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UKMG – Summer 2012 – Update – Big Announcement

Urban Kings Music Group has just filmed a new video letting YOU know what is going on here at Urban Kings. We have been working around the clock on some top secret projects, from concerts, to music, to deals, and even movies. We try and give our fans a quarterly update on whats going on with the label and their favorite artists, and this season is no exception. We have a full roster of talented artists that have released an album, or will be releasing an album, through the Urban Kings Music Group. We have released Ese Lil Jokers “Most Wanted” in April, Slush Tha Villain’s “Out On Bail” that released in May, and we still have Stompers “Once Upon A Time In America 2″ releasing June 19th, Charlie Row Campo’s album releasing in July, followed by releases by Ms Krazie, Fiesty 2 Guns, Baby Jokes, Jasper Loco, and some other huge suprises! You gotta watch the video before I give too much info away!

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Throwback – Blue Rose

Today im posting a Throwback Tuesday one of songs that came out dope. It was for the ladies by UKMG Artist Chino Grande from his album “Story Of My Life“. The song is called “Blue Rose” and features Baby Jokes. It has been one of the most requested songs from our label, it was a favorite on radio stations around the country and on the syndicated radio show Pocos Pero Locos. Make sure to bump this track, and pick up the album if you dont have it already. “Story Of My Life” is available now exclusively for just $7.99 inside our online store!

Brand New Conejo Snippets Now Up!

UKMG is releasing the brand new Conejo album “Killer From The West” album for 2013, and are World Premiering the brand new Snippets for the album right here on This album contains all new, never before heard material from Conejo. Killer From The West is scheduled for a release date of October 15th, coming to all major music retailers including FYE, digitally through iTunes and online at The UKMG Merch Store. Did you know that if you Pre Order the album today, you will also get a Free Poster with each order? Yes its true, and if you order more than one copy, you will get more than one poster! One Poster Per Copy! Make sure to listen to the snippets of the album below if you haven’t already, and pre order the album, because its worth it!

Conejo – Killer From The West – Official Snippets

Follow Urban Kings on Instagram

Urban Kings is signed up to Instagram. Instagram is like Twitter, but instead of posting messages, you can ONLY post pictures. People can LIKE and COMMENT on the pictures too, but the comments you post can not be deleted. We found a new website to use instagram through the computer, because the instagram site wont let you surf it like you would your phone. This new site is called . On the Urban Kings Instagram, we post everything from who stops at our offices, clubbing, photoshoots, partying, and just the Urban Kings Lifestyle. So make sure to follow us today and you can see some pretty cool stuff on our Instagram!

Jasper Loco on The Revelance Show April 10th

Urban Kings Music Group Artist Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo will be this weeks guest on The Revelance, the hottest online radio podcast show hosted by Krazy Race. If you have tuned in before, you know that the show features the best in hip hop and underground hip hop. This week features Jasper Loco along with world famous tattoo artist Big Tiny of Unauthorized Ink. The show will start at 9pm (Pacific Time) this Thursday, April 10th, so make sure to tune in and listen to the questions and some music of Jasper Loco. I also heard he will be premiering some new music too, so its a must tune in, especially if your a Charlie Row Campo fan.

Reality Check

We got bad news…. 125 FYE stores will be closing nation wide. You want to know why…. Illegal downloading. FYE has been a great distrubuter for Urban Kings as well as other Chicano Rap Record Lables. Though you may think this doesn’t affect you directly reality check it does. The more you download free songs from downloading sites from your favorite rapper/artist.(you know who you are) The less artist make and the less money there is for the music production. Which means less music in you Ipod. Chicano Rap is on the rise to make it to the top but with the rise of illegal downloading we will never make it. You killing chicano rap real talk. So estop it estupid!

Don’t say you listen chicano rap when you don’t even support it.

And for those how are down for the cause keep the movement going.

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