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Stray Bullets – Digital Vs Analog

Urban Kings has officially joined the ‪#‎AnalogVersusDigital‬ Campaign along with many major music labels to keep physical CD copies alive! For the fans who prefer an actual CD, read the credits and information inside, and appreciate the hard copies. Today we showcase the album we distributed with Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm. We have made each ‪Urban Kings‬ CD for just $7.99, only on Dont believe us, look in our Merch Section!

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The High Life Album Release Party

Check out this event coming up this Friday, November 27th, its from our boys at The High Life, their album release party for their newest CD “The Connection“. The album release party will feature a performance  by The High Life, along with Mad Struggl3, Bad Seed and more special guests to be announced. It will also feature Dj Frog and hosted by G Funky Gomez. It will all be taking place at The OC Steel House Bar & Grill in Anaheim, California. It will be a pretty dope event so make sure to stay posted!

Ms Krazie Forgive Not Forget Snippets

Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie has been working on her cd for months putting together the songs that would go towards her album.Not only has she been writing her music, but she has also been on tour for her first tour ever, called “The Hello Loca 2012 Tour”, and is already over 25 tour dates in. This is a very special sneak peak of her new album, which will be releasing on September 18th through the UKMG imprint. Press Play and be the first to listen!!!

Follow Fiesty 2 Guns On Facebook

“All these rappers with the tough talk…. when shit hits the fan you better be prepared to back it up!!! cuz you will be tested #justsayin” – Fiesty 2 Guns

Most people know or met Fiesty 2 Guns from the streets, or from his music from being a member of the hip hop group Charlie Row Campo. He has worked hard in the music industry starting from the beginning, performing anywhere he could to establish his name with his group, including Chino Grande and Jasper Loco to name a few. While doing shows upon shows, from concerts, to car shows, to parties, Charlie Row Campo created its image with raw lyrics and hustle with ambition. Fiesty has always been a very lyrical artist, with real creative wordplay, patterns and subjects. He seems to paint a picture with his songs that goes from one beginning to an end. He is definitely a bright star in music and those who have discovered him, already know. With his contribution on all the Charlie Row Campo albums, to his first solo projects, first releasing a mixtape called “Talking Guns” and then debuting his first solo album “Street Scriptures“. Fiesty was hard at work even after he finished his solo album, starting to work on the Charlie Row Campo album called “California Boys“. Once California Boys was completed with recording, Fiesty went back into the studio to start working on his 2nd album, which he is still working on with a scheduled release date in 2013. Make sure to click on Fiesty’s picture to add him on Facebook. Until then, check out the Charlie Row Campo Sneak Peak of the album and stay posted to our blog for everything and anything from Fiesty 2 Guns!

Charlie Row Campo – California Boys – Sneak Peak

Watch & Learn

Check out this really dope video we were watching today. We were checking out videos today to get inspired by different peoples talents. One of the videos we watch that motivated us is this video by Sofles. He is a world famous graffiti artist and created an amazing video called “Limitless“. Its one of the dopest videos that we have seen in a while, and watch it not only for the art, but the way it was filmed and edited. A video is not just acting or recording. It took many hours filming the video, and this video took 3 days to just film. Then the video was shot in hyperlapse. Make sure to check it out and see what we are talking about.

Show us what you got

This drawing was sent by 505shadybadboy. Everybody has a talent and we apreciate you guys taking the time to show us love thru your craft. If you want to show off your skills just send us your piece and we’ll post it up for people to see. Send it in to (Best art work gets a free poster  jk lol but you never know…)

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