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What Was On Your List?

Happy Holidays and Happy Christmas Eve from the Urban Kings Music Group family. With the holidays, its always meant to be appreciative of your family, friends and loved ones. And I do appreciate everyone who has supported Urban Kings. From the best artists ever, (mentioned in no order), Jasper Loco, Chino Grande, Stomper, Spanky Loco, Ms Krazie, Midget Loco and Fiesty 2 Guns, to our fans who have supported our music since day one. That got me to thinking, if you can name some UKMG Cds that you would have on your wish list, what would they be? I want everyone to answer that question on The Official Urban Kings Facebook Page. Let us know what music would make your wish list!

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Ms Krazie – Love You Till Death – Album Version

UKMG Artist Ms Krazie’s brand new music video for Love You Till Death – Album Version will be releasing THIS MONDAY, December 24th, Christmas Eve! This will be the brand new version, and it will be featuring Kozme and Problemaz. It is also directed by our number 1 go to guy for any video production, Jeff “Echo” Reyes! We thought this would be a awesome early Christmas present for our fans, from UKMG and Ms Krazie! This year has been amazing for us all, and we would like to thank you all for supporting us, going to our concerts and repping us!

So stay tuned to our site, because we don’t have a time we are releasing it. It might be Midnight, it might be 6am, it might be noon or later, so keep checking back and it might be up when you least expect it, or might be up sooner than you thought.

Love You Till Death is taken from Ms Krazie’s brand new album “Forgive Not Forget” which is available in all major music retail stores, including Best Buy, FYE, Hastings and more! It is also Available On iTunes!

Are You A Bigger Charlie Row Campo Fan?

We were just sent in this picture of Uno Snoopy Tres showing off his poster of Charlie Row Campo’s Southern Gang Violence , and its autographed!!! It was autographed by UKMG Artist and Charlie Row Camponero Fiesty 2 Guns! Southern Gang Violence was one of Charlie Row Campo’s most successful albums. With songs from the album like Bloody War, Westcoast, Pressin On and Brought Down, this was an instant classic. It is a must have for any Charlie Row Campo fan and will complete a Charlie Row Campo collection if you dont have it already. Listen Below to one of my favorite songs from Southern Gang Violence.

Charlie Row Campo – Bloody War  - Taken From Southern Gang Violence

Ms. Krazie Had Her Baby

Ms. Krazie had her baby about a week ago now. And she would like to thank everyone who sent her congrats on her myspace status. As you can see its a whopping 435 comments on her status! She says if she could she’d thank each and every one of you individually.

If you haven’t congratulated her, go to her myspace (click here) and do so.

Happy Birthday Chino Grande!

Urban Kings and all our staff would like to send a huge happy birthday to UKMG Artist Chino Grande of Charlie Row Campo. Technically yesterday was his official birthday, but we always like to follow up the day after with the happy birthday shout outs! Chino has been busy lately, this year he wrapped up a whole brand new project, releasing “Trust Your Struggle“, and he is already back at it working on a brand new mixtape to hit the streets very soon too! Happy Birthday Chino!

Pictures of All I Know Music Video

New Music Video Releasing Monday – January 28th

Staring Blaze Daily

Also Staring Gee

Co – Staring Lopez

Also Co – Staring Yung Cavi

Spittin Bars

Table Of Kings

Rollin Up

We just got these exclusive pictures from the new Blaze Daily and Gee featuring Lopez and Yung Cavi. The music video is called “All I Know” and its Premiering exactly in ONE WEEK, MONDAY, JANUARY 28st! We have these exclusive pictures Blaze sent us of the music video, and it looks dope. The looks of the pictures, the video is gonna come out clean and clear. Urban Kings TV also premiered the last two Blaze Daily and G Double music videos, called “Still Rollin” and “Crazy“. If you haven’t seen the videos yet, make sure to check em out right right now. I posted the Crazy Music Video below, so make sure to click on the picture and watch it and write your comment below the video!

Blaze Daily & G Double – Crazy Music Video


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