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The Stomper & Carolyn Rodriguez Performing

You have heard  that UKMG Artist The Stomper will be performing alongside Dope House Records artist Carolyn Rodriguez this weekend, but we have an update for everyone. The event has been changed to Friday, December 20th. The venue also has changed as well, and the event is now taking place at Metal & Lace, 720 Red River, Austin Texas 78701. The concert will be called “A Very Merry Medicine Girl X-Mas” and will feature a South Park Mexican Tribute. Also Performing is Russell Lee, Playa E, Big Free, and DJ Buddha. DJ Nox will be on the tables spinning the best hip hop too. If your in, our around Austin, make sure to stop by and watch a dope show, I can guarantee that the show is going to be dope, with a line up like that. Watch Stomper perform his classic hits and some of his new music! Dont miss out!

Taking Place @

Metal & Lace

720 Red River

Austin, Texas 78701

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Urban Kings U-Stream is Back with Midget & Echo

Everyone has been asking us when are we going to do another U-Stream. So we decided to do a special U-Stream edition for Midget Loco to promote his new music video “California Raised”. We also got ahold of the director of his music video Jeff “Echo” Reyes, who also worked on the music videos Sunday High, Summer Season and Thirteen Letter. Also UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz will be hosting the show like always, and I may even get on just to say whats up to everyone! We will be giving away some cool stuff from Midget Loco, like some posters, cds and some extra special surprises. Midget will let you know whats up with his next album, any upcoming performances and much more. Echo will let you know what he has been working on. I heard hes going to Atlanta to do a music video for a real popular artist, so stay tuned for all the news hes gonna drop for you. As latinos, Midget has been putting it down for music, and the same is also the same for Echo. And even for the Urban Kings as a label. So make sure to support and help the cause by tuning in. It will be Thursday, July 26th at 7pm! And remember that “Dedicated To The OGs” is available at all All FYE Locations, iTunes and the UKMG Merch Store!


Click Here To Join The Urban Kings Ustream at 7PM TODAY!

Chino Grande – Hood Too Hot – Music Video

Here is the official premiere of Urban Kings Music Group Artist Chino Grande latest music video, called “Hood Too Hot”. It is taken from his album “Trust Your Struggle“. This is Chino Grande’s second solo video. The first video was his single “Shine On Me” that has over 1.4 Million views on Youtube. Since he was unavailable to film more videos from his last album, he was ready to release another from his album. So we did a short UKMG 16/8 video that showcases a 16 bar verse and 8 bar hook. Hood Too Hot was a fan favorite from the album, and this video lives up to the hype. Directed by Famous8. Make sure to check out the Trust Your Struggle album if you dont own it in your collection yet. What do you think of the video, make sure to let us know at The Urban Kings Facebook Page!

Chino Grande – Hood Too Hot – UKMG 16/8 Music Video

Chino Grande – Trust Your Struggle – Official Album Cover

Street Anthems 3 Available For Just $7.99 From Urban Kings!

Urban Kings releases a signature album compilation that everyone gets hype for. Fans always ask us about music from their favorite Urban Kings artists, so we put together something dope that everyone can bump. UKMG Artists like Ms Krazie and Chino Grande and also  Jasper Loco, Fiesty 2 Guns, Midget Loco, Stomper, Spanky Loco are featured on Urban Kings Street Anthems 3, as well as featuring dope artists like Conejo, Baby Jokes, Slow Poke, Oso Vicious, ALT,  and more. We also threw in a few classics from The Stomper and Ese Lil Joker. Everything is featured from Urban Kings “Street Anthems 3“. We are all still pumped up about this album, because its one of the sickest Street Anthems CDs out. Did you know that some music on Street Anthems will only be released on that album? Meaning it wont be on any other album. For example, the song “Letter To My Felon” will NEVER be on Ms Krazie’s upcoming albums, its only for Street Anthems 3. The album is available now from the UKMG Merch Store for just $7.99.

Listen To Ms Krazie – Letter To My Felon – Taken From Street Anthems 3!

Hello Zombie

In dedication to Ms. Krazie’s Hello Loca, Sarahi Martinez created Hello Zombie. Thank you for the support girl : )Send in your drawings to dedicated to Ms. Krazie at
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Ms Krazie & Old English Brand Behind The Scenes

Urban Kings Music Group Artist Ms Krazie has collaborated with Old English Brand Clothing for the third official shirt between them. The first shirt was the infamous “Try Me” shirt, that was a huge favorite by both Ms Krazie fans and Old English Brand fans. The second shirt is the very exclusive “Hello Loca 2012 Tour Shirt” which is only available at Ms Krazie’s concerts, but we are thinking doing a limited amount of shirts online very soon. This is the third shirt, the “Forgive Not Forget” Shirt, which is commemorating the new Ms Krazie album “Forgive Not Forget” which will be available worldwide on September 18th at all music outlets, iTunes and in the UKMG Merch Store. This is the exclusive behind the scenes video, of making the Forgive Not Forget shirt, designed by Kast from Kast & Fame, and we included a very special leak of a Ms Krazie new song from her new album Forgive Not Forget! Make sure to check out our blog tomorrow to watch the video and listen to the new song!


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