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True Talk With True Starr

Everyone is always taking the music too serious sometimes. True Starr wanted to take a different approach to doing something new for his supporters.
So he did what he does best; spark one up and chilled. Is basically and approach to just hanging out and talking about whatever comes up.
I think is a little vintage style, in way that reminds me to one of those 90s hip hop MTV shows were is just raw. That’s just my opinion, watch it and hope you like.

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Midget Loco – Fiesty 2 Guns – Jasper Loco All In Studio

Doll E Girl – Midget Loco – Daphne – D Salas – Jasper Loco – Fiesty 2 Guns

The All Star Studio Session

Midget Loco In The  Booth

Midget Loco and Glow

Urban Kings has these exclusive pictures of UKMG Artists Midget Loco, Fiesty 2 Guns and Jasper Loco in the studio with Producer D Salas. Also Doll E Girl and Daphne showed up to the session as well. Everyones putting the finishing touches on their albums, making everything sound as best, as clear, as hot as possible. Midget, Fiesty and Jasper all have solo albums releasing this year through UKMG, and when they get together, the studio becomes even more creative, with three dope artists contributing to some really good music. We will be dropping snippets of each artists album, once the album gets a release date, so stay posted!

Would You Answer The Call?

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Urban Kings got a call we have been waiting for, and yesterday was the day. We got our very important phone call yesterday and glad to talk to the person we wanted to talk to. Do you know who it is? Can you guess? The only way to find out is to click the play button above! But to watch the video, you must LIKE The Urban Kings Facebook Page! All it takes is one click of the button and you can get updated on everything UKMG and watch our exclusive Facebook Videos! What are you waiting for…..DO IT!


Out The Box Is A Cold Piece Of Work

Its finally here, the brand new episode of Out The Box. I really think this one has a chance to be one of the best episodes ever. This episode is presented by Urban Kings in association with Lineage Entertainment, called “A Cold Piece of Work” and stars Tony “Lefty” Ramirez as he tells you his true story. It is grimey, raw, emotional and powerful,  because life is not always a fairy tale. Talent can be anything and everything, and storytelling is a talent that has been around for thousands of years. Watch the video as Lefty takes you on his true story, describing the feeling and scenery in such a vivid detail. Watch this episode now and let us know what your favorite Out The Box episode has been up til now at The Urban Kings Facebook Page!

Brown Pride Soldiers

Urban Kings Music Group showcases a very popular fan favorite CD. This album is called “Brown Pride Soldiers” and features your favorite UKMG Artists like Chino Grande and Ms Krazie. It also features dope artists like Stomper, Midget Loco, Baby Jokes, Conejo, Bugsy, Sen Dogg, Slush Tha Villain, Joker of LSD, Cuete Yeska and more. Its a really dope album and has some dope songs like “A New Connection”, “76 Bars”, “Up To No Good” and “Its Kinda Sad”. Its a really dope album and has 18 jammin tracks on it. It is available now in all major music retailers, including Amazon and FYE, and digitally on iTunes. It is also available at the Urban Kings Flagship Shop! Make sure to check out my favorite song  below called “Its Kinda Sad” by Chino Grande!

Chino Grande – Its Kinda Sad – Taken From Brown Pride Soldiers

Ms Krazie DVD Is Out Now!

The Ms Krazie official DVD called “One Krazie Night” is now available from Urban Kings! Get the new Ms Krazie DVD of her biggest concert yet. Her performance alongside MC Magic and Brown Boy is an instant classic, performing all of her hits, and bringing out extra special guest artists who were featured on some of her biggest songs throughout her career. She brought so many special guests to the show, and with surprise performances from Spanky Loco, Stomper and Jasper Loco, the show was a huge hit. This DVD is available now for just $9.99! Get it today!

Click Here To Get The Ms Krazie One Krazie Night DVD Today


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