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True Starr – 48 Hours

Here is the brand new exclusive sneak peak of the upcoming music video with Urban Kings Artist True Starr for the song “48 Hours”. Its just a taste of what will be coming soon, and it gives you a little sample of this dope song. Its not an official video, more of something Urban Kings and True Starr did for fun. Its a pretty dope song and we got the sexy Miss Alex in the video. Directed by our go-to director Famous8, this video is going to be crazy. I know im pumped up for it, I know once you see it, you will be too. True Starr’s EP “Your Welcome” will be releasing March 24th, so make sure to stay tuned for the full version of 48 Hours along with the new CD!

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LOL mexican ambulance!!!

Thought this was funny as hell..

Kat Stacks Free From Jail


Urban Kings got  big news in the form of Youtube Friday. Kat Stacks has officially been released from jail. She was originally charged with a concealed gun charge and disorderly conduct. She was then sentenced her time, plus to be deported after she finished her sentence. She applied for an appeal, stating that she was a victim of sex trafficking and she created the Kat Stacks character to survive. She was granted her appeal and to remain in the United States.

Kat Stacks is known for having sex with rappers, then letting the world know about it. She would also put their phone numbers in her vlogs, and even recorded some vlogs while the rappers were sleeping in bed. Her more famous rappers she has had sex with is Nelly, Soulja Boy, XO, Even saying she had sex with all the Young Money Crew, Chopper City, Scoe (Roscoe’s little brother), and more.


Jenni Rivera Preordered Ms Krazie’s CD!

Everyone is really hyped up about the Forgive Not Forget CD. From fans, to friends, to family and radio personalities. We just posted about the Ms Krazie new cd Forgive Not Forget on our Official Urban Kings Twitter Page, and Ms Krazie Re-Tweeted it. Then a few minutes later, Jenni Rivera retweeted the same message saying she already got the album on presale. This album is really really good, especially having artists like Jenni Rivera looking forward to it, who knows, a collaboration between Jenni and Krazie might be something that HAS TO HAPPEN.

Ms Krazie’s cd is available to presale today at The UKMG Merch Store, and includes a Signed Copy of Forgive Not Forget, A FREE POSTER, A FREE STICKER and A FREE RINGTONE. It will also be shipped NO LATER THAN SEPT 14th, so you will get your copy no later than the release date (September 18th). It will be in stores Sept 18th at Best Buy, FYE, digitally through iTunes and online at The UKMG Merch Store.

Help Is On The Way

We want to give our condolences to Japan due to their struggle they are going through. They have been strong supporters of our movement over seas and we want them to know we got much love for them. So what we decided to do is put up a donating link to help their relief efforts. So while your shoping on our website ( you can put some money aside for the homies on the other side of the world.The boss previously put up a blog to send our regards to japan in Japanese(long story short I was confused for like 3 hours because didn’t understand japanese) so i decided to make the message clear for the both sides of the world lol. If you like to click and see what the boss put and are confused as i was it means “we love you Japan”.

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Sly Boogy Interview

Check out our interview with the West Coast Legend Sly Boogy. For those who don’t know him one of the famous songs he did the song was It’s Nuthing. In this interview you even get to meet Mark. He is the guy that edits our videos. Enjoy and tell us what you think.

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