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Where Are The Name Brand Girls?

Our boys Tino Cochino and Baby Bash just released a new music video for the song “Name Brand Girl”. The video was filmed in Houston Texas by Dang Films. This is a real uptempo fun party song by Tino and Bash has the swag that fits perfectly with the song. Its a track that will have you nodding your head to the beat and the words.


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Brown Pride Soldiers

Urban Kings Music Showcase is back with another favorite album. This album is called “Brown Pride Soldiers” and features your favorite UKMG Artists, like Chino Grande, Ms Krazie, Stomper, Midget Loco and Baby Jokes. It also features Conejo, Bugsy, Sen Dogg, Slush Tha Villain, Joker of LSD, Cuete Yeska and more. Its a really dope album and has some dope songs like “A New Connection”, “76 Bars”, “Up To No Good” and “Its Kinda Sad”. Its a really dope album and has 18 jammin tracks on it. It is available now in all major music retailers, including Amazon and FYE, and digitally on iTunes. Make sure to check out my favorite song  below called “Its Kinda Sad” by Chino Grande!

Chino Grande – Its Kinda Sad – Taken From Brown Pride Soldiers

Fiesty 2 Guns Interview With Henry G

Fiesty 2 Guns recently did an interview with Henry G for the special Charlie Row Weekend (Which featured Charlie Row Artists Jasper Loco and Baby Jokes) for his show “On A Sunday Afternoon With Henry G” on radio station HOT 103 in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Henry did a in depth interview with Fiesty, talking about stereotypes not just in the regular world, but in music, his type of style when recording music, and whats the environment like when all Charlie Row Campo members are in the studio.


A Girl Named Ruby

Today we were talking to I-Suppose about his new music video he just released. It is called “A Girl Named Ruby”. He was telling us about the video when he came down to the Urban Kings Office, and now it is finally out to the world. The message is powerful, its about a girl who has a struggles within herself, and comes to show that everyone has a struggle inside themselves, but to stay strong and be positive. I-Suppose always comes with music that is a positive message along with dope lyrical tracks along with crazy wordplay patterns. Make sure to check out this video and support I-Suppose and good music. He has some new music coming out, and he’s gearing up for his tour, so make sure to stay updated to him because he will be everywhere this year.


Ive heard of people stealing tires and leavin em on bricks…but ive never heard of a shopping cart robbery. And to make it funnier is that the person left the cart on bricks like someone else would pick it up and put some new tires on it lol. I seen this in the beautiful city of La Mirada, California. Remember, do not try that at home. The recession is hurting many people in different ways.


Las Sufridas Club Hosted By Ms Krazie

There is a brand new club in town, called the Las Sufridas Club and started by UKMG Artist Ms Krazie. It is an online club where anyone can join. Its a club for the heartbroken. Its not only for women, it can be for men too, but the club is aimed for women who have been hurt by men. Ms Krazie has THREE main rules to the club, and follow those rules and you can be a member. Its not only online, but starting to hit the road, as Ms Krazie and special guests Vampiro and Baby Boi Slim will be meeting with fans face to face to talk about love, heartache, heartbreak, and the end of the night, you can actually party with Ms Krazie! The first two tour dates of the “Meet & Drink” Love and Advice Session will be February 7th in Los Angeles, California and February 8th in San Diego, California. For more information go to Ms Krazie Official Facebook Page.



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