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Words Of Wisdom by UKMG CEO

If you really sit there and pay close attention to yourself you can learn a lot. You give out energy. what type of energy are you giving out? What are u representing without even knowing? Your a blank canvas to the world and you paint your own prosoma and display it to the world to view, to judge, to feed of it. People look at all this before anything and even after everything. Before your knowledge of studies, before any word spoken or even any chance for you to win them over your canvas is displayed from a distance. What is your canvas displaying today? What are you doing today to beat yesterday? We are that xSetForLifex crew, where if you pay close attention to the background of our bigger picture we display the highest potential without even knowing. On that HocusPocus chit

- UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr

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Slush Is Gettin Out Tomorrow


Attention – This is the LAST DAY to buy SLUSH THA VILLAIN’S “OUT ON BAIL” AS PRESALE!!!
Slush Tha Villain’s new album will be releasing TOMORROW – May 15th,2012. “Out On Bail” is the album fans have been waiting for. With the partnership for “Out On Bail” between Slush, Urban Kings and producers Kast N Fame, this album came out better than anyone can imagine. With features from Urban Kings artists Chino Grande, Stomper, Midget Loco, Ms Krazie, Jasper Loco and special feature from Kozme, this album will be a classic once everyone has heard it. Here is 2 new leaks from Slush Tha Villains brand new album, Out On Bail.

Pre-order the album by CLICKING HERE .

All I Know – Taken From Slush Tha Villain’s “Out On Bail”


Fuck Rap – Taken From Slush Tha Villain’s “Out On Bail”

Street Anthems 4 Releases June 18th

You have been asking for it, wanting it, and now its finally here, UKMG is proud to announce the releasing of the Brand New Street Anthems 4 album! This will be releasing June 18th and will feature all your favorite UKMG Artists, like Chino Grande,Ms Krazie, Midget Loco, The Stomper, Spanky Loco, Fiesty 2 Guns and Jasper Loco. It will also have all brand new music, with UKMG collaborations with each other, as well as special guest features. Here is the exclusive first look at the cd cover, brought to you by The Urban Kings Music Group!

OE x Ms Krazie

Old English Brand and Ms Krazie Collaboration Collection is here and is ready to own. We did a photoshoot with Breenay to feature our collection, and showcase one of the most popular items from our collaboration. It is the La Vida Enferma Tee and its available for women. It is available now in sizes Small through Xtra Large and it is available at Make sure to browse through our collection today and see what your favorite item is!

Urban Kings 16/8 – Lil Minor

The Urban Kings 16/8 Webisode Series is back with another classic video, and this time it features Charlie Row Camponero Lil Minor. Its from a song that was taken from the album “Eastside Classics” by UKMG Artists Jasper Loco and Baby Jokes. The song is called “Loco To The Brain” and its one of my favorite songs, and a fan favorite. This is the 16/8 Webisode Vol 4, and the past three webisodes have been huge successes. The last 16/8′s featured UKMG Artists Stomper, Jasper Loco and Spanky Loco. This webisode series was made with a 16 bar verse, and a 8 bar hook. The official release date for the video is May 19th, thats THIS MONDAY! Make sure to stay posted for more info on the 16/8 Staring Lil Minor of Charlie Row Campo!

Your New Role Model

Here at Urban Kings Music Group, we work hard every day, all day. okay okay sorry for the corporate talk lol but thats pretty much what we are going for. I been working on this top secret new Urban Kings site for the last 2 month to display all what we have and will do. From music, to clothing, to websites, to radio, i want to incorporate all the info with out being boring. I also notice tumblr has been a fast growing platform being used by all our fans. So i figured ill incorprated a tumblr to our photo sectoin (click here to visit our tumblr and start following us). Now you can reblog us and we can reblog you guys anytime. I also added a lyric sectoin which even i go there to read some of our artist lyrics. Of course i couldn’t forget a media section highlighting any and all media we have been involved with. Our video section is also one of are dopiest section giving the ability to see what you hear not just from our label but from all our friends, indie rappers and indie films makers who are working with our movement. Over all im very proud of this site and the many new features and options you will get to browse through, read about, and see first hand on what we have updated. It is a fun new interactive way to read about your favorite artist, write your personalized album review, read lyrics from your favorite songs or read what we have been doing in mainstream media! Welcome to the NEW! Like always please leave us your suggestions and feed back


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