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The Set For Life Tee Releases Tomorrow

Tomorrow is almost here, and its goin down. The release date for the brand new “Set For Life Tee” from Old English Brand, is counting down in hours. We about that life, where we push to win and work towards what we want. Set For Life doesn’t mean that your rich and dont have to worry about money anymore. Its about putting in that work to get rich. Putting in that work to get to where you want to be. The success is so much sweeter when you work for it, and when you get to where you wanna be, you work even harder to get even further. Its that never give up, never be satisfied, and always keep that hustle and ambition inside you. The Set For Life tee releases tomorrow and thats our mentality. Available at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online inside Their Online Store!

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7 Seas Collab With Old English Brand

Many different people come through the Old English Brand Flagship Shop. From Actors, to Musicians, Rappers, Models and Artists. They linked up with Known Street Artist 7 Seas and collaborated on a new art piece, the The Old English Brand Flagship Shop Doors. Watch as he designs each door by hand of all surrounding cities in our area. He tells you the downside of being passionate about his craft, and what influences his style of art. Watch the video and let us know what you think of the doors. You can also stop by the Old English Brand Store in person, Monday – Friday from 12pm to 6pm!

The Old English Brand Flagship Shop

11781 Slauson Ave

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Open : Monday – Friday

Hours : 12pm to 6pm

Viewers Have Sent Their Pics In

More and more people are sending their pics in! If you have any pics of you or your devices with the wallpapers or a pic of yourself with something shouting us out weather holding a fan sign or holding a cd you purchased up. Send it all to us to this address:

Check this out! 4 Screens! Thats nuts! Shout out to Hector for the pic. keep repping us g we appreciate it!

Blackberries are the best! Blackberries with our wallpaper are even better. lol. Shout out to Jandro.

Keep ‘em coming people.


Up for grabs

A lost and found item is up for grabs (its been here for the longest and we don’t know who they belong to). Be the first to claim them when you place your order. Just leave a message saying you want the lost and found glasses and they are yours.

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xSet For Lifex Give Back Extended Time Starts at 5PM

We extended the xSet For Lifex Give Back hours to 5pm to 8pm TODAY, Presented by Urban Kings, Lineage Ent, Richard Cabral, Old English Brand and VNDTA! We have added more time for everyone to come down and get some toys, for children between the ages of 0-7 years old. You dont have to be through those ages to get a toy, you might know someone who needs a toy, so come down and get one for them, or tell families that are struggling to come down to get some toys. We just want to give back to the community and give to the less fortunate. So come down and meet us! All taking place at the Old English Brand Flagship Shop in Santa Fe Springs, California!

Old English Brand 

11781 Slauson Ave

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Chino Grande – Slow It Down

We are just 1 day away until valentines, and today we are going to showcase the fan favorite of UKMG Artist Chino Grande of Charlie Row Campo. This is one of my favorite albums from Chino Grande. The album is called “Slow It Down” and features songs like “In My Neighborhood“, also dope love jams like “Im Yours“, “You Fell In Love With A Gangsta” and “Smooth Xicano Flavor“. The whole album was dope, and has alot of dope music, from rap, to slow jams, to some oldie tracks, to political songs and even empowerment songs. All over very dope beats and hard hitting lyrics from Chino. The album features UKMG Artists Jasper LocoFiesty 2 Guns and Ms Krazie. The album also features Baby Jokes, Conejo, Troub Nasty, Oso Vicious, Wicked of Brownside, D Salas, Tierra and more. If you dont have this album, your missing out. It is available at all major music retailers, like FYE, and digitally through iTunes. You can also order online through the UKMG Merch Store! Below I put the music video for In My Neighborhood, make sure to check it out!!

Chino Grande – In My Neighborhood Music Video – Featuring Jasper Loco & Oso Vicious


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