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Urban Kings With A Legend

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Urban Kings caught up with a Hip Hop Legend this weekend at his concert. He is behind hits like “Tequila“, “Eastside Rendezvous“, and “Lowrider” and more. He wrote hit records, performed on hit records and toured all over the world. We have worked with ALT The Saint in the past, on the Street Anthems Series. Watch this dope clip as UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr interviews ALT The Saint, asking some questions, his biggest shows, and how it was to perform for crowds all around the world. This is part of  The Urban Kings Facebook Ambush and dont forget you must LIKE us on Facebook to watch the video!

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Youtube Friday – Brawl For All

Youtube Friday Time….I dont usually explain the clips that we post, because id rather have you see the video and usually the video will explain itself, but this one is a good one.

Youtube Friday is about BRAWL FOR ALL , which the WWE/WWF did a few years ago, which was really cool. What they did was they made a tournament for wrestlers to REALLY BOX…..YES BOXING…FOR REAL BOXING…and all contestants  got paid, and the winners won additional bonuses on top of moving to the next round. The winner of the BRAWL FOR ALL was scheduled to fight Boxer “BUTTERBEAN” at a Wrestlemania.


The first clip is of the BRAWL FOR ALL TOURNAMENT FINALE!


Clip 2

Brawl For All Championship

Bart Gunn Vs Butterbean


We are still on that FREE CHINO GRANDE campaign, and even our fans get into the mood. Ese Lokote sent us in this graphic commemorating Chino Grande from Charlie Row Campo to get out soon. With the collage of the three Urban Kings Music Group albums Chino created, and Chino standing tall with his head held high and all the pictures of him in the background looking like a memory image. We still say FREE CHINO G and  will continue to say it until he is home. His last album “” was all made while he was awaiting sentencing, so it was a very personal dope album, knowing he was going to be in jail within a few weeks. This is the video he made during that time, called Story Of My Life/Do Or Die (L.A L.A). Make sure to send a friend request to Ese Lokote on Facebook!

Chino Grande – Story Of My Life/Do Or Die (L.A L.A) Music Video

Book An Urban Kings Artist Today


Attention all concert promoters!!! Urban Kings Music Group Artists are now available for booking for 2014. Would you like to have Ms Krazie perform at your concert? Or what about Spanky Loco and The Stomper to perform at your carshow? We can even get you Midget Loco, and Charlie Row Campo Members Jasper Loco and Fiesty 2 Guns. We can make it all happen! And booking isn’t only for concerts or carshows! You can also book all artists for private events! Do you have an upcoming Quince or a Sweet 16, or even a birthday that is not a 15 or 16? Or would like to have an artist perform at a Graduation party or Wedding?? The only place to book Urban Kings artists is officially through Urban Kings! Its easy to get a price quote, all you have to do is Click Here To Book An Urban Kings Artist and fill out the proper information, and we will respond as soon as possible!

The OC Weekly talks about the Ms Krazie contest Winner

Once again thanks to OC Weekly for showing so much support and love on covering the Ms Krazie contest. Click on the pic below to hear what they got to say.. Make sure to leave your comments on there blog to show support.

Common Replies to Drake – NEW

I been posting there has been some tension between Common and Drake, probably because both have been with the same woman (Serena Williams). First Common made “Sweet”, with a video, with rumors circling fast about the track being aimed at Drake. Then Drake performed at Power 106′s Cali Christmas in Los Angeles and said if that other dude has somethin to say, say it to my face. Common was also there at that same performance and didnt say anything to Drake. Now, on Friday, Rick Ross aka Ricky Rozay release tape called “Rich Forever” and on that tape had a song called “Stay Schemin” Featuring Drake and French Montana. During the Stay Scheming track, Drake sounds like he sent out some subliminal jabs at Common. (WE POSTED THE SONG AND THE VIDEO…SCROLL DOWN!!!!!!) Now Common replied back to the same song on a remix, intentionally releasing it with Rick Ross’s verse, Drake’s verse and Common put his verse last on the track.

A Few Common lines are “My motto is Chicago b**ch, everybody know you’re sweet, what the problem is? / Don’t play dumb, I’m the one that acknowledged it, son of a b**ch I imagine what you father is/She said how you make your oppponent?/The rapper of the moment, the style he don’t own it”

Another is “Can’t say a ni**a name but you rap about a ni**as wife, you sho’ black and white tryna live a ni**a’s life/I’m taking too long with this amateur guy, you aint wet nobody ni**a, you Canada Dry. “


Last one is “Soft ni**a, make no mistake, I’m taking to Drake,”.


Rick Ross, Drake and Common – Stay Scheming REMIX


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