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Grind Now Shine Now Address Release

The upcoming Grind Now, Shine Now Art Show is almost here and just announced the location! UKMG Artist Spanky Loco and Legendary Tattoo Artist Mr Flaks organized a very special, very dope event. They are bringing together legendary artists in the art world that do sketches, painting, typography, tattoos, and photography. There has been more artists that have been added to the show, and more companies that are supporting the event! The artists that are scheduled to appear are; Big Tiny, Zoro Rodriguez, Emanuel Marentes, Tattoo Huero, Big Sleeps, Dyse One, Sand Oner, Tattoo Nene, Klown Savaria, Defer, Dino Blanco, Denovo, Floesome, Prime, Adam Roberts, Justin Hendricks, Freddy Negrete, Tone Chingon, Kats, Nizz, Dom, Edmar, Snake, Dominick Taylor, Shawn Roberts, Big Stomper, Boo Boo Negrete, Krazy Race, Robert Rios, Edgar Aguire, Osoeh, Rich Castor, LA Eyekon, Big Solo, Noemi Basquez, Space Hustle, Danny Cee, Omar Vargas, Machete Gator, Danger Padilla and more. There will also be cars, food, music, special guest appearances and giveaways, plus surprises. Make sure to come out and support a great show for a great cause! We will see you there!

Chino Grande Final Drawing

The Beginning of the drawing

The Final Product

We just got sent in this picture sent into us by Steel Bangin Hunnies own Linda Borja, who drew this one of a kind picture of UKMG Artist Chino Grande. We posted the progress picture last week, and now she has finished the drawing and it came out dope. As you can see, Chino Grande is tattoo’d up, and drawing this image is extremely hard, because Chino has so many tattoos and they are very intwined into each other. But the tattoo looks very well together and Linda did a very dope job and UKMG Salutes her. Thank You Linda for sharing this awesome drawing with us!! Maybe you can draw UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz next! Lol.

Hello Loca 2012 Tour – Monterrey, Mexico!

Ms Krazie will be performing this Saturday, July 7th in Monterrey, Mexico for her Hello Loca 2012 Tour with special guest Duende. This is Ms Krazie’s first Mexico show for her Hello Loca Tour, but will not be her last, as she will be returning to Mexico on the following weekend to perform in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico. This event will be taking place at the Rock Amerika in Monterrey, and will feature some dope performers that will open up the show. Tickets are only $15 Presale and $25 At The Door (US Currency). This event starts at 5PM. This is also a carshow event, displaying some crazy lowrider cars and bicycles. Sponsoring the event is Brownside, Sabalo Lowrider, Corona, Monster, Manicomio, and La Conecta.

For More Information about this concert, you can email

Remember that Ms Krazie will bring her Hello Loca 2012 Tour to San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico on Saturday, July 14th. (Flyer Coming Soon)







Richard Cabral in The LA Times


I remember when Urban Kings Artist Richard Cabral, formerly known as Baby Jokes, was first starting his career as an actor. He became serious and dedicated bout his new acting path, studying and learning from seasoned established actors, how to get better. His growth has led him to his first big break, being a re-occuring role in the television role for “Southland“. Since then, many people started to take notice of his talents, from his fans from music, to fellow actors, directors and producers. He got his first supporting role in a Southland episode where the policeman took him to a dessert to kill him. After this episode, he was casted for a movie from Chris Weitz (from the Twilight series) called “A Better Life“. With the hype from the city of Richard acting in the movie, The LA Times contacted him for an interview about his life and his uprising career in acting. This is the official article taken from the LA Times website.

Since then, Richard has went on to feature in movies and television shows like “End Of Watch”, “Snitch”, “Chicago Fire”, “The Counselor”, and the upcoming “Blood Father” movie with Mel Gibson and a supporting role in the upcoming ABC Series “American Crime”. Richard has released music through The Urban Kings Music Group, being featured on over 10 albums on the albums for Charlie Row Campo, including his first solo rap album “Life On The Streets” as well as his collaboration album with UKMG Artist “Jasper Loco” called “Eastside Classics“. All CDs are available now at all major music retailers, including Amazon, FYE and iTunes.


Richard Cabral In 213


We have a brand new clip of an upcoming webshow that will be releasing very soon, staring Richard Cabral, formerly known as Baby Jokes. The storyline is a scripted, dramatic web series, staring real life ex-gang members and inspired by their true stories. Also, UKMG Artist Jasper Loco will also have a few scenes in the show as well. When I watched the sizzle trailer for the first time, I was completely blown away of how well it looked, and how real it looked. I cant wait to see a little bit more of this upcoming “213″ webshow! The series is created by Richard Cabral and Filmmaker Jon Matthews and Produced by Kelly Parker and Summer Shirey. We will keep everyone updated on a premier date! Stay tuned!


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