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Stomper Featured In XXL Magazine


Urban Kings artist The Stomper was featured in XXL Magazine for a segment shot by World Famous Photographer Estevan Oriol. The feature came out really dope and Estevan went into the neighborhoods where he was raised and took pictures of the environment and the people who live there. It was a really dope issue and we grabbed the photo that Stomper was in, so you can see it for yourself. We cant wait to see another XXL feature from Estevan, that would be sick!

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Summer Nights with JD #7

JD#7 Another song another entry, sorry i haven’t had much time to post till today. Here is a song that you will hear in many bars or events in L.A “I Had Choice” by Sun. This has been my personal favorite for years. Am glad to share it with you guys if you haven’t heard it before. You can purchase this song at our online store here.  If you want to check out some of my older post click here “Summer Nights with JD

Devour Ft Kap G – Half Of It

Since I heard this song, I kept this song jammin in my iPod. Its called “Half Of It” by Devour Up and Kap G. Its laid back but the message is real. We have posted a Devour song before, and I wanted to post another one because this one is too dope. It features Kap G, who we played a song for you yesterday called “Tatted Like Amigos”. Make sure to check it out and let us know what you think at Urban Kings Facebook Page!

Midget Loco Photoshoot Picture

We got this picture sent to us by UKMG Artist Midget Loco . It was from a recent photoshoot he did with Diwang Valdez from Atlanta. It was a photoshoot done over this past weekend and it came out really dope. We only were able to post this picture as the rest are still being analyzed and processed. Midget Loco has been working on his new album to be released through UKMG, including a brand new song he did for his fans along with Alkatraz called Me-Xicano, which is Premiering tonight on Junkie Alley Radio on at 6PM and tomorrow on at 9PM! Make sure to tune in and listen to the new song!

Urban Kings Chicano Rap Love Dedications

When fans started demanding that they wanted Urban Kings to release some love songs from their favorite UKMG Artists. We heard our fans and made the Chicano Rap Love Dedications Vol. 1, and it featured UKMG Artists Chino GrandeMidget LocoJasper LocoFiesty 2 GunsMs Krazie and more. It also features Baby Jokes, Payaso, Sweepy G, DTTX (Lighter Shade of Brown) and more! Did you know that their is some music on this album that is exclusive to this one CD? That means there are some songs that is only on this album and not on any other album. One of my favorite exclusive songs from this album was “Thinking About Them (I Can’t Wait)” by Charlie Row Campo’s Chino Grande. This album is a classic and has the hottest love jams, and its available now at all Major Music retailers like FYE and Amazon, digitally through iTunes and at the UKMG Merch Store! Check out the song below and order the album if its not in your collection already!

Ms Krazie – Feelin Crazy – Taken From Chicano Rap Love Dedications

True Starr – Roll Thru

Urban Kings Artist True Starr has just released his single called “Roll Thru“, which we did a music video for. The music video has done very good, getting over 15,000 views so far and will be getting more and more every day. The song is very dope, the rhyme and melody is dope and catchy and has that dope chill vibe. We have just made this available for download exclusively though Urban Kings, so make sure to download the single and support the song. Also make sure to watch the music video below! It was directed by Kast N Fame. Check it out!

True Starr – Roll Thru


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