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Update On Conejo’s Auction

There has been a lot of competitive bidding for these limited edition Conejo Canvases. We are going to continue this auction for another month or so (depending whether of not the competition continues). As of this moment 11:37 am August 31, 2011 the highest bidders are Andy Acosta and Randalyn Vasquez.

Randalyn Vasquez stands with his bid of $376 on the Shady Conejo canvas. The canvas measures at 44 inches tall (3 ft and 8 in), and 28 inches wide (2 ft and 4 in). The Shady Conejo was Conejo’s first actually album that he ever recorded. This is for sure the starting point of his career and no doubt that both these canvases will one day become a museum collectable.

Andy Acosta at the moment is the highest bidder for the unedited, original photo of Game Over. He has recently raised his bid to $270 for this canvas. This canvas stands at 38 inches tall (3 ft and 2 in) and 36 inches wide (3ft). Both of this canvas are straight from the original film used for Conejo’s photo shoot. It’s still not to late to put in your bid for any of these two canvases at

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Jasper Loco Interview On Cam Capone News

Jasper Loco was interviewed a while back by Cam Capone News about how he joined the Charlie Row Campo and became a Camponero. He also discusses the old school vs the new school and what he thinks of “skinny jeans” and the new fashion trends of hip hop.


The Set For Life x One Krazie Night DVD – Out Now!

The Ms Krazie official DVD called “One Krazie Night” is now available from Urban Kings! Get the new Ms Krazie DVD of her biggest concert yet. Her performance alongside MC Magic and Brown Boy is an instant classic, performing all of her hits, and bringing out extra special guest artists who were featured on some of her biggest songs throughout her career. She brought so many special guests to the show, and with surprise performances from Spanky Loco, Stomper and Jasper Loco, the show was a huge hit. This DVD is available now for just $9.99! Get it today!

Click Here To Get The Ms Krazie One Krazie Night DVD Today

Spanky Loco & Stomper Performing In Maryland

Check this out! Urban Kings Artists The Stomper and Spanky Loco have just announced that they will be performing together in Glenn Dale, Maryland on Friday, May 2nd.  This is the first time this year that the Everybody Killas will be performing together on the same show. It will also be a rare performance on the eastcoast for Urban Kings artists. Also performing on the show is Slowpoke, along with Controversia, Pepe, Santacruz, C-Los, Weezy Brown and Sleepy Loks. The concert will be taking place on Friday, May 2nd at Mi Gran Mariachi. The show will bring together the Westcoast and the Eastcoast with a little bit of the South. More information is coming soon, but make sure to come out and support!

New Ms Krazie Drawing

 I wanna thank our homegirl Angel for submitting this drawing of Ms Krazie. With a quick doodle, she drew Ms Krazie. We receive many drawings that our fans do for our artists, and we all really appreciate it, from the record label staff, to the artists, its such a dope gesture to do something cool like that. Maybe we should do a little contest in the very near future for fans to draw a cd cover…a random cd to win some cool prize pack. Keep sending in your pictures and we will do one very soon! Remember, to send in your drawing, just send it to Submit Your Drawing and make sure to type in your Name, Facebook, and Twitter names so we can have everyone follow you! We try to give shine to the fans who really support!

New Stomper Song – Heart Of Gold

UKGM Artist The Stomper has released his official new album to the world, called “FREE STOMPER – Unreleased Kuts 2“! It released and we will be letting you hear some exclusive songs from the album, FOR FREE! This is a really dope album that features 17 songs from Stomper and features UKMG Artists Chino Grande, Spanky Loco and Midget Loco. The CD also features Carolyn Rodriguez, Oso Vicious, ALT The Saint, Juan Gotti, Cuete Yeska, Rikee West and more. Its a really dope album, so everyone make sure to support Urban Kings and Stomper by ordering the album. The first leak we give you is called “Heart Of Gold”. We leaked a snippet of the song a few weeks ago, and now here is the full version. Check it out below!

Stomper – Heart Of Gold – Taken From FREE STOMPER Unreleased Kuts 2


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