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The Best Of Spanky Loco Vol 1

Releasing this month, is the first release from The Urban Kings Music Group is Spanky Loco, which is a collection of his classic music, and including some brand new, never before heard tracks. The Best Of Spanky Loco will announce its tracklisting very soon, but we can tell you its all his best material, and the songs that everyone loves. Urban Kings released the new single for “The Best Of Spanky Loco”, which was called  ”The First 48” featuring Huero Snipes. This album is really dope and we cant wait to release it. Spanky is also gearing to release a new Sketchbook, which will also be releasing about the time of his album will be dropping, so stay posted for both as The Best Of Spanky Loco is coming soon!

Spanky Loco ft Huero Snipes – The First 48

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Honor To Ms Krazie’s Smile Now Cry Never

“Hey urban kings, I got here a picture of my amazing tattoo in honor to ms krazie’s smile now cry never album! Love it and love her! Hope you can post it up where the beautiful lady Ms Krazie can see it. Much love to all of you that make it happen from up in denver, colorado thank you very much.”
Our Ms. Krazie Fan, Vianeith Galvan sent us this message of her new tattoe dedicated Ms. Krazie.Thank you for all the love and support and shout out to everyone out in Denver, Colorado.

Music Thursdays – Chino Grande

Its that time again, Music Thursdays is featuring Chino Grande. For Chino I had the perfect song for the feeling today. I chose “Nuclear Apocalypse” from the Chino Grande “The Story Of My Life” album that was released in 2011. Today feels like a grimey dark dirty day and this song has the mindset to get what you gotta get done. With the beat sounding like a panic, and the lyrics on point with a dope rhyme pattern, Chino killed this beat viciously. When I put “The Story Of My Life” cd in my car, this is the 1st song I play, its a must. Chino Grande’s “The Story Of My Life” is available now at All FYE Locations , digitally through iTunes , and online at . Free Chino G!!

Midget Loco on the History Channel

I know some of you have already seen this, but i thought id show ya’ll again. Midget Loco was featured in a documentary for the History Channel named Marked. Marked is a Documentary about Chicano prisoned styled tattoos. This is just a clip where midget loco comes out. If you get a chance to watch it all you should its probably one of the best documentaries on Chicano tattoos I’ve ever seen. Its well documented and it has well spoken people representing our culture.

Lil Minor – All About The Paper

Urban Kings Music Group released UKMG Artist Lil Minor of Charlie Row Campo for the music video for “All About The Paper”. This was a really dope music video that came out and it was Minors first ever solo music video! This is a song that Minor recorded before he went to prison, and he wasn’t able to record the video. It has been a fan favorite by everyone and now the music video came out. It was directed by Famous 8 and features some dope visuals for the song. Now, here is the music video for the song All About The Paper, exclusively here at Urban Kings!

Lil Minor – Its All About The Paper

California Boys Are Back August 7th

Charlie Row Campo are back this year with a brand new album. With everyone on this album, Chino Grande, Jasper Loco, Fiesty 2 Guns , and Baby Jokes, this album everyone stepped up their game, and the production from different producers made a whole different sound that is very new. With over 16 songs on the album and features from Stomper and King Lil G, this album is on point from all angles. Charlie Row’s last album “Camponeros” had some really dope songs on it like “Los Angeles”, “Baby Love” and “Dippin In My Chevrolet”. Now this album comes with some heat too with some new classics by the Campo. We will be dropping a few freestyles and exclusives from Charlie Row Members leading up to the release, so be on the lookout for that. It is comin soon….very soon. Until then watch this video of Fiesty and Jasper in the studio working on California Boys, which is available on August 7th in all major retail outlets like All FYE Locations, iTunes and online at the UKMG Merch Store.


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