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You Fell In Love With A Gangster

This is a Flashback Friday for you, its one of the biggest songs we have ever released from Urban Kings, and its by UKMG Artists Chino Grande and Ms Krazie. The song is called “You Fell In Love With A Gangster”. Its taken from the album “Slow It Down“. We made this CD just $7.99 for a limited time, and its only that price here at The UKMG Merch Store!

Youtube Friday – Zombies Prank


Everyone heard of the Zombie from Miami who ate a guys face off, and continued to eat the guys face and head, even when police got there and warned him to stop, then the police shot and killed him. Well this guy decided to go to Miami and use that crazy story to make up a Zombie terrorizing and pranks alot of unsuspecting people. Watch the video its funny.


Spanky Loco’s Tattoo Tour Hits New York

UKMG Artist Spanky Loco will be having on the Spanky Loco Tattoo Tour this weekend, touching down in New York. Spanky always gets invited back to the Eastcoast to tattoo the Westcoast style, and this time he will be tattooing fans in NY. Spanky has toured all over the world the past couple years, for both music and tattooing. From the US, to France, Spain, Germany, Japan and more, Spanky is in high demand for his music and tatts. He has a limited amount of appointments for these exclusive VIP Sessions, so make sure to text to lock in your appointment right now. TEXT 716-LOCO-TAT for more information.

Keep in mind Spanky will be having his Grand Opening of his new GS Studios, with special guest the legendary Mr Flaks. He will also be promoting his newest album “The Best Of Spanky Loco – Greatest Hits” and his first collaboration sketchbook with Mr Flaks called “The Grind Now Shine Now Sketchbook” Both are available now in the UKMG Merch Store.

Happy Birthday Ms Krazie

The entire Urban Kings Music Group Team would like to wish UKMG Artist Ms Krazie a very Happy Birthday. Ms Krazie is not only just the best female rapper we have on Urban Kings, but she is also a friend to all of us. We have  been working together for years, I consider her like my sister. Its always been great working with Ms Krazie, and I know we will continue to work on great things in the future, including more music, more concerts, more merchandise and some top secret ideas that we are starting to work on now. Happy Birthday Ms Krazie, we hope you and your family have a wonderful day, and save us a piece of your birthday cake!

I Wish It Was Fake

Have you seen this Urban Kings series called 16/8? It is a series that we created that we make for fans, along with UKMG Artists. We create a short music video, a 16 bar verse and an 8 bar hook, and make a song that fans want. It might be a classic song, it might be a song released only on a mixtape, or it might be brand new. This was the very first episode of our series, and features UKMG Artist The Stomper. The song is called “I Wish It Was Fake” and is taken from his album “Once Upon A Time In America“. Watch it now here on Urban Kings.


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