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UK Sports – Albert Pujos To The LA Angels

Albert Pujos has agreed to become the newest member of the Los Angeles Angels. With a contract of $250 MILLION for 10 years, Albert Pujos is the 2nd baseball player in history to get a contract worth over $200 Million. Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees has done it TWICE (once as a member of the Texas Rangers in 2000 for $252 Million for 10 years, and another 10 year contract for $275 Million). The Angels entered negotiations yesterday to obtain Pujos and within that day, both came to an agreement to bring Pujos to Anaheim. To those who don’t know, Angels Owner Arte Moreno is the first latino to own a Major Sports Team in the United States. Arte bought the Angels for $180 Million and, in 2008, Forbes estimated the Angels were worth over $500 Million. If you dont know much about baseball, the Angels just signed the biggest and best baseball player in the whole league. Welcome to California Albert Pujos!


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