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The Best Of Spanky Loco Vol 1

Releasing this month, is the first release from The Urban Kings Music Group is Spanky Loco, which is a collection of his classic music, and including some brand new, never before heard tracks. The Best Of Spanky Loco will announce its tracklisting very soon, but we can tell you its all his best material, and the songs that everyone loves. Urban Kings released the new single for “The Best Of Spanky Loco”, which was called  ”The First 48” featuring Huero Snipes. This album is really dope and we cant wait to release it. Spanky is also gearing to release a new Sketchbook, which will also be releasing about the time of his album will be dropping, so stay posted for both as The Best Of Spanky Loco is coming soon!

Spanky Loco ft Huero Snipes – The First 48

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Youtube Friday – Fiesty 2 Guns

This Youtube Friday is a special throwback edition. This week, we have UKMG Artist Fiesty 2 Guns as our Youtube Friday. This is a song he made a while back called “We Come From The Valley”, and that was taken from the Charlie Row Campo album “Southern Gang Violence“. This video was shot by Kast N Fame and was created about 4 years ago, and still bangs out the trunk. Check it out as Fiesty 2 Guns and cameos from his fello Camponero members are featured in the video.

Charlie Row Campo – Southern Gang Violence

Best Love Ever Song: Blue Rose

Here is a song to have on repeat. Dedicate it to the significant other in your life. Blue Rose is now available on ITunes. Chino Grande’s album is coming out August 16 but if you order your album online on, we will send it out today. That way you’ll be getting your album before it gets hits stores. Order your album right now to get it sent out today.

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Hello Loca 2012 – El Paso Texas

Ms Krazie’s 3rd Hello Loca Tour Stop will be in El Paso, Texas at Frankies! Also featuring Duende, this show will be off the hook! If you live near Chuco Town, make sure to stop at the venue and General Admission and VIP Tickets are Still Available!


Click Here To Buy Your Tickets For Hello Loca 2012 – El Paso

The City Of LA Got Jaspers Back

UKMG Artist Jasper Loco sent in this picture right in the heart of Los Angeles, with the downtown backdrop looking awesome, especially with the grey skies above him. Jasper has been all around town, promoting his upcoming album, doing guest features for other artists, and finishing up everything with his album, from final touches on the music side, to his album cover, not to mention all the networking Jasper has done throughout the music side of everything. Jasper’s new solo album will be releasing this year, 2013, and does not have a date as of yet, but we will be announcing it shortly, so always stay tuned for the most up to date info on our site!

O.E+UKMG present at the DUB Show

This Sunday at the LA Convention Center DUB will be hosting there and guess who is going to be selling there… lol. Its a family event carshow, concert, and food a perfect way to spend a sunday afternoon. Kids under 5 are free. Kids from 6-12 are 10 and everyone over is regular. Its not like you got something important to do on sunday (well besides church lol) its perfect for a sunday afternoon.


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