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World Premier Of There For You – Music Video

Here is the Official World Premier of the first single by The HighLife called “There For You” featuring Oso Vicious. We have always supported talented artists, both locally and internationally, and The HighLife has that dope style rap. They just released their latest CD “The Connection” on iTunes and it will be releasing soon in CD very soon. We have always shown love to The HighLife because they are talented and they having been grinding, releasing many videos since they put out their first CD. Make sure to support them by downloading the CD on iTunes below, and support good artists!

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Jasper Loco Is In The House

Guess who just dropped into the Urban Kings office today? It was UKMG Artist Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo and he just came by to say Happy New Year and talk about some upcoming plans we have for 2014. We have some dope plans for Jasper this year, and he is releasing a brand new Jasper Loco Free Mixtape Download. Jasper has been heavily promoting his most recent album “All About The Money” and his upcoming mixtape. We got some big huge plans for 2014, and they will be announced very soon. I decided to take a few pictures of Jasper while we were hanging out, so all my blog readers can see what he is up to. Remember this is the exclusive site where you can see the coolest stuff!

Jasper Loco

Light It Up

Its All About The Money

Chino Grande Fan Drawing

We got a drawing in from Linda Borja, who drew this awesome picture of UKMG Artist Chino Grande. This is a picture that was taken by James Mooney Photography and came out really dope, crisp and clean. Everyone was liking this picture, especially some really talented artists like Linda, who sketched Chino from body type to all the tattoos. Linda told us that the drawing is not completely finished, but we would like to keep everyone updated on her progress. I think what she did an awesome job so far and cant wait to see the finished product! Remember, if you have any drawings of UKMG Artists, or pictures with them, make sure to send them to us so we can post it on our blog and we can make you famous! All you have to do is CLICK HERE!

Summer nights with JD!

Hey what’s up this is Jaime with Urban Kings and i want to introduce you guys to a new series of postings. I’ll be calling it Summer nights with JD, which is me, and ill be posting some oldie jams that i personally like. I’ll be posting at least 1 song a week or even 4. They won’t all be oldies but for sure they will be from the past. I just want to share my extensive knowledge of music to you guys, the FANS. On some songs i will be posting the link to our online store so you can purchase, others will be just be songs for you guys to enjoy. Over all these are the songs that i listen to while I’m either preparing for the next release or for the next big meeting. It allows me to think back to the good Ol’ Days that i can only imagine since i wasn’t there to experience them. I will start my first post with I’m Just An Average Guy by The Masqueraders which is a song that i was blown away when i first heard it.

Song is taken from this album which has alot more classic rare hits. You can view it by clicking here

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Out The Box Staring Matthew Perez

We are counting down the days of the brand new episodes of Out The Box, Premiering This Thursday, August 7th! Presented by Urban Kings along with LA Raw. We are only a few days away and trust me, these episodes are going to take the Out The Box series up a notch. We have the two episodes premiering the same day! First, we will have Spoken Words by Matthew Perez and he pours his heart and soul into you. He talks about his life experiences, growing up in the hood and the struggles that he has dealt with. He paints a picture into your mind through storytelling, as he describes it so vividly, its like your alongside him, through his journey. Powerful, Matthews story will capture the meaning of his concept, and bring everyone along for the ride.

*Remember, Out The Box will be Premiering Thursday, August 7th, here at Urban Kings!


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