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Youtube Friday – Star Wars Liked Tupac

Youtube Friday is back at it with another classic clip. Everyone has been talking about Hologram Tupac performing at Coachella this past weekend. Hologram Tupac performed with Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg. Pac performed Hail Mary and 2 Of Americas Most Wanted. This is a video someone made making fun of Star Wars by putting R2D2 showing a  hologram video with 2Pac.

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A Tribute To Mia – Benefit Art Show

Next week, Saturday, July 13th, will be a special tribute to a very cute baby named Mia. Their will be a special auction in honor of Baby Mia and will help raise proceeds towards Mia’s final resting place. Many artists, from photographers to designers to sketchers and painters, will be contributing items towards this awesome cause. This event is open to the public and will be taking place on Saturday, July 13th at Smoking Mirrors Gallery, From 6pm to 10pm. Make sure to come out and support because it will really go to something important. Our Friends Kast N Fame will also contribute to the cause, donating a really cool portrait picture of UKMG Artist Chino Grande. If you are feeling the photo below, make sure to come down and bid on it, because if you win, you will be able to take it home that night! Its a 1/1 limited edition photo! Below is what the portrait looks like, and the Smoking Mirrors Gallery address. Hope to see everyone there!

Taking Place


Smoking Mirrors Gallery

565 West 2nd Street

Pomona, California 91766


Youtube Friday – Between Two Ferns Interview

Youtube Friday is back again, and this time we have an interview by Zach Galifianakis, who is the actor in The Hangover, Due Date and Dinner for Schmucks. He is a funny comedian who steals the show in all the movies, with crazy twisted, weird humor (He plays Alan in The Hangover movies). He has his own interview show called “Between Two Ferns”, where he interviews other actors and comedians. Check out this interview of Steve Carell, who is also a very funny comedian. See how Zach uses his interview skills.





Banging In My House Shoes-Midget Loco

Midget Loco’s album is dropping this Tuesday August 2nd so get your order in at youbuycds. We’ll be shipping the pre-orders 4 days before the album comes out in stores. Get to choose from the basic package -album by its self, the premium package - album with an autographed poster that can be dedicated, or our VIP package, consisting of 8 posters, one dedication plus you will be able to get the album at the hooked up price (for only 2 bucks more then the premium package).

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Richard Cabral In American Crime

Richard Cabral has officially wrapped his episode for the pilot (the first episode of a tv series) for the upcoming tv show “American Crime”. It is a new tv show that will be about a racially charged murder of a war veteran and the trial, which will be shown through the personal lives of the people involved. It will be about an ex-wife and mother of the victim (woman played by Felicity Huffman). The story will be more detailed once the premier date has been announced, but the episode has already been filmed. American Crime is written and produced by John Ridley, who won a Oscar this year for “12 Years A Slave”. He also wrote and produced movies like U-Turn, Three Kings, Red Tails and Undercover Brother. Urban Kings has worked with Richard for years, releasing Richards music albums “Life On The Streets“, “Eastside Classics“, “California Boys” and more. Richard recorded music under the name “Baby Jokes” and has some really good music. Make sure to watch his music video below of his song called “She Used To Be My Sidekick” which was taken from his first solo album, called “Life On The Streets”.

Baby Jokes featuring Jasper Loco – She Used To Be My Sidekick – Music Video

Jasper Loco – Hustle Music CD – Only $7.99

Urban Kings released a dope album by Jasper Loco called “Hustle Music” is now available to order and own for just $7.99! The CDs wont last long because everyone is pumped up about the CD and the orders have been crazy! Its a dope CD and features Charlie Row Campo and Chino Grande, Fiesty 2 Guns, Lil Minor, Baby Jokes and also features Oso Vicious, Seven, and more. It has some really dope tracks on it like “My Lifes Like A Movie”, “Pimps Players Hustlers”, “Bitch Dont Fail Me Now”, and “You Never Really Rolled With A G”. Its  going to be another classic by Jasper Loco. He is also working with the Camponeros on a brand new Charlie Row album. Here is one of my favorite songs from the new CD, called My Lifes Like a Movie and features Chino Grande! Make sure to check it out below!

Click Here To Order – Jasper Loco – Hustle Music CD!

Jasper Loco Featuring Chino Grande – My Lifes Like A Movie – Taken From Hustle Music


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