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Urban Kings Distributes Sick Jacken’s Stray Bullets

Did you Urban Kings distributed an album for Sick Jacken of The Psycho Realm! It is a really dope solo album by Sick Jacken called “Stray Bullets“. It was a classic hip hop album released by Urban Kings and Sick Jacken and features some heavyweights in the music game, like B Real of Cypress Hill, Immortal Technique, Cynic, Killah Priest of Wu Tang Clan, Planet Asia, Evidence of Dialated Peoples, Murs, 2Mex, Supernatural and more! We went into the vault to bring out a super rare Sick Jacken interview that gave a preview of the Stray Bullets album, with some songs beings described in detail, straight from Jacken. Make sure to watch the video below and support Urban Kings, Sick Jacken and Psycho Realm! Stay Bullets is available now at all Major Music Retailers, including Amazon and FYE, and digitally through iTunes!

Urban Kings Interviews Sick Jacken – Rare Footage

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More Contestants For Ms. Krazie’s Guy Contest

We will keep collecting all the videos to our Urban Kings Tv so everyone can vote and see them all in one place. (without the advertisements like youtube). If you don’t see your video here, don’t worry it will soon be up there.

Thankful for all the bad things

They say to be thankful for all the good things in life but me i’m thankful for all the bad things, down falls, lessons learn, bad days and mean comments I’ve heard about me. I have had them all, I had my days but like a clay in a kids hand it has shaped my mind to better understand that the only thing that matters is what is in my mind. What I thought and how close my outcome was to the delivery I was aiming. Why work if u can’t have fun. Stay humble stay silly take nothing to serious and enjoy life. Have a happy Thanks Giving from me Old English Brand and my UKMG staff.

-Jaime Diaz Jr

Cholas Keeping It real

Jaime caught up to the with the girls from Cholas Try show on Mitu. He asked them how did the show come together and what their secret to their success is. Check it out and find out what they had to say.

California Boys Coming August 7th

Charlie Row Campo is back with a brand new full length album. This album will feature Camponero Members Chino Grande, Jasper Loco, Fiesty 2 Guns , and Baby Jokes. After 2 years of waiting, The Camponeros are back and fully loaded with over 16 brand new songs. If you liked the last Charlie Row Album “The Camponeros“, your gonna love the new “California Boys” CD. Many fans and established artists  have been asking when the new Charlie Row Campo CD was coming out, and its releasing August 7th to call major retail outlets. Yes, Chino Grande is on the album, Yes, Baby Jokes is on the album, and Yes, Fiesty and Jasper are on the album. The real always recognizes the real. And the album is also featuring artists like UKMG’s The Stomper, King Lil G, D Salas, Syphon and more. This album will be available at all major music stores, like All FYE Locations, iTunes and online through The UKMG Catalog. If you heard the album sneak peak already, your already knowin what to expect. And there has been nothing but positive feedback on the album snippets. Click the video below to hear some the sneak peak of the California Boys album if you haven’t heard it already!

** Charlie Row Campo Pre-Sale will be available this FRIDAY at The UKMG Catalog!!!

Charlie Row Campo – California Boys – Sneak Peak

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Stomper – Aztlan Is The Truth

Here is one of my favorite all time music videos. Not just because he is a UKMG Artist, but because the song is dope and the video is dope. The song is by Urban Kings Artist The Stomper and the music video is “Aztlan Is The Truth“. It is taken from Stompers album “Once Upon A Time In America“. The song is dope, and Stomper gets very political on the song, talking about the American roots, from the mayan and aztec cultures, and more. You always have to pay attention to the lyrics with Stompers song because hes always rapping about topics that get overlooked. Below is the album cover for Once Upon A Time In America.

Stomper – Once Upon A Time In America – Album Cover


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