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Stomper on THE B SIDE SHOW this MONDAY!!!

Stomper will be on The B Side Show this Monday, June 4th, talking about his upcoming album, and much more. Also featured on the show will be O Brown, Baby G, and BZ Bwai. The B Side Show is a really dope show that is recorded from different angles. Its like a cool fun talk show with some really tight upcoming artists, some established artists, actors, producers, clothing line companys and models. So you can tune in, and watch some of your favorite artists talk about music, concepts and all that good stuff. Stomper is promoting his new album “Once Upon A Time In America 2″ which is also available for presale By CLICKING HERE. It will include a FREE AUTOGRAPHED “PERSONALIZED” POSTER, and a FREE AUTOGRAPHED CD COVER. Stomper also might be giving away a FREE AUTOGRAPHED POSTER while on the show!!! YOU MAY NEVER KNOW!!!! So make sure to tune in at and tune in at 8pm PACIFIC TIME! The Show is  hosted by Silly Rabbit, Wackoe and Daisy. The Bside Radio DJ is DJ SUPER MARIO.

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MedBox – Coming Soon Near You

I was walking through a store the other day and I seen one of these machines. It is called a Medbox and its one of the newest machines available right now. This machine is a brand new dispensary for medications. All you have to do is swipe your medical card, and press your finger against the fingerprint scanner, then just choose which medicine you would like and even choose your dosage. The machine is kept in perfect temperature for medication, even refrigerating medicine when needed. Medbox is looking to install hundreds of medicine machines in various pharmacies in many different states.

Hello Loca Drawing

This drawing was sent in by Alyssa Torres from Houston Texas (Shout Out to everybody out there). If you guys don’t know Ms. Krazie is selling all her Cds at $10 on her website. If they ran out of the album you want dont trip we have all her albums for the same price at youbuyscds so no need to shed a tear. Collect all for of her album, also available on Itunes and FYE stores nation wide.

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Youtube Friday – Cops Kill

A picture describes a thousand words, and this video describes a million more. RIP.

Urban Kings 16/8 Webisode 4 Is Here!!!

The moment you have been waiting for is here. We have just made the official Urban Kings 16/8 Webisode 4 available online for the public. It features Lil Minor and Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo. This is Webisode 4 of the 16/8 Series that we made just for our fans. Its a series that gives everyone a brand new music video. But the music video might be for a classic song, a new song, a unreleased song, or even a freestyle. You never know what is coming from the Urban Kings 16/8 Webisodes, but we pick the songs that you want! Today, we released the brand new 16/8 Webisode 4 called “Loco To The Brain”. I Think the video came out really dope and it was directed by @Famous8. Did you know that Loco To The Brain is taken from Jasper Loco & Baby Jokes collaboration album called “Eastside Classics“, which is available now at all Major Music Retailers, Digitally through iTunes and online at The UKMG Merch Store!

Official Rap Like Ms. Krazie Video Contest

That’s right you heard right. It is the Official Rap Like Ms. Krazie Contest. Watch the video so you can see the rules. You pretty much have to get a song you like from Ms. Krazie and rap it on your web cam or video camera and upload to youtube and add it as a video response to this video on the youtube page. If you win you get to be on Ms. Krazie’s upcoming album!


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