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Youtube Friday – Aint Nobody Got Time For That

We found a very funny clip for you for this weeks Youtube Friday. We got a news story about a fire in an apartment in Oklahoma City. The media interviewed a female resident in the apartment, named Sweet Brown. Sweet Brown gave her description of what happened that night, in very vivid detail. Then some producers heard her song, and made a song from her interview. Make sure to check out the song by clicking the picture above and watch the Sweet Brown “Aint No Body Got Time For That” Remix!

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Spanky Loco’s European Tour

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Have you ever wondered what it is like to travel to Europe, Japan or Asia? Imagine going there to work, to see all the sights, meet all the people, enjoy different countries cultures and doing what you love to do. UKMG Artist Spanky Loco gets Facebook Ambushed by UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr, who asks him what the reception was like when Spanky was in Italy, Spain, Germany and more. Spanky has been grind heavy this whole last year, doing international tours, that includes music and tattoos, and he made his very first sketchbook. Spanky Loco collaborated on the sketchbook with legendary artist Mr Flaks. The sketchbook is called “Grind Now, Shine Now” and is now available at the UKMG Merch Store. Spanky was also promoting his brand new album “The Best Of Spanky Loco – Greatest Hits“. Spankys new album is album is also available at the UKMG Merch Store!

Make sure to watch the video and hear from Spanky himself how his tour was and what they think of hip hop artists in Europe. Remember that you You Must LIKE the Urban Kings Facebook Page To Watch The Video.


Ms Krazie Concert Pictures from Santa Maria, Ca

Welcome To The Hello Loca 2012 Concert

The Tickets To Happyness

Ms Krazie Concert V.I.P Badge

Ms Krazie Signing Autographs In The VIP Area

Ms Krazie With The Chicana Movement

Ms Krazie On Stage

Ms Krazie performed at her first ever California city from her Hello Loca 2012 Tour. Santa Maria was the city that was hosting the event, and Papa Jay was the promoter who put the show together. When we first arrived to the concert, we seen a HUGE Santa Maria Fairpark sign that had the billing of Ms Krazie on her tour. That was pretty awesome seeing our artist achieve success like that! Then we met a fan who took a picture of what the general admission tickets looked like. These were pretty cool tickets! The concert had a few hundred people at the show, which also had artists like The Suave Band Live, Mic Bless, Second Chance, and Sara S. All the other artists were very dope and played some really good music. Then we got up to the VIP Area and we seen a huge line of fans waiting to meet Ms Krazie, and Ms Krazie was also waiting to meet them! We found a few Urban Kings Street Anthems 3 Posters from the Urban Kings Office (The only CD that has Ms Krazie’s “Letter To My Felon”), and we brought them as a suprise for some VIP guests. Then Ms Krazie went downstairs to check out some of the other performers, and to watch the show. We then met up with the girls from TCM, aka The Chicana Movement, and took a few pictures and said hi. From then on it was meeting a few more fans, and Ms Krazie was preparing to hit the stage! To let you know, Ms Krazie never does an exact same show, she mixes up her songs for different cities, and she performed many of her classics from her albums. Remember, Ms Krazie will be performing This Friday and Saturday, May 18th and 19th in Farmington and Gallup, New Mexico.


The Jasper Loco Story

Raised in the City of Montebello, Calfornia, Jasper Loco makes the connection of his emotions and storytelling and transcends them into the listeners mind. With a unique raspy voice and smooth westcoast style, Jasper Loco has captivated fans as a member of Charlie Row Campo.
Growing up in a neighborhood of struggle and poverty, that is all someone can know while being raised in that environment. Jasper Loco adapted to this brash lifestyle and began earning money any and every way he knew how. Sometimes, to survive must take swift action, even though it may not necessarily be the correct one. Though maintaining a reputation as a respected and loyal individual, Jasper speaks about his life struggles and experiences through song lyrics. One of the first few Charlie Row Campo members, Jasper created his own style and word pattern that compliments the group perfectly. In 2011, Jasper Loco released his highly anticipated solo album “Eastside Assassin” which was very sought out from fans. With the excitement of the Eastside Assassin album, once it was released, Jasper went right back into the studio to work on his follow up album, called “All About The Money”, which featured Kokane, Big Hutch, King Lil G and Charlie Row. He followed up that album with “Hustle Music”, and currently working on the upcoming Charlie Row Campo album and his next solo album. For booking Jasper Loco for any performances, email us at

Our Surprise Gift For Ms Krazie

Urban Kings and Old English Brand Clothing has just got together to create a custom made chain for UKMG Artist Ms Krazie. We have worked for years with our friends at Old English Brand, and work together on many ideas and projects. We both decided to get together to give a cool present for Ms Krazie, something that she would really like. So we put together this plan to make this custom chain come to life. We talked to our good friend Yayo from Frosted Treats (Check him on instagram at @YayoImInHere). Here we have a picture of Ms Krazie along with Low Profile Records, while she is wearing her new chain. Shout out to Ms Krazie, Yayo from Frosted Treats and Old English Brand for not only being friends, but family as well.

In the Sinful City

Look at what I found in the Urban Kings photo Album… This was when Charlie Row Campo went to Las Vegas for an event. Jasper wasting no time on spitting games at the ladies. (somethings never change lol) Like the Old English Homicide shirt he is wearing it will always be a classic in the Old English Album. Past memories never get old to reminisce especially a picture were what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

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