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Who Do You Got – Obama or Romney?

The presidential election is now here in the United States. There are two men that are the top options here in the U.S. One is current President Barak Obama, the other is Mitt Romney. Both have made their case to the American people, and now its time for everyone to choose who will do a better job. Obama has been in the White  House for four years, beginning with a Stimulus Plan that has helped hundreds of thousands of Americans while our country was in a recession. Mitt Romney has been very criticized about his plan for presidency. Being secretive of what his plans and strategies are, saying parents should have enough money to send their children through college so he can take away grants and government scholarships to the underprivileged citizens, and he plans to take away government funding from PBS, which many 70s, 80s and 90s babys grew up watching shows like Sesame Street. While Obama has been working hard on his plans for four years, there has been a huge hole Obama had to fill since President Bush screwed up the country, led us to war, and so on. Obama has laid his four year plan on the table, and Romney still has not decided when he will release his.

Who are you voting for/or did vote for. Remember, your votes will count to choose our next US President.

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President Barak Obama or Republican Mitt Romney?

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