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The Old English Brand Flagship Shop is Open!

The Psycho Shop x Old English Brand Flagship Shop is now open! The Psycho Shop carries the full line of Psycho Realm Clothing, and now carries the full collection of Old English Brand. They have all Psycho Realm & OE  Tees, Tank Tops, Crew Necks, Beanies, Snapbacks, Bandanas, Tote Bags, Windbreakers, Pillows and more! Location 1 is open from 12pm to 6pm Monday through Friday. Location 2 is open Friday (6pm to 11pm) and on Saturday & Sunday (9am to 5pm).  Make sure to come down to their store and support and pick up your favorite Psycho Realm and Old English Brand item today. Click Here For Address And Directions!

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At The Kwik-E-Mart

Shout out to Fernando the aka Travieso for showing love from SLO TOWN-805 ( and shout out to everyone staying out there). He sent us this pic of when he went to his liquor store and found Ms. Krazie’s Firme Homegirl Oldies 2. And the newest Urban Kings album that is being sold in 7elevens(see it your city is one of them) is the Urban Kings Street Anthems 3.

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Music Thursdays – Feeling Crazy

This song comes from the album Brown is Beautiful by Ms. Krazie featuring Mal Hablado.

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New Stickers In

Which One Is Your Favorite?

Which One Will You Get?

Free With Your Order!!!!

We brought a whole new batch of stickers out for our fans, We got the brand new “California Love” sticker, which will be a new T Shirt design for the Old English Brand clothing company. We also have the “Los Angeles City of Angels, Where There Are No Angels” and “The Psycho Shop” sticker with the infamous Psycho Gas Mask. Every order from now until they are gone, Stickers will be in every package going out from . So while your picking up your new Urban Kings Artists Music, you will be getting some new stickers FREE OF CHARGE!!!! And thats just in time for you to get the Ese Lil Joker album and FREE STICKERS!!!

Hello Loca

Ms. Krazie has a thing for hello kitty, for others it can be tinker bell or Betty Boop (Betty Boop rules lol). This is her profile picture for her Twitter account. If you guys want to know what she is up to follow her on twitter. She always responds to her followers and gives advice when its needed. Plus you get to know her and she can make you laugh. If you want get your hands on her most recent releases, Firme Homegirl Oldies 2 and her newest song Letters to My Felon is featured in the Urban Kings Street Anthem 3 which is going to be released on April 19th. When you pre-order the Street Anthems 3 your also get a poster (which has Ms. Krazie) and you have a chance to get the poster autographed by our artist (not saying who but Baby Jokes is one of them lol) and on top of that you get to win of of the 25 exclusive prizes.

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Ms Krazie x UKMG x OE Look Alike Contest

Yes, its that time of year again for the annual Ms Krazie & UKMG contest. Every year, we team up to create the “Ms Krazie Halloween Look A Like Contest”. We get interactive with fans to give them a chance to win something cool and try their luck at matching the infamous signature make up of Ms Krazie. I know many girls have entered last year, but this year the rules are a little different. We would love to see everyone get more involved in the contest, because it is Halloween. You might get more points if you use blonde hair/wigs and even recreate the photo by using similar clothing and backgrounds that Ms Krazie has used. This contest is all about creativity and every little detail gets noticed. The winner will be announced November 1st. The prize is one of Ms Krazie’s “Enferma Beanie” from her collaboration collection with Old English Brand. Not only do you win the Enferma Beanie, but you also get Ms Krazie’s AUTOGRAPH on the tag! All Ages and Genders can enter, and their are only a few rules!

1. Take a picture recreating Ms Krazie’s signature makeup. If  you are copying a specific picture, post a side by side of you and Ms Krazie.

2. You CANNOT copy the makeup Ms Krazie did on her “Joker” picture. That WILL NOT COUNT as an entry.

3. The more creative you are, the more you and Ms Krazie look alike, the higher the chances of winning.

4. Upload your picture BEFORE November 1st on INSTAGRAM. Hashtag #HalloweenLoca and mention @HelloLoca, @UrbanKings & @OldEnglishBrand in your caption.


**This deserves to go to a good home where a fan can appreciate the small things with winter coming up quick, this will be a perfect gift or stocking stuffer for a dope fan. Good Luck! oh and NO “Jasmine Reyes”, You are not allowed to enter lol (inside joke) – Ms Krazie


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