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Strippers That Smell Baddddd

The Album Of The Week-The New Testament

This week’s album is The New Testament. Which was Stomper’s first solo album he did with Urban Kings. This song is called World Wide Riders with Ghost Dawg,Niles Davis & Spanky Loco on the track. Don’t be a fool in letting this album slip by you again. We have restocked in his album specifically for this week’s announcement. We even have his posters in stock.

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New Out The Box!

Urban Kings Music Group along with Lineage Entertainment Group Presents the brand new episode of “Out The Box”. This is a really dope show and it stars Clayton Cardenas in his episode called “I Am”. This is a really dope episode that went very different from the past shows. Watch the story of Clayton Cardenas as he walks you through a story that only one man can tell. The actual episode will debut on Thursday, October 9th! And we will premier the official trailer TODAY  on Urban Kings at 6pm Pacific Time! Make sure to stay tuned for it!

Stompers New CD & Donate Link

Click Stompers CD To Donate

Today we have the World Premier of The Stomper’s brand new album cover for Unreleased Kuts – Vol 2. Stomper is the first official release from Urban Kings this year, on SEPTEMBER 2ND, and we are proud to release his new album. He has many dope features on the album and we are excited to let the world hear Stompers new music. We are also promoting THE FREE STOMPER CAMPAIGN, and we have THE OFFICIAL FREE STOMPER DONATION PAGE. We are asking everyone to donate money for Stompers legal fees and help bring Stomper back to his family. We have another update about Stompers album later today, so stay posted on our blog for more information. Below is a few personal words by UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr.

Thursday, July 3rd – Lonnie Mendoza, also known as “The Stomper”; has dedicated his life to entertaining fans, by expressing himself in the form of music. Stomper is not only an entertainer to all of us, but he is also a father, a son, and a friend. Regardless of whatever he was going through, he was always there for those he loved. He is the type of man that if you were hungry, he would cut his bread in half and share it with you. Stompers passion was music. It was the only thing that kept him from going back to the gang life. All he wanted was for his fans to enjoy his music. “The problem with being in a gang, you will always be a gangster and sadly bad things will always come with that, but I love making music. It keeps me from going back to the hood”, said Stomper the last time we spoke.

Lonnie made mistakes, but what man doesn’t make mistakes? We are just trying to give him another chance. Another chance for him to be a son, another chance to be a friend, another chance to be a Father. So FREE Lonnie Mendoza, Free Stomper! – Click Stomper’s CD Cover to Donate!

- Please share this story and link with friends and family, all over your social media networks, like instagram, twitter, facebook, tumblr and everywhere you can. Lets spread the word to bring our brother back to us!

Movie – Casa De Mi Padre

I heard Will Farrell was making a movie about being a mexican, and I didnt know if it was a comedy or a drama. Knowing Will Farrell, it could be anything. I dont know if the whole movie is in spanish, but from the trailer, it looks that way. And only Farrell would be that crazy and funny and smart to do that. It also stars Diego Luna (Y Tu Mama Tambien) and Efren Ramirez (Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite). It is hard to describe the commercial because it has a bunch of wierd  funny crazy stuff in it. So you guys gotta see it for yourselves. So here it is, Will Farrells movie commercial, for Casa De Mi Padre.



Are You A Bigger Charlie Row Campo Fan?

We were just sent in this picture of Uno Snoopy Tres showing off his poster of Charlie Row Campo’s Southern Gang Violence , and its autographed!!! It was autographed by UKMG Artist and Charlie Row Camponero Fiesty 2 Guns! Southern Gang Violence was one of Charlie Row Campo’s most successful albums. With songs from the album like Bloody War, Westcoast, Pressin On and Brought Down, this was an instant classic. It is a must have for any Charlie Row Campo fan and will complete a Charlie Row Campo collection if you dont have it already. Listen Below to one of my favorite songs from Southern Gang Violence.

Charlie Row Campo – Bloody War  - Taken From Southern Gang Violence


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