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Winter Nights With JD #10

JD#10 Growing up Marvin Gay, Smokey Robinson, Marry Wells & a few more was all i listen too. So when I found out that there was a Chicano artist making music I was blown, I was excited and brought a smile to my face. Not only because he was Chicano, but because he wasn’t part of the main stream circuit were everyone knew about him. This just made me realize that in those days it was hard to make it as a Chicano artist, as well as it is till this day. To top it off & make things even better he sang songs in Spanish and did not try to be that main stream artist that everyone else was. So I figured, when you make authentic music for authentic reasons your work then becomes classic. The more and more I looked into him, the more his songs amazed me & blew my mind. So I pass this on to you guys, & hope you can learn a bit from his music. This song is available on our online store Click here to view it.  If you want to check out some more songs that i have posted click here “Winter Nights with JD

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Jasper Loco – Eastside Ridin Music Video

Urban Kings has a really cool idea and has featured some of our UKMG Artists in short music videos we call “UKMG 16/8″. The idea of the 16/8 is simple, we record music videos in a format of a 16 bar verse and a 8 bar hook. Not only that, but we have no rules for the songs we want for a video. We could pick anything we want, but we always think of when fans ask about songs and why their is no music video for it. We take it into consideration and we come up with our decision. We can pick a classic track, a brand new one, one that was a fan favorite, or even a unreleased track. This episode we featured UKMG Artist Jasper Loco and his song Eastside Riding from his collaboration album with Baby Jokes called “Eastside Classics“, available now on all Major Music Retailers, like Amazon and FYE, and digitally on iTunes! Below is his album cover and links to order!

Jasper Loco & Baby Jokes – Eastside Classics – Official Album Cover

Free Soul Assassins Mix tape and Dj Muggs Stickers

Sick Jacken just came buy and dropped off Soul Assassins newest mix tape and Dj Muggs Stickers. Starting now when you buy from our exclusive website The psycho shop hand picked orders will receive 1 free sticker or 1 free cd. Who knows we might even throw both of them in there. Remember we have the right to choose who will receive the goods but it dont hurt if you add a comment when placing your order saying “Please send me the Soul Assassins goodies”. Don’t forget you are only eligible to get the free goodies if you purchase from The Psycho Shop. FYI very limited amount available.

Charlie Row Campo Performing In Vegas This Weekend

Urban Kings Music Group Artists Jasper Loco and Lil Minor of Charlie Row Campo will be performing this weekend in Las Vegas for a huge concert also staring MC Magic! It will all be going down on Friday, June 13th! This concert is looking to be a great show and will be hosted by DJ Knock of Hot 97.5Fm. Also performing will be Mz Lovely, Smokey Loco, Lokes and Troublesome. Special guest artists are David Ortiz, Johnny Boy, Pretty Boyz, Sike Dog and The Bossalinoz along with Alex El Kallejero, Yoni 3C, Cowboy The Outlaw, High Class, Hermanos Criminales, Demonio 818. This concert is 21 and over with ID with a fully stocked bar! All going down at Club 2100! Make sure to come down and support Urban Kings and Charlie Row Campo this weekend!

All Taking Place


Club 2100

2100 East Fremont Street

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

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Are you following one of the most popping Instagrams out right now? Did you know Urban Kings has an Instagram and it has some really dope cool pictures on it! You can see all UKMG Artists at all and any times, like Stomper, Fiesty 2 Guns, Midget Loco, Ms Krazie, Jasper Loco or Spanky Loco. You can also see what we do on the daily, like go to music video shoots, photo shoots, go to concerts and clubs and post some new information on what is coming up from Urban Kings. We also post cool little clips on their too! So make sure to check us out and follow us on Instagram by clicking the picture above or you can Click Here To Follow Us.


Conejo – The Killer From The West

Have you heard the big news? UKMG will be releasing the brand new album by Conejo called “Killer From The West”! This is the official album cover for the cd, and this is what you will see in stores once the album is released. The album will feature all new music from Conejo, and will have some surprises on the album that we cant announce just yet, but it will be big. This is all new music from Conejo, and it will be releasing October 15th, through all major music outlets such as FYE, digitally downloadable through iTunes and through the UKMG Merch Store! Stay posted to our  blog for more information about this release, such as the snippets for the album, the first single, and more!

*Pre Order will be coming soon through The UKMG Merch Store! As well as Snippets, World Premiers, and more!


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