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The Price Of Fame

Check out Mads The Hated new music video Filmed by David Allen.

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UKMG Sports – Cain Vs Bigfoot 2 – Who You Got?

Tonight is the biggest fight of the month if your a UFC fan. The first mexican heavyweight champion, in any sport, Cain Valasquez will be giving a rematch to Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. This will be the rematch from a fight from last year, 1 fight after Cain lost his championship belt to Junior Dos Santos. Cain won by knockout in the first round, and went on to beat Junior Dos Santos in a rematch to reclaim the title. Bigfoot, riding a 2 fight winstreak against tough contender Roy Nelson, and Alistair Overeem, also has some momentum going into UFC 160. Although the first fight finished early, with Cain taking down Bigfoot and basically beating him until stoppage, this fight looks different, but I think will still have the same outcome. Make sure to tune into Pay Per View tonight to watch a good fight. Also, Junior Dos Santos is fighting Mark Hunt (originally suppose to fight Overeem, but Overeem backed out of an injury), along with another rounded card by UFC. Here is a clip we found of the whole first fight between Cain and Bigfoot.

Cain Valasquez Versus Bigfoot Silva 1

xSetForLIfex | UKMG

I have always been the one guy who looked at others markets and that has helped me set my own bar and dreams within my market. I encourage all  entrepreneurs to do the same. Don’t look your market to set your bar. Look at others markets, get inspired, open your mind. Don’t let what you think is the best never get better. There are other markets doing things on a bigger scale that you can learn from. Study them and try to raise your bar to that stats. Anyways, this long speech to share this video with you guys. I think its perfection. The production, the lyrics, the way the video was shot. The car, the girls, everything is just so perfect. This has just set my bar of visuals to a whole diff level. We are that xSetForLifex eyes open bigger then ever crew. ‪#‎Ambition ‪#‎Motivation‬.

Street Anthems And Chicano Rap Love Dedications OUT NOW!

Two of the biggest albums have just released through Urban Kings, one called “Street Anthems 4” and the other called “Chicano Rap Love Dedications 2“. Both Cds gives a different style and vibe for each. Chicano Rap Love Dedications 2 is the best collection of slow jams onto one album. Street Anthems 4 has all the hard hitting street songs and favorites. Both albums feature Urban Kings Artists, such as Ms Krazie, Chino Grande, Midget Loco, Fiesty 2 Guns, Stomper, Jasper Loco, and Spanky Loco along with some songs featuring MC Magic, Baby Jokes, Payaso, Conejo, Sick Jacken from Psycho Realm, D Salas, Sinful aka El Pecador, Oso Vicious, Ese Lil Joker and more. These two albums are really dope, and features some exclusive songs that will not be on any other album, except Street Anthems 4 and Chicano Rap Love Dedications. Not even on the artists albums. Make sure to check them out and you can listen to both albums snippets! They are available at All Major Music Retailers like FYE, digitally through iTunes, and online through The UKMG Merch Store!

Street Anthems 4 – Official Album Cover

Chicano Rap Love Dedications 2 – Official Album Cover

Glimpse of A Better Life

This clip is a small peek of the production of the movie A Better Life. Which Baby Jokes is going to be appearing in. The director of this movie is the same director of the movie Twilight (welcome the new team… Team Baby Jokes lol).  This film is based on the reality that we seem to over look in our communities and the struggles of those who have suffered for us. If you want to see the offical Trailer of A Better life its on our Urban Kings Tv. Now the movie use to be called The Gardener but it got changed to A Better Life ( so the Anglos can feel welcomed lol). Its going to be coming out this year.Does seems to be the type of film to open your eyes to reality (yes ladies besides the reliaty that baby jokes is going to be your baby’s daddy ). Its really rich in our heritage and our culture here (U.S).

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Trust Your Struggle – Chino Grande – Releases Tomorrow

Tomorrow, the highly anticipated album of UKMG Artist Chino Grande releases worldwide. The new album is called “Trust Your Struggle” and features everyone from UKMG Artists Ms Krazie and Spanky Loco, Glasses Malone (Cash Money Records), MC Magic, Chingo Bling, Carolyn Rodriguez, Cecy B, D Salas, Cuete Yeska, Rigo Luna and Lil Wreck. Trust Your Struggle features all new music from Chino Grande, newly recorded since he was released. This is a really dope album and is a must have for all Chino Grande and Charlie Row Campo fans. Urban Kings has already released the first single from the album, called “Shine On Me“, featuring Carolyn Rodriguez and Directed by Echosworld. We will be releasing a brand new song throughout the day, so stay posted for the leaks on The Official Urban Kings Facebook Page.

Chino Grande – Trust Your Struggle – Official Snippets

Chino Grande – Shine On Me – Official Music Video


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