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True Talk With True Starr

Everyone is always taking the music too serious sometimes. True Starr wanted to take a different approach to doing something new for his supporters.
So he did what he does best; spark one up and chilled. Is basically and approach to just hanging out and talking about whatever comes up.
I think is a little vintage style, in way that reminds me to one of those 90s hip hop MTV shows were is just raw. That’s just my opinion, watch it and hope you like.

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Inscribed Street Scriptures Interview by Fiesty 2 Guns

Fiesty 2 Guns came in on Monday  to sign the posters, so you guys can have a freshly autographed posters to hang up. We did an interview while he was here to talk about his album Street Scriptures. He even signed some cds. We had him signing as much as we could. If you guys still want to get an autographed poster you guys still have a good chance of making that a possibility.

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Ms. Krazie – Oh Honey Don’t Trip Cover By La Oldies

Check out one of the submissions off the “Rap Like Ms. Krazie Video Contest”

This one was done by La Oldies.

If you’re not familiar with the contest make sure you click here.

Chino G Last Day to Bid WEDNESDAY!!

This is Chino Grande’s drawing from the pent. We have been auctioning it for some time and the bidding is getting close to the end. Highest bidder we have Pancho Huerta at 400. Send in your bids at If you don’t really know much about Chino Grande watch his exclusive interview that was done one week before he was incarcerated. He is currently still behind bars. And we wait for his release date. You can also see his last moments just before he turned himself in. For all those that want to know why Chino Grande is locked up listen to his song Entrapmentwhich is in his album Slow It Down. His newest song out now is Hood Cry  on the Street Anthem 3.We are trying to get Locked up Raw to do a documentary on Chino Grande (click here to learn how you can help). Free Chino Grande!!

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Baby Jokes + movie = Oscar Awards

The movie that Baby Jokes is going to be playing in has the potential to win awards for the 2011 Oscar awards. It even got in the Los Angeles Times! The movie is called A better life and if you haven’t seen the trailer its tense. (It seems like the kind movies that may cause a tear to come out lol) The director is the same director of the Twilight New Moon (anyone a vampire fan reading this? lol)If you want to read the review click the picture.
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Street Anthems 2 Available Now

Urban Kings is having a sale for one of our most popular albums as part of our #AnalogVsDigital Campaign. We are giving our fans a chance to own this album for just $7.99. It is the fan favorite “Street Anthems 2“album. This is a big album that released just for you. It features many Urban Kings Artists, like Ms Krazie and Chino Grande, along with artists like Stomper, Spanky Loco, Baby Jokes, Midget Loco, Fiesty 2 Guns, Jasper Loco and Lil Minor. It also featured some dope artists like ALT The Saint, Payaso, Capone and more! Many of the songs are only available on this album too, like Ms Krazie’s song “Cholo No Llores” and more. The only way to take advantage of owning this album is getting it directly from Urban Kings by clicking the link below!


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