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Urban Kings With A Legend

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Urban Kings caught up with a Hip Hop Legend this weekend at his concert. He is behind hits like “Tequila“, “Eastside Rendezvous“, and “Lowrider” and more. He wrote hit records, performed on hit records and toured all over the world. We have worked with ALT The Saint in the past, on the Street Anthems Series. Watch this dope clip as UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr interviews ALT The Saint, asking some questions, his biggest shows, and how it was to perform for crowds all around the world. This is part of  The Urban Kings Facebook Ambush and dont forget you must LIKE us on Facebook to watch the video!

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Conejo Killer From The West Is Available Now

Today is the official release date for the brand new Conejo album called “Killer From The West“. This is the newest release from The Urban Kings Music Group and has been anticipated by fans since the announcement that UKMG would release a Conejo album in 2013. We have officially released the snippets of this album, giving fans a taste of what the album will sound like. We have also dropped a few leaks from the album, letting fans hear the whole songs for the first time. Today is no exception, and we will be releasing another new song from the album, called “The Night Crawler“, and as usual, Conejo came raw with this one. This is a must have for all Conejo fans, and it features 16 ALL BRAND NEW SONGS, and there are NO FEATURES. It is 100% Conejo. Pre Orders have already been shipped out with FREE Conejo Posters, and we do have a few Posters left, so some orders today might include a FREE POSTER too, but limited amount are left, so no guarantees.

Conejo – The Night Crawler – Taken From Killer From The West

Charlie Row Campo – Camponeros Album

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Do you LIKE the official Urban Kings Facebook Page? We have over 16,000 Likes from our fans, and we appreciate everyone who Likes us on facebook and we are going to be doing some really cool random raffles, giving away some great music by our UKMG artists, like Chino Grande, Ms Krazie, Midget Loco, Stomper, Jasper Loco, Fiesty 2 Guns, or Spanky Loco. Make sure to LIKE us now, because we will be having a contest next week for a CD of your choice. So go to your facebook page, and LIKE US!

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You’re Welcome By True Starr Is Out Now!

UKMG Artist True Starr just released his new album called “You’re Welcome” and it is now available inside The UKMG Merch Store and digitally through iTunes! Their 17 songs on the album, including songs that were made into music videos. Get them all today and support good music! Click the button below!

Hello Loca Tour Clothing Auction

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Did you know UKMG Artist Ms Krazie is doing a very special, limited auction that is open and available to her fans. Ms Krazie is now auctioning off some of the clothing SHE WORE ONSTAGE at some of her past tour dates in 2012. Every piece of clothing is guaranteed to be worn by Ms Krazie herself. The auction will be a silent auction, meaning that you can submit the price  your willing to go, but the current price will not be available to the public. The auction will start at $50.00 for each item, and you will be notified if you have been outbid. The money will be going straight to charity, with the proceeds of the money will be going towards coats and blankets for the citizens of Mexico.

To place your bid, please email the official Auction Email at

If your offer is accepted and you win the item, you must pay through Paypal within 30 minutes of winning, or your item will go back on the bidding block.






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