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Youtube Friday – Aint Nobody Got Time For That

We found a very funny clip for you for this weeks Youtube Friday. We got a news story about a fire in an apartment in Oklahoma City. The media interviewed a female resident in the apartment, named Sweet Brown. Sweet Brown gave her description of what happened that night, in very vivid detail. Then some producers heard her song, and made a song from her interview. Make sure to check out the song by clicking the picture above and watch the Sweet Brown “Aint No Body Got Time For That” Remix!

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These are the Official Facebook pages for all the Urban Kings artists as well as the Official Urban Kings Facebook. These are 100% Real Authentic pages of Jasper Loco, Midget Loco, Chino Grande, Ms Krazie, Stomper, Fiesty 2 Guns, Spanky Loco and Urban Kings. We know there are alot of imitators out there

Ms Krazie in Chicano Magazine

Ms Krazie will be featured in the next issue of the very popular Chicano Magazine.  Chicano Magazine contacted the Urban Kings Music Group about interviewing Ms Krazie in an upcoming issue. Being in Chicano Magazine is definitely an honor, as the magazine represents the Chicano people in a very positive light. With topics ranging from politics, sports, beauty, movies, music and fashion, Chicano Magazine shows the beauty and essence of the Chicano culture. Along with Ms Krazie’s interview, the magazine is also looking for people to write about what they think of Ms Krazie, and bits and pieces of whats written by fans might even make a quote on the Ms Krazie page inside the magazine!

Make sure write your thoughts about Ms Krazie, and what her songs meant to you, By CLICKING HERE.

Baby Jokes Makes Head Lines

Baby Jokes is on the Los Angeles Times for his full on interview on today’s news paper(scratch that TOMORROWS news paper lol ). We bought number of copies of the Los Angeles Times but Baby Jokes told us that it wasn’t gonna be there.So false alarm people (for those who took the neighbor’s paper put it back lol) but the interview is available online so not all is lost.The writer in the interview gets to know him from where he grew up to know he got where he is today. From Homeboy Industries to fighting an attempted murder charges and all in that in between.Big Ups on Nicole Sperling who did the interview.(still don’t like your co-worker Betsy Sharkey see why here) I know a lot of times we get questions on our website asking about Baby Jokes and ladies your questions are answered in this interview. You may be reading the beginning of his success to A Better Life.Read it for yourself.

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Straight From The Vault

I Found a rare track that features Midget Loco and Chino Grande along with Slow Pain, Ese Daz, Cuete Yeska and more. It was for KOG’s album (who is a rapper from Japan). The song is called LA to Japan and has a dope beat and a killer verse by both Chino Grande and Midget Loco. Check out this exclusive track.


Sinful AKA El Pecador Video

Sinful has been in the hip hop world for quite some time now. This jam is called “Yo Soy Hip-Hop” directed by…. Click on image below for more info…


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