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UK Sports – Albert Pujos To The LA Angels

Albert Pujos has agreed to become the newest member of the Los Angeles Angels. With a contract of $250 MILLION for 10 years, Albert Pujos is the 2nd baseball player in history to get a contract worth over $200 Million. Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees has done it TWICE (once as a member of the Texas Rangers in 2000 for $252 Million for 10 years, and another 10 year contract for $275 Million). The Angels entered negotiations yesterday to obtain Pujos and within that day, both came to an agreement to bring Pujos to Anaheim. To those who don’t know, Angels Owner Arte Moreno is the first latino to own a Major Sports Team in the United States. Arte bought the Angels for $180 Million and, in 2008, Forbes estimated the Angels were worth over $500 Million. If you dont know much about baseball, the Angels just signed the biggest and best baseball player in the whole league. Welcome to California Albert Pujos!

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Ms. Krazie gets tatted

Hey ppl its Alejandra the urban kings’s intern. I got cool news for you guys yesterday (Tuesday) Mike brought in the deliver of the new Ms. Krazie posters.  Rotten tagged up on of the original Ms. Krazie posters as if she was all tatted down like a month ago. Jaime (the boss) liked it so they made it official tshirt and poster . So now all the Ms. Krazie fans (including me of course) can get them to decorate our rooms.  Jaime had me taking pictures of the poster display it to you guys. I hope you guys like it.

American Crime Episode 2 Tonight on ABC

The Hello Loca Tour Story 1 – Denver

I arrived at the airport at 3am to get the 6am flight from LAX to the DIA (Denver International Airport). I checked in my bags and went through all the security to go to Denver. I got on the plane at 6:30am and we took off at 6:45am. If you ever been on a LAX flight, the plane goes towards the ocean then makes a big U-Turn towards the eastcoast. I ordered a Jack And Coke on the plane while just hangin out in my seat. I ended up watching some of the land because I had a window seat then fell asleep for a hour. When I woke up we were 30 minutes from Denver. I got picked up by El Cacho from S.A.P. I landed a while before Ms Krazie got to Denver so we ended up hitting up different spots. Ms Krazie landed in the late afternoon and me and Nacho went to pick her up from the airport. We went to the hotel and let Ms Krazie settle into her room. The next morning we got ready and did a lunch with the “Lunch With Ms Krazie Contest”. We ended up going to The Hard Rock Restaurant for lunch and I got the bacon cheeseburger. We talked about music, the future, life, and just had a great time hanging out. From the restaurant, Ms Krazie went to get ready for her concert, which was at Casselmans in Downtown Denver. After Ms Krazie was ready, we all headed out to the venue. We went in through the back entrance and walked through the back straight to the VIP Area. Ms Krazie must of had 5 security guards around her. She got into the VIP Area, and once she seen the first group of girls, everyone started screaming like they have seen an old friend from high school. After many hugs and hellos, Ms Krazie sat on the couch, and met every single fan that was in the VIP Area. Taking pictures with everyone that asked, answered questions and met fans who have been listening to her music since her first album. It was a very cool, nice, friendly environment with nothing but respect from everyone. After almost 2 hours of pictures, autographs and meeting everyone, we went into the backstage room, and Akwid was already there. Akwid is a platinum selling group who have had hits for years, who rap in spanish. It was the first time Ms Krazie and Akwid have met and both have a mutual respect for each other as artists, but also as people. We hung out in the green room, talking about music, and the music business. We also checked in on some of the other artists that were performing. After an interview with Akwid that a Denver station did, Akwid was preparing to hit the stage and perform. El Cacho and Nacho Average Mexican was on stage performing getting the crowd pumped up for Akwid. They did a dope show then next was the Akwid, the special guest performers. Akwid did a very dope performance for a good 45 minutes performing all their classics. Once Akwid got off the stage, the crowd knew who was coming next. Akwid got off the stage, then the crowd started to chant, “Krazie, Krazie, Krazie, Krazie” for a good 30 seconds. Then the time they have been waiting for finally came. Ms Krazie hit the stage and the crowd went crazy!!!! Ms Krazie opened up with a dope verse from Pancho Villa. She did a lot of her classic songs that were most definitely fan favorites. It was definitely a great performance and I had a great time. Also shout out to MR J Brown and the Street Marines.

Here is a clip of a fans footage that they posted of Ms Krazie while she was on the stage. She did a dope set with all of her fans most requested songs and heres a sample of her rocking the mic.


By Mark (Her Manager)

Ms Krazie – Brown Is Beautiful

Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie has released a classic album through Urban Kings, and it was her very first album. The CD is called “Brown Is Beautiful“, and features Mr Shadow, Knightowl, Payaso, Abusivo, Mal Hablado, Danger, The Pricks and D Salas. This album features the jams like “Walk Away“, “From The Throne“, “Mommys Little Girl” and “Always“. Brown Is Beautiful is a classic album and features all the hit songs from Ms Krazie! Urban Kings even digitally remastered the album, and added 3 new bonus tracks! Brown Is Beautiful is available now at all Major Music Retailers, including Amazon and FYE, and digitally through iTunes! I put a song below so you can hear a song from the album, its called “Chinga Tu Madre” and one of Ms Krazie’s most requested songs at her concerts!

Ms Krazie – Chinga Tu Madre – Taken From Brown Is Beautiful

The Psycho Shop Is Open This Weekend!

The Psycho Shop will be open this weekend, including today, Friday, at 6pm to 11pm! We will also be open on Saturday & Sunday from 9am to 5pm! They will have the full collection of Psycho Realm Clothing, including Shirts, Tanks, Sweaters, Windbreakers, Beanies, Snapbacks, Bandanas, and even Accessories, like Stickers, Patches and CDs! They now also carry Urban Kings Music, including our entire UKMG Catalog! They also carry clothing from Old English Brand!!! Make sure to come down and get Psycho with us! Click Here For Directions To The Psycho Shop Flagship Shop!!


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