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Stomper, Spanky Loco & Huero Snipes

Here is a picture this past weekend of Spanky Loco, Huero Snipes and The Stomper that they emailed us from this past weekend. They were chillen and just hangin out and partyin. With the release of Stompers “Once Upon A Time In America 2“, everyone has been pumped up on Stomper. And with Spanky Loco working on his new solo project with a tentative release date in 2013, the “Everybody Killa” are continuing to bring out the best music. Remember Stompers album “Once Upon A Time In America 2″ is available at All FYE Locations and digitally on iTunes.

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Be up at 12 o’clock A.M

UKMG Sports – Matt Kemp Gives Back

There are always athletes in professional sports who give back to the communities their team is located in. Most of their charity goes unnoticed by the public simply because celebrities do it for the good, and not trying to only get acknowledged or recognized. They do awesome things simply because its the right thing to do, for the underprivileged, or for those terminally ill. This video has started to go viral within the last few hours. The video description says the fan is fighting a “tough battle” and his family “scrapped money together” to afford his seats. Then they got the attention of Dodgers 3rd base Coach Tim Wallach, asking if Kemp can come meet the fan. Coach Wallach told them he would see what he could do. Matt Kemp not only came over to meet the fan, but also gave him an autographed baseball, his jersey, his hat and the cleats he all wore during the game. And he did all that in the enemy territory, as the game was held in San Francisco, where the Dodgers have over a 50 year rivalry with the Giants. Shout out to Matt Kemp for being a world class athlete and an incredible person.



Facebook Ambush – The Stomper

Urban Kings has a brand new Facebook Ambush featuring UKMG Artist The Stomper. Stomper came down to the Urban Kings offices and he got caught in the Facebook Ambush, hosted by UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr. You will not guess what Stomper was doing when he Jaime found him to do the Facebook Ambush. Then Stomper gives everyone the news of his upcoming projects called “Unreleased Kuts 2″ and “New Days New Ways”. Make sure to check out the video and You MUST LIKE The Urban Kings Facebook Page To Watch The Video. Check it out right now!

True Starr – Make You Proud

We got a brand new music video alert. Not just an alert, but a video from Urban Kings Music Group Artist. Yes, we are talking about True Starr, and his brand new song Make You Proud, taken from his brand new album, You’re Welcome. The new CD is dope, and one of the songs from the album was just finished and uploaded online. Make You Proud features Young Craze and is directed by Kast N Fame. The video came out sick and is one of those songs and videos that goes to the roots of how we grew up, and takes us to our childhood. Watch the video and reminisce with True and Craze. Make sure to watch the video and support True Starr by Ordering You’re Welcome.

True Starr – Ft. Young Craze – Make You Proud – Music Video



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