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Throwback Picture – Spanky Loco & Stomper

I found this picture to share with everyone, a picture of the “Everybody Killas” aka Stomper and Spanky Loco and 2 Tone. It was looking like everyone was in the studio working on some music. I remember when all rap fans have asked us when will there be an album with Spanky Loco and Stomper together, and with them getting those same questions, we all decided to make it happen and give the fans what they ask for. The project came out dope and the chemistry between Stomps and Spanks was crazy and the final product confirmed it. Remember it is available at All FYE Locations and digitally on iTunes !



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Album Of The Week

Here is one of Ms Krazie tunes we all bump when we’re getting over our past relationships. Here is Ms Krazie’s Smile Now Cry Never as our Album Of The Week.

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Fan Drawing of Baby Jokes

Shout out to Kimberly Torres aka Krazie Chula for drawing Baby  Jokes from Charlie Row Campo. This Drawing looks like it took alot of time and skill. Please remember if you draw any Urban Kings Artists or have any pictures with any of our artists, send them in by CLICKING HERE and we will post them in our blog. Also please dont forget to mention your Facebook and Twitter name too so we can give your links credit and you can gain some friends that are also Urban Kings fans. We appreciate everyone who takes the time out to do things like this, so please send them in. Thank You!


La Loca’s Lesson #31

falling in love is probably one of thee if not the best risks worth taking in life :)


Thankful for all the bad things

They say to be thankful for all the good things in life but me i’m thankful for all the bad things, down falls, lessons learn, bad days and mean comments I’ve heard about me. I have had them all, I had my days but like a clay in a kids hand it has shaped my mind to better understand that the only thing that matters is what is in my mind. What I thought and how close my outcome was to the delivery I was aiming. Why work if u can’t have fun. Stay humble stay silly take nothing to serious and enjoy life. Have a happy Thanks Giving from me Old English Brand and my UKMG staff.

-Jaime Diaz Jr

Summer Nights with JD #7

JD#7 Another song another entry, sorry i haven’t had much time to post till today. Here is a song that you will hear in many bars or events in L.A “I Had Choice” by Sun. This has been my personal favorite for years. Am glad to share it with you guys if you haven’t heard it before. You can purchase this song at our online store here.  If you want to check out some of my older post click here “Summer Nights with JD


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