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Youtube Friday – Cheech And Chong New Movie

We found an awesome Youtube Friday that pumped us up today,  its for a brand new Cheech and Chong movie, this time, its their first Cartoon Movie. Everyone loves Cheech and Chong, young and old, and with 420 coming up, this is the perfect movie to watch this weekend. This commercial had us laughing and we will definitely be buying this movie and watching it on 420, right before the event we go to with Bone Thugs!


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Midget Loco – Fiesty 2 Guns – Jasper Loco All In Studio

Doll E Girl – Midget Loco – Daphne – D Salas – Jasper Loco – Fiesty 2 Guns

The All Star Studio Session

Midget Loco In The  Booth

Midget Loco and Glow

Urban Kings has these exclusive pictures of UKMG Artists Midget Loco, Fiesty 2 Guns and Jasper Loco in the studio with Producer D Salas. Also Doll E Girl and Daphne showed up to the session as well. Everyones putting the finishing touches on their albums, making everything sound as best, as clear, as hot as possible. Midget, Fiesty and Jasper all have solo albums releasing this year through UKMG, and when they get together, the studio becomes even more creative, with three dope artists contributing to some really good music. We will be dropping snippets of each artists album, once the album gets a release date, so stay posted!

Coming Soon Exclusive Interview

Spanky Loco’s exclusive interview coming soon on Urban Kings Tv. Spanky Loco is asked about the up coming Urban Kings Street Anthem 3. Yea that’s right its that time that Urban Kings does it again. He talks about the songs that are released on this album as well as Chopin it up for the fans. Urban Kings is going to be interviewing the rappers that are going to be on the album. Lets see if your favorite artist makes the cut and see what they have to say. So keep post on Spanky Loco’s interview that is coming out soon. The secret is out Urban Kings Street Anthem 3 is coming out !!!

Chino Grande Is Working On A New Album

Chino Grande is working very hard on his new album. With his pending case he has the next few months are a bit uncertain for him. He want to get this album done and ready so if his case doesnt go the way he wants it to come out he will have music for all his fans to enjoy in the meantime he is away. He is currently working with Dave Salas on some great music so keep watching and stay tuned.

Rosas Venenosas – The High Life

There is a new music video by The High Life, from there brand new album “The Connection“. The song is called “Rosas Venenosas” and was filmed entirely on the streets of Tijuana, Mexico. If you dont know, The High Life consists of Blaze Daily, G Double and Ro Q. Its their first ever all spanish song, so make sure to check them out. Their new album is available now on iTunes. Make sure to check out their video and support good artists. Click the button below to order the album!

Mz Lovely and Smokey Loco – Here To Stay Tour

Mz Lovely and Smokey Loco’s album has been making big noise around the industry. From features like UKMG Artist Midget Loco, and Baby Jokes, Lil Yogi, Juan Gambino, Zig Zag from NB Ridaz, and Big Lokote. Both Mz Lovely and Smokey Loco had also just inked a deal with a new record label. They also will be starting their first tour, called the “Here To Stay” Tour, and will be featuring Lil Cuete on their first stop, which will be in Countryside, Illinois. This will be the first stop on their tour, and will be celebrating their Signing. Also performing will be Silencia Pachuca, Jasper Lokote and BlueNoze. All going down Saturday, March 23rd, and it will be all ages. Did you hear the song Mz Lovely and Smokey Loco did with Baby Jokes? If not, you know we got the exclusive for ya!

Mz Lovely & Smokey Loco – Only The Strong Survive – Featuring Baby Jokes


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