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UKMG Sports – Matt Kemp Gives Back

There are always athletes in professional sports who give back to the communities their team is located in. Most of their charity goes unnoticed by the public simply because celebrities do it for the good, and not trying to only get acknowledged or recognized. They do awesome things simply because its the right thing to do, for the underprivileged, or for those terminally ill. This video has started to go viral within the last few hours. The video description says the fan is fighting a “tough battle” and his family “scrapped money together” to afford his seats. Then they got the attention of Dodgers 3rd base Coach Tim Wallach, asking if Kemp can come meet the fan. Coach Wallach told them he would see what he could do. Matt Kemp not only came over to meet the fan, but also gave him an autographed baseball, his jersey, his hat and the cleats he all wore during the game. And he did all that in the enemy territory, as the game was held in San Francisco, where the Dodgers have over a 50 year rivalry with the Giants. Shout out to Matt Kemp for being a world class athlete and an incredible person.

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Chino Grande Music Video

Have you seen this Music Video of UKMG Artist Chino Grande featuring Urban Kings Artist Fiesty 2 Guns of Charlie Row Campo? This music video was filmed during Chino Grande’s trial and while he was awaiting his sentence. The video is called “Story Of My Life – Do Or Die (L.A)” and was the first single from Chino’s album “Story Of My Life” which was also recording during that same time. The video features Camponero Fiesty 2 Guns on the song and both Chino and Fiesty killed the record. Right now, Chino is currently away and we are back on the FREE CHINO GRANDE Campaign. Just wanted to bring this video up and show that we support Chino 100% and hope he gets out soon.

Chino Grande – Story Of My Life Album

New Picture of Jasper Loco

Check out this picture UKMG Artist Jasper Loco from Charlie Row Campo, taken from his most recent photo shoot. Jasper Loco has been networking like crazy, performing with platinum artists, and promoting his upcoming album, which will be released this year through The Urban Kings Music Group. This photo shoot was taken last week, and it came out really dope, complete with women, pitbulls and lowriders. Jasper Loco also has a performance tomorrow with Cyzer and will feature a special Meet & Greet with Bone Thugs N Harmony on Saturday, 420, in Los Angeles. Make sure to be on the lookout for Jasper Loco’s new album coming soon!

Summer Nights with JD #2

Am back this week with another classic that I have always liked. This song is available for sale on our online store you can also jam to it via youtube. This jam is titled “Gene Chandler” – I fooled you this time” and for sure a cruising classic. Love the whole concept behind it which is the rebound classic. If you want to check out some of my older post click here “Summer Nights with JD

SadGirls Tour Staring Ms Krazie – Ticket Information & Fliers

Ms Krazie Tour Dates for her upcoming SadGirls Club Tour, which kicks off in January 2016, starting with two back to back concerts in California. First, on January 23rd, Ms Krazie will be performing at the San Jose Hall in Wilmington, California. Then the next day, January 24th, Ms Krazie will be performing at the Fresh Mex Bar and Grill in Oxnard, California. Last, Ms Krazie will perform next on February 27th in Denver, Colorado at the World Famous Roxy Theatre. The Ticket Links for all shows are available now, fliers are below! Click the link below for your city and get your tickets!

All Shows will be ALL AGES!

Ms Krazie will have all her CDs, Posters, Shirts and Merch available for each city!

Ms Krazie SadGirls Club Tour 2016 Ticket Links

Saturday – January 23rd – Wilmington, CA – All Ages

(Promo Code For Free Ticket Shipping – “Ms Krazie”)

Saturday – January 24th – Oxnard, CA – All Ages

(Promo Code For Free Ticket Shipping – “Ms Krazie”)

Saturday – February 27 – Denver, CO – All Ages

So many CD’s but so little GBs in my ipod

And this isn’t even half of what we have in the warehouse. You can spend a whole day just looking at the covers of the CD’s but since your not here you can do it online.

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