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Twoface – Bad Temptation Music Video

We have a brand new music to share with our Urban Kings blog readers today, its from an artist named “Twoface” and he sent us his new video called “Bad Temptation”, featuring Ras Judah and Abusivo. It is taken from his new album “The Gemini”, which is available now! We have known Twoface’s for a while, and he always brings us some good music and videos, so here is one we would like to share with everyone! Make sure to watch the video and support!

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Urban Kings With Compton Menace And Chris Brown

Urban Kings will be on set today with our homie Compton Menace of his upcoming music video called “Put On My Niggaz”, featuring Chris Brown. We have known Menace for years, before he was on TMZ and on MTV, BET, Worldstar, etc. ¬†We were on set with Menace for his music videos before, including the one he did with Wiz Khalifa, called “Aint No Changin Me“. This is a dope new song by Menace and Chris Brown and we will be out there, and you may see some Urban Kings artists in the video. Below is one of the pictures we took on set with Menace and UKMG Artist Chino Grande during one of Menaces videos.

Chino Grande & Compton Menace On Set Of R.O.M.E video shoot

Stomper “Aztlan Is The Truth” Video Shoot

Last night the first video off Stompers highly anticipated “Once Upon A Time In America.” Kicking off the album with a politically charged song like “Aztlan Is The Truth” is a great way to start defining the album. So stay tuned for it. Its coming very soon!!

Photo courtesy of Vendetta Republic.

If you haven’t heard the song. Check it out.

Out The Box Staring Matthew Perez

We are counting down the days of the brand new episodes of Out The Box, Premiering This Thursday, August 7th! Presented by Urban Kings along with LA Raw. We are only a few days away and trust me, these episodes are going to take the Out The Box series up a notch. We have the two episodes premiering the same day! First, we will have Spoken Words by Matthew Perez and he pours his heart and soul into you. He talks about his life experiences, growing up in the hood and the struggles that he has dealt with. He paints a picture into your mind through storytelling, as he describes it so vividly, its like your alongside him, through his journey. Powerful, Matthews story will capture the meaning of his concept, and bring everyone along for the ride.

*Remember, Out The Box will be Premiering Thursday, August 7th, here at Urban Kings!

My Sweet Valentine- Chino Grande’s Story Of My Life

Chino Grande’s album is coming out tomorrow (just 24 hours to go lol). For those that order thru I hope you guys are all loving Chino Grande’s album like I am. This is one of my favorite songs on the album. So I had to post in up for everyone to hear. Don’t forget to be here tomorrow cuz we are going to be uploading Chino Grande’s music video, “Story Of My Life (Do or Die).

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Urban Kings Cyber Monday Sale – 20% Off

Urban Kings is having a Cyber Monday Sale, that will give you 25% Off our entire Urban Kings Website! That means you will be saving 20% off all CDs of UKMG Artists. First time in a long time that you get deals for Charlie Row Campo, Jasper Loco, Lil Minor, Fiesty 2 Guns, and Chino Grande. You can also save on Cds from Ms Krazie, Midget Loco, Stomper, Spanky Loco as well as Conejo, Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm, Slush Tha Villain and more! Discount is only available at with the promo code SaveMeMoney! Only good on Monday, December 1st!

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