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Visit Old English Brand Today!

Our friends at Old English Brand had their official opening of their flagship shop to the public, and now they are open every day, Monday through Friday, from 12Noon to 6PM. Its always cool to go down there and hang out, get some new fresh tee shirts or snapbacks, beanies, backpacks, tote bags, shoes, sweaters and accesories. Make sure to come down and support the new shop. The address for the flagship shop is 11781 Slauson Ave, Santa Fe Springs, Ca 90670!

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Steel Bangin Music / Hello Loca Tour in Raleigh, NC

 Midget Loco Taking Pictures With Fans

Midget Loco Performing On Stage

Midget Loco Signing a Autograph On A Drawing

Ms Krazie & Midget Loco Taking Pictures With Fans

Ms Krazie & More Fans

Ms Krazie Taking Flicks In The VIP

This is the first show of the year to feature Urban Kings Artists Midget Loco and Ms Krazie on the same concert. The event was taken place at the Capital VIP in Raleigh, North Carolina. The show was off the hook and had dope performances by Midget, Krazie and all the artists that did there thing on stage. The event was a full house and fans were not disappointed with the show. With Ms Krazie performing all her classics and Midget Loco performing all his hits, the people knew all the songs and rapped to them from the crowd. This was an event that will be talked about until Urban Kings come back to Raleigh. If you missed it, then you missed a dope show, autographs, pictures with all the artists, and a good time, because thats what this event was. Also if you went to the show, please feel free to send  your pictures to us by CLICKING HERE .

Steal Your Neighbor’s News Paper TOMORROW!

Baby Jokes is coming out in an interview on The Los Angeles Times tomorrow. It’s gonna be under the “Calendar” side (the section to steal lol). The interview is gonna be based on his role in A Better Life for those who haven’t seen it, its out now in Los Angeles and New York great movie (made me tear up in the end). The day of the opening it got sold out and when I went on Sunday it was also a full house so thank you for all of those who came out and supported the movement.It’s still not too late to determine the odds.  And this isn’t the last of Baby Jokes, his album is now available on youbuycds to buy pre-sales with an autographed poster dropping July 5th world wide.

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First Loco At The Street!

Midget Loco stopped by today and dropped his next release . This will be a street album and will  be exclusivly available at along with all small indie shops and flea markets. Midget Loco “Dedicated To The Og’s” is still schedule to release 2011. The release he dropped today is titled “First Loco at the street” and with all new songs Midget Loco really brought some new hitting songs.

Charlie Row Campo Available Now IN STORES

Today is the day you have been waiting for.  Charlie Row Campo’s new CD “California Boys” is now available everywhere music is sold. We have been World Premiering brand new songs from this album and have given fans tastes of what the album sounds like, and now you can pick the album up and listen to it in its entirety. This CD came out dope because it is what Charlie Row is, how they keep it real to themselves, the streets and to the fans. All true CRC fans will understand the words that each Camponero speaks and relate to it, because every word said is 100%. With Features from The Stomper, King Lil G, Syphon, D Salas and More!!! California Boys is available now at All FYE Locations, it will be available digitally on iTunes and available online at UKMG Merch Store.

Here Are Some Extra Charlie Row Campo Songs For You To Enjoy from The California Boys CD


Charlie Row Campo – Never – California Boys

Stop This Smoke For You

Music Thursday- Grime to Shine

This song comes frome the Album Urban Kings Street Anthems Vol 2

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