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The Price Of Fame

Check out Mads The Hated new music video Filmed by David Allen.

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LOCA Snapback 1 Hour Sale Is Today

Click Here To Own Your LOCA Snapback Today

Today is the day that you can officially own your own piece of collectable history. The Ms Krazie and Old English Brand Official “LOCA Snapback Hat” is now available at, but the snapbacks will not be available until 5pm Pacific Time (8pm Eastern Time), ending after only one hour. This is a limited time sale, and might end early if they sell out of snapbacks before the hour is up! It is highly recommended to make your purchase exactly at 5pm to secure your LOCA Snapback order. We have seen a line at our website for fans waiting anxiously to own their very own LOCA Hat, so be one of the winners and own yours today! Who you trying to get crazy with, dont you know we’re LOCA!

Stomper Featured In XXL Magazine


Urban Kings artist The Stomper was featured in XXL Magazine for a segment shot by World Famous Photographer Estevan Oriol. The feature came out really dope and Estevan went into the neighborhoods where he was raised and took pictures of the environment and the people who live there. It was a really dope issue and we grabbed the photo that Stomper was in, so you can see it for yourself. We cant wait to see another XXL feature from Estevan, that would be sick!

Midget Loco Costume 2011

Midget Loco has been in movies, commercials and music videos on top of his music career.There are many people that try to be Midget Loco, and Halloween is a day where they can get away with it. Can you guess which person was Midget Loco in the picture? The Midget Loco costume is a fun original idea and If you were an Urban Kings Music Group Artist for Halloween this year, feel free to email us at so we can put your picture on the blog.

Do you hear the news? Midget Loco’s “Thirteen Letter” is comming soon!!!

Midget Loco Drawing

We found this picture that Jon Larsen drew of Midget Loco. He took 3 pictures of him making this image, bearly starting, halfway done and finished product. As you can see he gets down on the drawing and a big shout out goes to Jon because we always enjoy some creative projects fans do featuring our artists. I can tell he took alot of time and energy to make this picture and it came out amazing! Thanks Jon for the picture it looks awesome.




Baby Jokes Has “Luck”

A new HBO Original Series is “Luck”. Directed by Michael Mann (Transformers 1, 2 and 3) , Creator by David Milch (Deadwood), and Staring Academy Award Winner Dustin Hoffman and Academy Award Nominee Nick Nolte, this TV show looks like its gonna be a great series. Here is the trailer for the series and Baby Jokes will be featured in episode 4, which should be late January, Early Febuary. Congratulations to Baby Jokes!



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