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Tomorrow Night – Junior Dos Santos Vs Cain Valasquez

This weekend is going to feature two of the top heavyweights in the UFC. It will be a rematch of last years heavyweight fight, between Champion Junior Dos Santos against Mexican #1 Contender Cain Valasquez. In the first fight, Valasquez was the champion, and lost the fight by a knockout. There was much hype before the fight, because these two fighters are the best heavyweight fighters in the world, and there was an awesome right hand by Dos Santos flush on Valasquez’s temple. This Saturday, there will be a rematch between these two with some promises of some hard hitting action. Make sure to tune into the fight this weekend and support your favorite latino fighter. Cain Valasquez is Mexican, and Junior Dos Santos is Brazilian.

Dos Santos Vs Valasquez [First Fight]

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Ms Krazie Wednesday

Its Ms Krazie Wednesday. Here is a brand new picture of Urban Kings artist Ms Krazie. She was celebrating Halloween as Alice from Alice In Wonderland, and since Halloween is now over, she is finalizing and finishing up her newest album “SadGirls Club”. Plus we will be releasing new pictures, new videos, new music and we are also gearing to release her SadGirls Club Collection along with Old English Brand. Stay tuned because we have alot of things planned for the rest of 2016!

Music Thursdays – Stomper

Music Thursday is Stomper, and one of my personal favorite songs from Stomper is “Aztlan Is The Truth”. When Stomper raps, I hear the dope beat, but I always pay attention to the lyrics because he is always speaking the truth and knowledge about what he’s rapping about. In “Aztlan Is The Truth”, Stomper gets into the truths about what our schools have been teaching us since kids, about false history about our values. If your a fan of Stompers music, you would know he is a really political artist and he speaks about many truths, injustices and myths about what information goes to the public. This video was filmed and recorded and the song was produced by “Kast N Fame”. This song is from Stompers most recent release, which was called “Once Upon A Time In America”, which is available at All FYE Locations , digitally through iTunes , or online at . Also remember that STOMPERS “ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA 2″ WILL BE RELEASED THIS YEAR, IN 2012!!

Ms Krazie – Love You Till Death – Official Music Video – Album Version

UKMG would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas Eve everyone, and do we got a very special present for you! We have the brand new music video of “Love You Till Death” the Official Music Video from the Album Version. This new version is the extended version, which features Kozme and Problemaz. We have made two different versions of the album. One is the Radio version, which has been sent out to all television stations that play music videos. This is the extended version, which is unedited and unfiltered. Special thanks to Echosworld Films for coming through once again with a awesome video, and the executive producer of the video, UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr. And now, click the video above to watch Ms Krazie’s brand new Music Video of Love You Till Death, the Official Album Version!

Words Of Wisdom

The highest form of creativity is when your not giving a dam what people think, because at some point, your not bias. Not even to yourself, and you end up with just being yourself. This is me, XSetForLifeX, not because im set, but because im set with my highest thinking of creativity to do me and whatever I want. How can I fail if I have nothing to compare with myself. Im my own person with Ambition and Motivation. Im the one that gives myself my own Direction. In my mind, im XSetForLifeX. Im Urban Kings, im living that UKMG Life. Why? Because I just told myself that. Thats why. Its time to change the direction in your life and advertise in your own brain. Call that my biography. So everybody get ready and lets do this! Call that Hocus Pocus.

- UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr

Midget Loco In Vegas

Midget Loco & Linda outside The G Spot

Midget Loco & The Steel Bangin Musick Team & Fans

Midget Loco & Some Fans

Midget Loco and the Steel Bangin Musick team had a autograph signing recently at the G Spot in Vegas last weekend. They met many fans and took alot of pictures with everyone, signed alot of autographs on posters, pictures and cds, and chilled with everyone. If you don’t live in Las Vegas, you may be able to meet Midget and Steel Banging crew because they have scheduled autograph signings and meet and greets very soon in many different areas. For the Meet and Greets and Instore appearances, Midget is always stocked up on Posters, Cds, Locs and Shirts, and once you pick them up from him directly, he can sign whatever you get! Stay posted to our blog so you can see up to the minute information on the next CONCERT, INSTORE or any news on Midget Loco!!! Also if you went to the autograph signing, make sure to send us your pictures by Clicking Here . We give you credit for sending it in and we also post your facebook and twitter accounts too!!!


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