazie’s most requested songs at her concerts!

Ms Krazie – Chinga Tu Madre – Taken From Brown Is Beautiful

A Secret How To Be Successful

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UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr gives everyone a very big secret on how to be successful. Not too many people now a days give information like this to help others grow as people. And personally, I think thats why the world is going where its going. These are some tips that will guarantee you to be successful, not just in the business aspect, but in your personal life as well. Have you ever heard of the term “Its not what you can do, but its who you know”? That is all too real in this world, and learn how to be successful by watching this video. But….You are only able to watch this video by LIKE The Urban Kings Facebook Page.


Trust Your Struggle by Chino Grande

Did you know that UKMG Artist Chino Grande started recording this album while he was free only a few hours. He already had his concepts and ideas, and he went in the studio and created one great song after another. Then we scheduled some really dope collaborations for the album, like Ms Krazie, MC Magic, Carolyn Rodriguez, Glasses Malone, Chingo Bling and more. The CD came out really sick, with 16 songs on the album, and all of them heaters. It features songs like “I Dont Give A Fuck“, “Shine On Me“, “Hands Of Time” , “I Remember You Homie” and more. Trust Your Struggle is available now at all Major Retailers including Amazon, FYE and digitally on iTunes! Make sure to check out the first single and first ever music video by Chino Grande called “Shine On Me” below, it is already at 965,000 views on youtube and will be at 1Million in a few weeks!

Chino Grande – Shine On Me – Official Music Video – Taken From Trust Your Struggle

Chino Grande’s Official Facebook

Chino Grande asked the Urban Kings Music Group to make him an Official Facebook Page. It will be updated through Urban Kings through Chino Grande himself. Within 15 minutes of posting the new Chino Grande Facebook, he has over 150 LIKES! Make sure to LIKE Chino Grande’s page and support Chino Grande and the Charlie Row Campo!

Chino Grande's Official Facebook Page

What Inspires Disciples Of The Sick

Disciples Of The Sick is a hip hop group from the greater Los Angeles area. Formed by Big Duke of Psycho Realm, the members include Philieano, Beto Barron, Test, SP Noza, EGGROLL, DJ Resy One, and Geo. Their self-titled, debut album was released in 2014, along with music videos for the singles “Psychopaths”, “Mind Control Warfare”, and “Devil’s Playground”. Click Here To Purchase The Disciples Of The Sick CD! - via


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