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Urban Kings Facebook Ambush – 5150 Hats!?!?

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We have been getting emails about a new item that we told you about, and sneak peak showed you about, and now they are here and what are we gonna do? I don’t know exactly yet, but I can tell you some news will be dropping very soon about the very exclusive “5150 Snapback Hats”. These hats were originally going to be the free hats given away to fans at the xSetForLifeX Super Show, but watch the video and see why we decided to do something different, and watch the video to see when these hats will be coming available, and where you can get them. Watch the video as UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr takes you through the story of the 5150 Hats!

*Remember, only people who LIKE The Urban Kings Facebook Page can see the video, so make sure to like the page then watch the video!

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Youtube Friday – Weed Vending Machines – Find Out Where

These machines are real and working. This one is from Santa Ana, California and they are fully functional. It is working in a Santa Ana dispensary and has many credentials it  needs for a card holder to get their weed. It needs your weed card from that dispensary, your pin for that card, and your fingerprint for you to get bud without a store clerk. Im thinking this is good and bad…its good because it would make alot more things easier, but its bad because the bud would probably go bad if not bought, unless it is well maintained inside the machine.

Listen To The Propaganda by Self Provoked – FREE

Self Provoked just released his brand new mixtape called “The Propaganda”, just released and one dope album. Everyone been pumped up for this release from one of the biggest buzzin artists from the westcoast. It is what the fans wanted, with only one feature, from a hip hop heavyweight in 2Mex. Then Self Provoked released this mixtape for FREE, just for his fans. The mixtape is 30 minutes long and has 14 tracks on it. Make sure to click the video below and press play. Write your comments on the new mixtape at Urban Kings Facebook Page and let us know what you think!

Self Provoked – The Propaganda – Full Mixtape

Mixtape Tracklisting

0:00 – 1:05 – Watch This Learn That (Intro)
1:05 – 4:03 – Boycott
4:03 – 7:08 – Trophies ft 2MEX
7:08 – 9:15 – Cap Guns
9:15 – 12:42 – Dear Mermaids
12:42 – 15:22 – Head On Straight
15:22 – 17:58 – Define Paranoid
17:58 – 19:54 – Cyrax
19:54 – 22:46 – Mr Officer
22:46 – 25:50 – Shroomsday
25:50 – 28:19 – Idea Of Life
28:19 – 30:42 – A Good Time
30:42 – 33:54 – Like No Other
33:54 – 35:56 – It’s Been Written

Midget Loco Performing Tomorrow!!

Midget Loco is performing THIS FRIDAY in Canoga Park for the Chola Pinup’s event called “California Queenpin” which will be interviewing models to join there modeling crew. Performing with Midget will be Toro, Young Brown, Dolle Girl, St. Mike and Mr Sneeks. Admission is only a Donation to the Torzido Network. This is gonna be a dope event with some real good performers, alot of fine chola models walking around, and an ART SHOW all in one event. Its all going down in Canoga Park, California and people have been talking about this event for a while. Make sure to get there early ,because this event will sell out and the doors open at 8pm. Special Dj for the night is DJ Survive and he will be playing the hottest records right now. Make sure to come down and take some pictures and send them to us and we will post  your pictures along with your Facebook and Twitter! Send in your pictures by CLICKING HERE



Who Wants Concert Tickets?

There are only two chances left to catch the concert in the Portland/Hillsboro area before UKMG Artist Ms Krazie says goodbye to concerts for the rest of the year. She only has two concerts left and they are This Friday, April 25th in the Portland/Hillsboro area in Oregon and May 2nd in Denver, Colorado. She will be joined by MC Magic, who is promoting his new album “Million Dollar Mexican”. Here are what the official Hard Copy tickets for the RE-DO concert look like (Hillsboro Concert). Fans have told me they are coming from California, Washington and Idaho to come to this concert, since its the last of the year in the Northwest. The concert is an all ages show, and will feature a general admission, VIP, and Meet and Greet tickets. The concert will be taking place at the Northwest Event Center!

Click Here To Order Your Tickets Now!


Chino G Last Day to Bid WEDNESDAY!!

This is Chino Grande’s drawing from the pent. We have been auctioning it for some time and the bidding is getting close to the end. Highest bidder we have Pancho Huerta at 400. Send in your bids at If you don’t really know much about Chino Grande watch his exclusive interview that was done one week before he was incarcerated. He is currently still behind bars. And we wait for his release date. You can also see his last moments just before he turned himself in. For all those that want to know why Chino Grande is locked up listen to his song Entrapmentwhich is in his album Slow It Down. His newest song out now is Hood Cry  on the Street Anthem 3.We are trying to get Locked up Raw to do a documentary on Chino Grande (click here to learn how you can help). Free Chino Grande!!

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