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Update On Conejo’s Auction

There has been a lot of competitive bidding for these limited edition Conejo Canvases. We are going to continue this auction for another month or so (depending whether of not the competition continues). As of this moment 11:37 am August 31, 2011 the highest bidders are Andy Acosta and Randalyn Vasquez.

Randalyn Vasquez stands with his bid of $376 on the Shady Conejo canvas. The canvas measures at 44 inches tall (3 ft and 8 in), and 28 inches wide (2 ft and 4 in). The Shady Conejo was Conejo’s first actually album that he ever recorded. This is for sure the starting point of his career and no doubt that both these canvases will one day become a museum collectable.

Andy Acosta at the moment is the highest bidder for the unedited, original photo of Game Over. He has recently raised his bid to $270 for this canvas. This canvas stands at 38 inches tall (3 ft and 2 in) and 36 inches wide (3ft). Both of this canvas are straight from the original film used for Conejo’s photo shoot. It’s still not to late to put in your bid for any of these two canvases at

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The Camponeros Contest

if you want to see the frame, click to watch this video.

Midget Loco Is In the Building

Midget Loco’s album is coming out this August 2nd Dedicated To OGs and he wants to give a heads up to everyone in Washington to head over to the city of Kent for the 1st annual La Raza Lowrider Car Show. Along with the Charlie Row Camp event starts at 11am. So crease up your clothes and set your alarm clocks to head over. It’s a free admission open to the public and they will be performing. So here is your chance, don’t skip out.

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Lowrider Bike Winner

Living in LA, and going to all different types of areas, neighborhoods and events, you see alot of random things. Take this guy for example. I gotta give this guy props for being the Indian McGuyver. Look how he hits his sounds in the front and back. With the front speakers on the front bike pegs and mounted along the handle bars has me wondering if he can even make turns or is it a straight ride. The back is mounted with a bottom rack and has two small skateboard wheels that hold the support. Dude has a car battery giving life to this genious bike and pumping high volts of Urban Kings music through the system. He was posing for pictures when I had to stop and get one for my blog. And by the way, this dude even had a flip out TV/CD player in his “Dash”. I looked in his CD Organizer and he had all the Urban Kings CDS and dope Old School Classic Westcoast Hip Hop. Shout out to Adam From LA.

Spanky Loco Tatted An Urban King

I met up with UKMG Artist Spanky Loco to talk about pricing for a new tattoo. After talking prices, I decided to get a tattoo. I set up an appointment with Spanky to get this design. I came back a few days later and was ready to get inked up. We have been posting some really dope art Spanky been sending us, from both drawing on paper and on hats, to other tattoos he finishes up. Spanky went to work and a few hours later Spanky was finished with this dope creation. Spanky been tatting for a few years and has created a good name for himself as a tattoo artist. He is now available for booking for tattoos, verses and shows. For all the information on all of the above, click Book Now .

Fat Louiz from Trouble Brand

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Pushin The Whip

Lookin Killer In A Mini

Flowin In The Breeze 

Meet Fat Louiz, a clothing designer from Brazil. He has a clothing line called “Trouble Brand” and has been working hard on making his company world famous. These are a few pictures of his recent photoshoot for Trouble Brand with model Monique Perez aka Lady Ink. They are working on new and different designs in Brazil, we connected and made the Old English Brand Califas Shirt , designed by Louiz himself. We have been in discussion with Louiz for a new design for the Old English Brand Company and it might be in the works already, you got to wait and see. We wanted to shout out Louiz for making this really dope design that is a fan favorite of those who support Old English Brand. Make sure to check out Trouble Brand’s blog at by CLICKING HERE !


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