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True Starr – 48 Hours

Here is the brand new exclusive sneak peak of the upcoming music video with Urban Kings Artist True Starr for the song “48 Hours”. Its just a taste of what will be coming soon, and it gives you a little sample of this dope song. Its not an official video, more of something Urban Kings and True Starr did for fun. Its a pretty dope song and we got the sexy Miss Alex in the video. Directed by our go-to director Famous8, this video is going to be crazy. I know im pumped up for it, I know once you see it, you will be too. True Starr’s EP “Your Welcome” will be releasing March 24th, so make sure to stay tuned for the full version of 48 Hours along with the new CD!

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The Curtain Are Closed

We had a blast at the Ustream! Though in the begging we had a few difficulties (and like Jimmy explain its not his computer it was Ustream lol) we went on with the show. We were having a party at our Head Quarter. If you weren’t here you can still see a few snips of the show. We were playing the songs on the Street Anthems 3 album. Oso Vicious left the place smelling like herb, just like his song on the album, Only in the West Coast. We had a fun talking to you guys and it was well worth it.

Spanky Loco started it off real well. Everyone was excited to see him. (no we will not answer if he was high lol). Talking about is continuation of his hit album Tirando y Rifando which is going to be coming out in May.

Baby Jokes had his admires confess their love for him.I believe I saw a few marriage proposals lol. Everyone went crazy when Ms. Krazie got on the phone. (though no 1 was able to answer her first trivia question, shame lol)

Jasper Loco was in here too.He recently got released from jail so we extremely happy to be able to see him again. Midget Loco wasn’t able to come in cuz he was sick but we called him up as well for the fans to talk to him. His music video director for Sunday High was here as well. We were just having too much fun.

The prizes that were anoucced on the show are only for when you buy the pre-sales so order yours today to get your prizes which include a poster 18x 24.In the end we had a total of 2thousand and 7hundred and 27 viewers that night. (Not bad for our first one this year and it can only get better) So thank you to all you guys that came and we will give you guys the heads up for the next one.

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Slush Is Out On Bail 5-15-2012

Slush Tha Villain’s new album will be releasing next month – May 15th,2012 to be exact. “Out On Bail” is the album fans have been waiting for. With the partnership for “Out On Bail” between Slush, Urban Kings and producers Kast N Fame, this album came out better than anyone can imagine. With features from Urban Kings artists Chino Grande, Stomper, Ms Krazie and special feature from Kozme, this album will be a classic once everyone has heard it. But until then we are gonna give you a sneak peak of how the album sounds, so enjoy, because heres Mr Out On Bail’s snippets, Slush Tha Villain 2012!!!

Slush The Villain – Out On Bail – Snippets

Charlie Row Campo World Premier

UKMG will be debuting 7 brand new Charlie Row Campo World Premiers going up to August 7th, which will be the release date of California Boys, the new Charlie Row album. And EVERYONE WHO PREORDERS THE NEW CD WILL GET A FREE RINGTONE WITH A FREE CHARLIE ROW POSTER. This new song we will be debuting today is called “This Is Me” by Charlie Row Campo and featuring King Lil G, Syphon and Jayo. Remember to be on the lookout for California Boys, which will be out in all major music outlets like All FYE Locations, digitally through iTunes, and online at The UKMG Merch Store!

Charlie Row Campo – This Is Me – From California Boys

Click Here To Pre Order California Boys by Charlie Row Campo

Tito Rodriguez Premiers Angel Music Video

We are posting a really cool video that got submitted to us by Tito Rodriguez, who is our good and from The Pricks. He is working on his album called “The Message”, with nothing but good positive music. This music video is called “Angel” and features Tito going back to his home town of Long Beach, California to give back to the homeless and less fortunate. Tito contacted many companies to help him with his vision, and got a huge response from big companies like Diamond Supply Co, Sara Lee, Frito Lay, Monster Energy Drink and more. Tito is all about making good positive music and he did a really good job on the song and video! Check it out!


Ms Krazie – Love You Till Death – Official Music Video – Album Version

UKMG would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas Eve everyone, and do we got a very special present for you! We have the brand new music video of “Love You Till Death” the Official Music Video from the Album Version. This new version is the extended version, which features Kozme and Problemaz. We have made two different versions of the album. One is the Radio version, which has been sent out to all television stations that play music videos. This is the extended version, which is unedited and unfiltered. Special thanks to Echosworld Films for coming through once again with a awesome video, and the executive producer of the video, UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr. And now, click the video above to watch Ms Krazie’s brand new Music Video of Love You Till Death, the Official Album Version!


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