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Throwback Picture – Spanky Loco & Stomper

I found this picture to share with everyone, a picture of the “Everybody Killas” aka Stomper and Spanky Loco and 2 Tone. It was looking like everyone was in the studio working on some music. I remember when all rap fans have asked us when will there be an album with Spanky Loco and Stomper together, and with them getting those same questions, we all decided to make it happen and give the fans what they ask for. The project came out dope and the chemistry between Stomps and Spanks was crazy and the final product confirmed it. Remember it is available at All FYE Locations and digitally on iTunes !



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American Crime Premiers Tonight!

Auction about to end very soon!!!!

We have still been negotiating our silent auction for the 2 Conejo Canvases. Currently Andy and Radalyn are highest bidders  

^^^ Currently Ranalyn is the highest bidder for the “Shady Conejo” canvas. Most people dont know that this picture is Conejos first ever CD cover. Made with the original film from the Conejo first CD photoshoot, this is a collectors item and this is the only one available. The canvas measures at 44 inches tall (3 ft and 8 in), and 28 inches wide (2 ft and 4 in). This is a must have for any Chicano Rap and Conejo fan. Current Bid for the “Shady Conejo” canvas is $376.

^^^ Currently Andy is the highest bidder for the “Game Over” canvas. This is also from Conejo’s first CD photoshoot. Conejo is one of the most demanded artists of our generation. This canvas stands at 38 inches tall (3 ft and 2 in) and 36 inches wide (3ft). The current bid for the “Game Over” canvas is $270.


To submit your bid you can email . Bidding Ends Dec 1st. THATS IN 2 WEEKS SO GET YOUR BID IN SOON!!!

The High Life – Made Homies Music Videos

Check out this  brand new music video from The High Life, aka Blaze Daily and G Double, has just released a brand new music video called “Made Homies” that is taken from their recent album “Still Rollin“. The track is by Blaze Daily and G Double and featuring Cavi Rx. This is a really dope video that was directed by Eyekon Fotography. The video concept was taken from the old school pachuco days, and featured a cameo by actor Danny De La Paz. Make sure to support The High Life and watch the video and support upcoming artists. The High Life is also working on their next album, and I heard they might be featuring some UKMG Artists. Stay posted for that upcoming release!

Midget Loco on iTunes

We found on our facebook page someone who had sent this picture to us. It shows UKMG Artist Midget Loco on iTunes, playing another classic track from Midgets most recent album “Dedicated To The OGs “. This was a very dope album that Midget created, with many hit singles that have made radioplay, like “Sunday High“, “Thirteen Letter” , “California Raised“, “Sucka MCs” and “Bangin In My House Shoes“. Right now Midget is working on his next album, which is currently untitled and scheduled for a 2013 release. I have heard a few songs that Midget is using for his new album, and it continues where it left off with the Dedicated To The OGs album, just really good quality dope music. Im going to post a video that Midget did with Lil Blue, D Salas and UKMG Artist Chino Grande from Charlie Row Campo, that was taken from Midgets Mixtape called “First Loco At The Street“. Dedicated To The OGs is available at all FYE Locations, and digitally through iTunes. First Loco At The Street is also available on iTunes. Both Cds are available online at The UKMG Merch Store.

Midget Loco Feat. Chino Grande, D Salas & Lil Blue – Taken From First Loco At The Street

Chillin With True Starr

We are chillin with UKMG Artist True Starr, talking about ideas and progress. We had just released his latest music video, called “What You Need“, which was his first single that came with an iTunes Digital Download. Yes, you can now download the song via iTunes! We are excited for this single to be the first digital download song from True Starr. We also talked about the next music video, also to be directed by Kast N Fame, who directed the last two True Starr videos. The new music video is already into production, and you can expect another dope video coming soon. If you havent seen the video yet, make sure to watch it below!

True Starr – What You Need – Music Video


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