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The New Testament by Stomper

Today Urban Kings is going to spotlight one of our favorite albums that we have released through our catalog. It is from UKMG Artist The Stomper, from his very first classic project with The Urban Kings Music Group. The CD is called “The New Testament” and had some classic features from the album, including UKMG Artists Chino GrandeMidget LocoBaby JokesJasper LocoLil Minor and Spanky Loco. It also features Kid Frost, Omar Cruz, Troub Nasty, Guzzle, Casino The G, Huero Snipes, Diamonique and more! If you don’t have this album in your collection then you are definitely missing out on some great music! One of my favorite songs from the album is “Gangster Relief” featuring Chino Grande & Lil Minor. I posted the music video below so you can bump it!

The New Testament is available now at All Major Music Retailers, including Amazon, FYE and digitally on iTunes!

Stomper Feat. Chino Grande & Lil Minor – Gangster Relief – Official Music Video

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The Best Of Spanky Loco – Available Now

The Urban Kings Music Group is proud to release the brand new Spanky Loco album, which will be a collection of his greatest hits, along with some brand new songs. Spanky Loco has been establishing himself as a top artist for years, working with many different artists around the world, touring Europe, Japan, Asia and the United States, as well as Mexico and Latin America. Spanky is already scheduled to return back to Japan for a brand new tour, and he will be promoting his brand new album! For the Greatest Hits album, Spanky featured artists like Conejo, Huero Snipes, The Stomper, Kokane, Smooth Hustle Artists Sonny Blue, Baldacci, LA Problemz, Napalm and Z Gunz, and more.

The Best Of Spanky Loco” is Spanky Loco’s 4th official project released through Urban Kings, from “The Superior Mixtape” to “The Superior Album” to the collaboration album “Everybody Killa” along with The Stomper. Spanky Loco also released an All Spanish album called “Tirando Y Rifando 2” with Urban Kings. Spanky Loco’s new album is very good, and has already received positive feedback from fans, critics and rap websites. This is a must have album for all Spanky Loco and Urban Kings fans because it has all the classic Spanky Loco music, including brand new jams that will be classics. Below is the official tracklisting, including some songs from the album.

The Best Of Spanky Loco – Greatest Hits – Official Tracklisting

1.Show Love – Spanky Loco
2.Look Who’s Coming – Spanky Loco & Huero Snipes
3.Taken Chances – Spanky Loco & Huero Snipes
4.First 48 – Dedication To Boogstar Dinero & Flaks – Spanky Loco featuring Huero Snipes
5.West Coast Gee – Spanky Loco Featuring Huero Snipes
6.Fresh Til Death – Spanky Loco Featuring Tiny Loco & Dinero
7.Loco – Spanky Loco Featuring Kokane
8.Never Die – Spanky Loco & Huero Snipes
9.Real Recognize Real – Spanky Loco Featuring L.A Problemz, Huero Snipes, Baldacci, Sonny Blue, Napalm & Z Gunz
10.Spanky Loco – Spanky Loco
11.Street Delegates – Spanky Loco Featuring The Stomper & Stomplector
12.Feel My Pain – Spanky Loco Featuring Huero Snipes
13.We On It – Spanky Loco Featuring Tiny Loco & Dinero
14.No Problemos – Huero Snipes Featuring Spanky Loco & Conejo
15.Mexican Guerilla – Spanky Loco

Spanky Loco – Featuring Huero Snipes, Sonny Blue, Baldacci, Napalm & Problemz – Real Recognize Real -Taken From The Best Of Spanky Loco

Spanky Loco Featuring Stomper & Stomp Lector – Street Delegates – Taken From The Best Of Spanky Loco

The Out The Box That Started It All

This is the very first Out The Box episode, presented by Urban Kings in association with Lineage Ent. It stars UKMG Artist Richard Cabral, formerly known as Baby Jokes, in a true story about his life growing up, in the form of a poem. Richard has been featured in many major movies, like A Better Life, The Counselor, Snitch, Paranormal Activity : The Marked Ones and just wrapped his role for Blood Father staring Mel Gibson. He was also a supporting actor in television roles : Southland and Chicago Fire. And even had a cameo in The Big Bang Theory. But Out The Box is a form of raw expression and emotion. Richards poem is powerful and passionate, and it was a great episode to start the Out The Box series.

Midget Loco – Thirteen Letter Single

Click Here To Download Thirteen Letter!

Urban Kings Artist Midget Loco released this single from his solo album called “Dedicated To The OGs“, a fan favorite instant classic album that featured many dope songs and singles. This is the official exclusive single cover from the song “Thirteen Letter”, Midget Loco’s second single from the album. Their is also a music video for the song, that was directed by Echosworld, and featured D Salas. Make sure to check it out and we will be posting it on Monday! Dedicated To The OGs is available now, everywhere music is sold, including Amazon, FYE, iTunes and The UKMG Merch Store! The Thirteen Letter is available now for download now! Get it today!

The UKMG Flagship Shop

The Urban Kings Flagship Shop is open for  business right now! We give the public an opportunity to come down and pick up your favorite Urban Kings CD. We are open from Monday Through Friday, 12PM to 6PM. We offer our full catalog of music that you can pick up directly from us. That includes albums we also distributed, including the Sick Jacken “Stray Bullets“, which Urban Kings Distributed. You can also find Old English Brand clothing as well, including their new Winter Collection! Make sure to come check out the new Urban Kings Flagship Shop today!

Urban Kings Flagship Shop

11781 Slauson Ave

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Stompers Once Upon A Time In America 2 Release Date is…

We finally have that information everyone has been waiting for. Stomper’s new album “Once Upon A Time In America 2″ is now available everywhere music is sold, including FYE and iTunes. Stompers album has dope features like Sick Jacken from Psycho Realm, Omar Cruz, Chino XL, MC Magic, Slush Tha Villain, Fingazz, Guzzle, Spanky Loco, Kid Frost, and more. With dope verses from Stomper, features from some tight artists, and killer beats from Kast N Fame. Stay Posted to our blog for snippets that are gonna be coming very soon for the Stomper “Once Upon A Time In America 2″.


Stomper – Seven Plus Six Music Video Trailer – From Once Upon A Time In America 2

Stomper – Seven Plus Six Behind The Scenes PT 2 – From Once Upon A Time In America 2
Stomper “Seven Plus Six” Single on iTunes
Stomper “Seven Plus Six” Music Video Release Date
Stomper “Seven Plus Six” Music Video


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