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Tomorrow Night – Junior Dos Santos Vs Cain Valasquez

This weekend is going to feature two of the top heavyweights in the UFC. It will be a rematch of last years heavyweight fight, between Champion Junior Dos Santos against Mexican #1 Contender Cain Valasquez. In the first fight, Valasquez was the champion, and lost the fight by a knockout. There was much hype before the fight, because these two fighters are the best heavyweight fighters in the world, and there was an awesome right hand by Dos Santos flush on Valasquez’s temple. This Saturday, there will be a rematch between these two with some promises of some hard hitting action. Make sure to tune into the fight this weekend and support your favorite latino fighter. Cain Valasquez is Mexican, and Junior Dos Santos is Brazilian.

Dos Santos Vs Valasquez [First Fight]

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New Urban Kings Video Being Edited Right Now-Yes Right Now

We are working on a brand new video we filmed last night, talking about all the upcoming album covers, with UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr hosting. With the next albums being releases from UKMG Artists Fiesty 2 GunsJasper LocoMidget Loco, and Chino Grande, we made a video showing the official cd covers. They came out dope, and just got finalized last night too. We will be posting the video very soon, and have already started editing the video. It might even be coming tonight, so make sure to check out our blog today to see what the exclusive covers look like.

Remembering Wreck – Still Here Music Video

Here is one of our favorite videos that we had to post. This week we are celebrating the life of Wreck of Wicked Minds, and we were the lucky ones of knowing him, not only through the music he made, but personally through friendships. This is a video he did from his album “Legion – For We Are Many” which is available now. This video was an instant classic, featuring Wreck at the drivers seat, UKMG Artist Chino Grande, Cuete Yeska, and Baby Wicked. It also features cameos by Omar Cruz and Actor Danny De La Paz. Wreck, you will be missed brother.


Jasper Loco – All About The Money CD

UKMG has put a awesome album together, for the latest music by Jasper Loco (of Charlie Row Campo). Its called “Its All About The Money“! This is Jasper Loco’s second solo album from Urban Kings, with his first Cd “Eastside Assassin“. He also has a collaboration album with Baby Jokes, called “Eastside Classics“, which is also available now. “Its All About The Money” has some really dope features on it, like Charlie Row members Chino Grande and Fiesty 2 Guns, King Lil G, Big Hutch from Above The Law, Kokane, D Salas and more. Make sure to order your copy today, because its definitely one of the hottest albums releasing this year. “Its All About The Money” is Available Nationwide at All Major Music Retailers including FYE, digitally through iTunes as well as the Urban Kings Flagship Shop. It is also available online at UKMG Merch Store!

All About The Money – Track Listing

1. Intro
2. I Won’t Ever Forget Featuring Big Wix, Rigo Luna
3. We’re So True Featuring Big Hutch, ALT The Saint
4. All About The Money
5. Image Of A Star – Skit
6. Home Of The Gangsters
7. Better Days Featuring Chino Grande, Rigo Luna
8. Still In The City Featuring Chino Grande
9. Love Hurts Featuring Big Wix H.O.A.H, Mr Menace
10.Get Your Cash On Featuring Bigg Bandit, Na Mean, Lil G
11 All I Want Is You Featuring Doll-e Girl , Fiesty 2 Guns, Carolyn Rodriguez AKA Medicine Girl
12. Serve and Protect
13. I Got To Keep it Real – Featuring Kokane, Big Wix
14. Streets Get Cold – Featuring Mr Menace, Lil Mickey
15. Nasty Freak Featuring Mr Menace, Livin Real
16. Outro
17. This is for my Gs Featuring Na Mean, Oso Vicious

Jasper Loco – All About The Money – Listen To The Entire Album Below

(Click Previous Track & Next Track To Change Songs)

Be In The Next Urban Kings Video Tomorrow!

Urban Kings is official hosting a casting call for a new music video from Charlie Row Campo. The song will feature Jasper Loco, Lil Minor and Fiesty 2 Guns, and will be a song taken from the brand new Charlie Row album. We are casting females to be in the video and to apply is easy. Just go to The Urban Kings Facebook Page and send us a private message letting us know your interested in being a part in the video. We are looking 5-10 females for the scenes. Make sure to message us and you might see yourself in a Charlie Row Campo music video very soon! The shoot is TOMORROW, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th. Good Luck!

Music Thursday- Just Paroled

One of my favorites on the album The Danger Zone. Baby Jokes on the track with Charlie Row Campo.

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