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Stomper on The B Side Show Tonight!!!

Stomper will be on The B Side Show TONIGHT talking about his upcoming album, and his new music video for “Seven Plus Six”. Also featured on the show will be O Brown, Baby G, and BZ Bwai. The B Side Show is a really dope online television show that is recorded from six different camera angles. Its like a cool fun talk show with some really tight upcoming artists, some established artists, actors, producers, clothing line companys and models. So you can tune in, and watch some of your favorite artists talk about music, concepts and all that good stuff. Stomper is promoting his new album “Once Upon A Time In America 2″ which is also available for presale By CLICKING HERE. It will include a FREE AUTOGRAPHED “PERSONALIZED” POSTER, and a FREE AUTOGRAPHED CD COVER. Stomper also might be giving away a FREE AUTOGRAPHED POSTER while on the show!!! YOU MAY NEVER KNOW!!!! So make sure to tune in at and tune in at 8pm PACIFIC TIME! The Show is  hosted by Silly Rabbit, Wackoe and Daisy. The Bside Radio DJ is DJ SUPER MARIO.



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Remembering Wreck – Still Here Music Video

Here is one of our favorite videos that we had to post. This week we are celebrating the life of Wreck of Wicked Minds, and we were the lucky ones of knowing him, not only through the music he made, but personally through friendships. This is a video he did from his album “Legion – For We Are Many” which is available now. This video was an instant classic, featuring Wreck at the drivers seat, UKMG Artist Chino Grande, Cuete Yeska, and Baby Wicked. It also features cameos by Omar Cruz and Actor Danny De La Paz. Wreck, you will be missed brother.


Jasper Loco Music Video Releasing Today

Today UKMG Artist Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo, will be releasing his brand new music video called “Where Do We Go From Here”, a song taken from his brand new album called “Hustle Music”. The song is dope and features UKMG Artist and Charlie Row Campo member Chino Grande. The Premier will release at 7pm PACIFIC TIME and its a dope music video. Make sure to stay posted to our website as we will exclusively release the World Premier video today!

Happy Birthday True Starr

We all want to send a Shout Out to the Birthday Boy himself True Starr. Make sure to follow him if you havent already at True Starr Official Facebook Page and pick up his album if you haven’t already. Its called “You’re Welcome” and is available now for digital download! Happy Birthday True!!!

True Starr – What You Need

Urban Kings Music Group Artist True Starr released his most recent music video called “What You Need”. Its his newest song and is directed by Kast N Fame. I think it might be one of the top videos that ever came out of the Urban Kings label. The visuals are dope, and there are some really crazy special effects. The video is out now, and you can watch it below. Make sure to write your comments at The Urban Kings Facebook Page! We have also added the download link for “What You Need” by True Starr by clicking his single cover below!


True Starr – What You Need – Music Video


Click Here To Download What You Need by True Starr

Click Here To Download “What You Need” by True Starr


Chicano Rap Love Dedications 2 – Coming June 18th

We have just announced that UKMG Artist Spanky Loco will be releasing “The Best Of” through The Urban Kings Music Group, for our first official release of our 2013 line up, and this compilation will follow Spanky’s. Chicano Rap Love Dedications is back with all brand new songs, including some very exclusive songs. We just received the official date of JUNE 18th for the Chicano Rap Love Dedications 2 compilation and trust me, its a really good album. Full of songs with your favorite UKMG Artists, this is another must have for any UKMG fan. More information is coming soon, but this is the very first look of the album cover!


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