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The Price Of Fame

Check out Mads The Hated new music video Filmed by David Allen.

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Rap With Ms.Krazie Guy Contest

You have been waiting for the “Rap with Ms Krazie Guy Contest” for a while now, and now your wait is finally over. Starting Sept. 28th, you will have your chance to be featured on Ms. Krazie’s new album “Forgive Not Forget”. The contest rules are almost exactly the same with a few minor changes. The Guys MUST write and rap an ORIGINAL VERSE over Ms. Krazie’s “Pancho Villa” beat. When rapping your verse, it must be 1 clip, which means no editing. The Contest will end DECEMBER 3rd, 2011. We will be posting the YOUTUBE VIDEO of the ENTIRE contest rules and regulations tomorrow so stay posted. Good Luck!

Heavy Lies The Crown

Old English Brand and our friends at Urban Kings released a collaboration tee, and we called it the “Heavy Lies The Crown Tee“, and it became a hit with our supporters. We made this tee to show the world, whoever wears this tee, will rock their crown like the King or Queen they are. With all the success comes more responsibility, but we can hold our own weight, even if it is heavy. This tee is available now exclusively at

Chino Grande Photoshoot With The Reaper

We has set up a really dope photoshoot with UKMG Artist Chino Grande and the clothing line Old English Brand. OE was telling us that they had a brand new bandana they were going to start marketing and promoting, called the OE “Reaper Bandana“. Its dope, featuring the grim reaper sickles all over the bandana and the Old English Brand logo on the corner. OE sent us this picture of Chino representin with the bandana, and it came out dope, and we cant wait to get more pictures so we can share them with everyone. Make sure to go to and check out their new tees, crew necks, bandanas, shoes and beanies.


Music Thursday- Five Thirteen Six

This song comes from the Charlie Row Campo album Stop Studio Gangsters.

*Posted By Alejandra

Cops Killing Cops

These are crazy times we are living in. There is a story of a former NAVY and LAPD officer who has went on a rampage. His name is Christopher Dorner, (from Southern California) and he made a public post on his facebook about some people he was going to kill, which had over two dozen people’s names, including other police officers. It is believed to be started because Dorner was fired in a case of false accusations.

Then he felt like he was not fairly represented by Randy Quan, who is a retired LAPD Captain, at his review hearing. Since then, he is connected to the murder of Randy Quan’s daughter, Monica Quan, and her fiancee Keith Lawrence in Irvine on Sunday (Super Bowl Sunday). Now, early this morning (at 1:43am) Dorner struck again, in Corona, California. He went to the house of one of his targets, and had a shootout with two officers, with one bullet grazing the head of one cop. Then Dorner fled the scene, and drove a few blocks away, to the city of Riverside, where he seen 2 random policemen, at a red light. As he drove next to the police car, Dorner fired at the officers, killing one and injuring another.

Then at 5:20am this morning, two officer involved shootings happened, in the city of Torrence, after police thought they seen a truck that belonged to Dorner, which was a misidentification. It is rumored that two women were delivering newspapers to one of the targets homes, when police opened fire on them, shooting both civilians, while they were only trying to do their job. They were transported to a local hospital with unknown injuries. The second incident also was a case of misidentification, with cops shooting at another vehicle that matched Dorner’s description, and again, without following up with license plates or valid identication, shot at the car. The second time had no injuries.

We will keep you updated, be careful while driving around the Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernadino County areas, because they are looking for a Black Nissan Titan, so if you drive one today, you may get pulled over for no reason. I would suggest not even driving because your going to get harassed or even worse.




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