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True Starrs Video Hits 24,000 Views

The latest video from True Starr is out now and the views been going up and up. Already reached 24,000 views, its a dope song and it features fellow UKMG Artist Chino Grande. The video came out dope, and is taken from True Starr’s newest album called “You’re Welcome“, which is available now inside The UKMG Merch Store! True Starr worked hard on the album, and it ended up having 17 songs on it. Some songs were featured music videos, like Roll Through, What You Need, I Dont Trust, 48 Hours, Ambitionz and the upcoming video is called “Mind Right”, directed by Kast N Fame. Watch the music video below along with the studio session creating the song, and the behind the scenes of the music video!

True Starr & Chino Grande – Mind Right – Official Music Video


True Starr & Chino Grande – Studio Session Recording Mind Right

 Behind The Scenes of Mind Right

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Old English Brand Presents Representing With Kruk One

Our boys at Old English Brand is back at it again with some freestyles. They brought in Kruk One into the Old English Brand offices to shoot a short freestyle video and do a photoshoot for his upcoming mixtape “Slums 2 The Stage”. The video is called “Represent” because OE and Kruk always keeps it real and Kruk gotta represent where he’s from and what he’s about. Make sure to watch the video and support new hip hop and support Kruk One. He is rocking the OE “Strength In Numbers Tee” and the OE “Members Only Snapback Hat“, both available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online inside The Old English Brand Online Store!

Olvidarte Nunca Cover

A big shout out to shiomara89 for posting this cover song from Ms Krazie new cd Firme Homegirl Vol 2. If you have anything to do with Ms Krazie from Wall Papers to Cover song to tattoos send them in to us so we can post them on our site. Send to

Youtube Friday – Stone Cold E.T

We like to post really random videos that our staff comes across for our Youtube Friday section. I was going to post the video of 50 cent jumping rapper Gunplay (from Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group Label), but I posted it yesterday along with 50 wearing Gunplays chain. This video was shown to me by John P about this guy wearing a E.T mask claiming to be Stone Cold E.T. And the guy really sounds like Stone Cold. If you dont know who Stone Cold Steve Austin is, he was a professional wrestler with the WWF/WWE back when guys like The Rock and Mankind were wrestling. Well this guy “Stone Cold ET” goes to many different fast food drive thrus and tries to order his meal, while sounding just like Stone Cold. Some workers and managers of the restaurants refuse to serve Stone Cold E.T, but will one sell him a burger, or will he stay hungry? Watch the video to find out!

Midget Loco Adding To His Ink Collection

Big Lou Tattooing Midget Loco’s Back

Almost Done

Midget Loco’s Kids

UKMG Artist Midget Loco sent us in these pictures for our blog to show us his new additions to his ink collection, as well as sharing it for all his fans. He was working with Big Lou, who is a well known tattoo artist, and who has previously done work for Midget Loco before. Big Lou has been working on Midget Loco’s back piece, which Midget has a old time gangster theme of some well known mobsters, including Bugzy Segal, Lucky Luciano, Al Capone, as well as the old time Las Vegas Casino “The Flamingo”. Midget also got his kids names tattood on him as well. This reminds me of Midget’s song called “Thirteen Letter”.

Midget Loco – Thirteen Letter – Official Music Video

Taken From Midget Loco’s – Dedicated To The OG’s album

Up for grabs

A lost and found item is up for grabs (its been here for the longest and we don’t know who they belong to). Be the first to claim them when you place your order. Just leave a message saying you want the lost and found glasses and they are yours.

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