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Stomper – Once Upon A Time In America 2 NOW IN

Ready To Be Autographed For Pre Sale Orders!!!

Sittin Sideways In Front Of Powerful Words

Look Who Just Came In

Stacks On Stacks On Stacks 

The Stomper Once Upon A Time In America 2 CD’s have arrived. They have just arrived hot out the oven and brought to the UKMG Offices. These CDs will be autographed to EVERY SINGLE PRE SALE ORDER by 1 Sick Man, The Stomper himself. These are heavily guarded by many security guards, guard dogs and the UKMG Staff day and night, in order to not these out before the release date. The Once Upon A Time In America 2 is a very dope album and features a whos-who of the music business, artists like Sick Jacken from The Psycho Realm , Chino XL, Slush Tha Villain, MC Magic, Spanky Loco, Fingazz, Omar Cruz, Kid Frost, Guzzle, Nino Brown, and more! We are offering 2 different packages for the Stomper presale. The Stomper Premium Package contains (1) PERSONALIZED AUTOGRAPH POSTER OF ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA 2, AND (1) AUTOGRAPHED CD OF ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA 2. It will also be shipped before 6/15/2012! The Stomper Basic Package includes the album ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA 2, before everyone else, and it will be shipped before 6/15/2012! Until Then, Watch these 2 videos of Stomper, One is his trailer for Seven Plus Six, and the other is his Behind The Scenes.

Stomper – Seven Plus Six – Official Music Video Trailer


Stomper – Seven Plus Six – Behind The Scenes

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The Stomper

Midget Loco

Fiesty 2 Guns

Spanky Loco

Ms Krazie

Jasper Loco

Many people ask us what is Chinos Facebook, Jasper’s Facebook, Midgets Facebook, Ms Krazie’s Facebook, etc. Then people ask if this page is real, is that page real, and all that stuff, so we are going to let you know which OFFICIAL Facebook Pages are for the UKMG Artists. This is Guaranteed to be their pages by our staff. Make sure to LIKE Each artists page, and show some support. Also dont forget to add the Official Urban Kings Page!!!

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Spanky Loco & Mr Brainwash

Check out this really cool picture of UKMG Artist Spanky Loco and world famous artist Mr Brainwash. This is really dope because Spanky is not only a dope hip hop artist, he is also deep into the art game. Painting, Tattoo’s, Sketches, Spanky can do it all. Spanky was on his way to New York for his VIP Tattoo Sessions, and he ran into Mr Brainwash at the airport. Hopefully we can see a collaboration soon in the works. That would be really cool. Make sure to support these two great artists and follow their amazing talents.

A xSetForLifex Story : The Varsity Jacket

The OE Varsity

1 of 1

Last year, Urban Kings and Old English Brand made a unique deal to have some limited edition, one of a kind jackets that were to be made for UKMG Artists. We worked together on the design and made the Old English Varsity. Since they were made for UKMG Artists, each jacket was numbered 1 through 6 for Midget Loco, Stomper, Spanky Loco, Fiesty 2 Guns, Jasper Loco and Ms Krazie. When we first seen the jackets with the OE Staff, they were what we wanted. The right stitching, the quality of the material and threading, it came out dope. Then some manufacturing issues came up and we were not able to make more of them. I know it was the first OE Jacket to ever be made, and there was only 1 jacket available.

Last week, Maria called Old English and asked about an OE jacket she had seen on a youtube video. They told her that it was not for sale, and that there was only the sample jacket that was made. She first offered $300 to own the jacket, and going all the way up to $400 to have it. OE gave us a call and asked what we thought about selling the jacket. I was unsure of selling it until they told me how badly she wanted it. It was ok with me, knowing that she would take care of it and it would go to a true fan. Within a few hours, I got a phone call saying the jacket was sold. We always promote if you work hard on your dreams and goals, you will get what you want: from a goal, to a dream, to an item. That belief applies with life, and Maria got what she wanted. She is a true representation of a xSetForLifex member.

Fiesty 2 Guns – Hood Cry

Urban Kings Artist Fiesty 2 Guns made a classic track that was a fan favorite on his first album, called “Street Scriptures“. The song is called “Hood Cry” and its one of the dopest songs from the album. Fiesty put together a complete CD that had 16 classic songs. Make sure to check out the track here and pick up the album if you dont have the album already. It is available now everywhere music is sold, including Amazon, FYE, iTunes and The UKMG Merch Store!

Ms Krazie Love You Till Death

Here is another classic single cover from Urban Kings. It is from UKMG Artist Ms Krazie and is her single from her latest album “Forgive Not Forget“. The song is called “Love You Till Death” and was one of the biggest songs from her CD. We even made a music video for this song, and it was sick. It was directed by Echosworld, who has done music videos for 2 Chainz, Waka Flaka, The Game, Tyga, Ty Dolla Sign, Nipsey Hussle, Schoolboy Q and more. The single is available now, make sure to check it out and support! Forgive Not Forget is available now everywhere music is sold, including Amazon, FYE & iTunes!



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