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Urban Kings With A Legend

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Urban Kings caught up with a Hip Hop Legend this weekend at his concert. He is behind hits like “Tequila“, “Eastside Rendezvous“, and “Lowrider” and more. He wrote hit records, performed on hit records and toured all over the world. We have worked with ALT The Saint in the past, on the Street Anthems Series. Watch this dope clip as UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr interviews ALT The Saint, asking some questions, his biggest shows, and how it was to perform for crowds all around the world. This is part of  The Urban Kings Facebook Ambush and dont forget you must LIKE us on Facebook to watch the video!

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Presale California Boys by Charlie Row Campo NOW!

Today is the day everyone has been waiting for. Its officially the first day you can pre-order the new album “California Boys” by Charlie Row Campo. This pre order is going to give the fans the option of getting to choose which Charlie Row Member you want to sign your poster. You can have your autograph by either Jasper Loco or Fiesty 2 Guns . We may even put a package together to get a double autograph from both Jasper and Fiesty. “California Boys” has been a long awaited album that fans have been waiting for, and it features Campo Members Chino Grande, Fiesty 2 Guns, Jasper Loco and Baby Jokes and Special Guest Features from The Stomper, King Lil G and has musical production by D Salas and Syphon. The album also includes a very exclusive interview with questions asked by UKMG Staff Members. The interview will not be available online and will not be available on the iTunes (or digital) copies. IT WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE ON THE PHYSICAL CD. It will also feature some lyrics which is also only available on the hard copy cd.  This album will be available at All FYE Locations, online at The UKMG Catalog and digitally through iTunes on August 7th.

CLICK HERE – Packages Start at $9.99 with option for single autographs or by both Fiesty and Jasper!


Charlie Row Campo – California Boys – Sneak Peak of The Album

Ms Krazie IG Meme

Check out this brand new Instagram Meme featuring Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie. Its a pretty dope meme and it takes a brand new picture of Ms Krazie, and gives a tip out there for the haters. Make sure to check it out and post it on your Instagram page. Make sure to download it from The Urban Kings Facebook Page!

Nu Jerzey Devil Clubbin on Urban Kings Tv

Nu Jerzey Devil Clubbin on Urban Kings Tv

We caught up with Nu Jerzey Devil a few weeks ago in the club to party to celebrate his last mixtape release. We came to show support for our homie Nu Jerzey Devil. He has been grinding for a while, working with The Game and his Black Wall Street team. He has also became an established producer with Rodney Jerkins. Now, he is a dope artist making some good music with some grimey lyrics and crazy beats. Check out this video of Urban Kings partying with Nu Jerzey Devil. Click here to play video clip.

Nu Jerzey Devils new album “From The Bottom To The Top” is now available on !!!

The Fiesty 2 Guns Story

Being born and raised in the city of El Monte, California, Urban Kings Music Group Artist Fiesty 2 Guns lived in a low income neighborhood. Growing up in a neighborhood full of poverty, is hard to be given the chance of a normal childhood. Fiesty started making music about the time he was 13 years old. He would freestyle and perform at house parties and neighborhood events. While always in the streets with his friends, he received a karaoke machine as a gift, he started rapping over instrumental beats, buying blank tapes, and distributing his music throughout his entire neighborhood and soon the whole city was playing his tapes. Through music and a mutual friend, Fiesty met another aspiring rapper named Midget Loco.
Fiesty and Midget got along well and decided to collaborate on a few songs. They both made an agreement that if either became successful in the music business, they would help out the other. Fiesty continued to make music independently and was creating a name for himself in the music business. Fiesty started getting attention from many independent record labels, but chose to work with a record label that was started by Rocky Padilla, who at that time was signed to Thump Records. Soon, Fiesty was making records for the RPG imprint and many other artists were noticing that Fiesty is a very talented artist. While working with RPG records, Fiesty and Midget had crossed paths again and Midget told Fiesty that a super group was about to form and the name was “Charlie Row Campo“. Midget introduced Fiesty to the Charlie Row Members and became a Charlie Row member himself.
Charlie Row Campo was a new group that was formed and signed a deal with Urban Kings Music Group. From joining the Campo, Fiesty has featured on most of the Charlie Row Campo albums, and in 2011, he released a mixtape “Talking Guns” which his fans been asking for, and they requested it through his record label as well. Talking Guns was a great CD and displayed his lyrical ability, wordplay and rhyme patterns and the fans were anticipating the release of his first solo album even more. In Fall, 2011, Fiesty 2 Guns released his very highly anticipated solo album “Street Scriptures” which was also promoted by the music video “What I Dream Of”. Fiesty 2 Guns then released his sophomore album under his record label, the Urban Kings Music Group, called “Bring It Home“. He is currently working on the upcoming Charlie Row Campo album and his third solo studio album!

*All albums are available now at all major music retailers, including Amazon, FYE and iTunes! Also available online in the UKMG Merch Store!


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