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Youtube Friday – Cheech And Chong New Movie

We found an awesome Youtube Friday that pumped us up today,  its for a brand new Cheech and Chong movie, this time, its their first Cartoon Movie. Everyone loves Cheech and Chong, young and old, and with 420 coming up, this is the perfect movie to watch this weekend. This commercial had us laughing and we will definitely be buying this movie and watching it on 420, right before the event we go to with Bone Thugs!


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What I Dream Of

Urban Kings Music Group Artist Fiesty 2 Guns has a classic music video that was for his first solo full length album “Street Scriptures“. This is a classic album by the Charlie Row Campo member, and the album had some really dope features, like UKMG Artist Chino Grande, D Salas, Sal Capone, Bigg Bandit, Rigo Luna, Silly Rabbit and more! The song I wanted to show today is “What I Dream Of“, and the music video is almost at 200,000 views! Make sure to watch the video, share the video and lets get it to 200,000! Street Scriptures is available now in all major music stores, including Amazon and FYE, and digitally through iTunes!

Fiesty 2 Guns – Street Scriptures – Official Album Cover

The Colors The Colors…

Merry Christmas From Urban Kings

Merry Christmas from The Urban Kings Music Group! Today is a day of fun and happiness. Yesterday, we asked you about your wish list, on what your wish list is for any UKMG Cds that you dont have. Today, I am telling you my wish list of what I want. I want my family, artists, friends and fans to have their health. Also to be happy and to be safe. I think thats the only thing I want this year, because material things always come and go, but the people you care about will always be there. Thank you all for being real with us and we have always kept it real with you. Can’t wait to start the New Year off right, and keep pushing into 2014!

Ms Krazie’s First Single – Nobody Else

With 4 full length studio albums under her belt, Ms Krazie’s highly anticipated release of her new album, Forgive Not Forget, has been acclaimed as a musical masterpiece. The first single from the album, Nobody Else, is a romantic song that expresses many feelings and emotions that couples experience, through all the good times and bad. For anyone who is in love, and who has been in love, from both a female and male perspective, knows exactly how the feeling is, because Ms Krazie’s words are so heartfelt and relatable. With the vocal backing of D Salas, who also produced the song, the guitar strings compliment the song perfect with the melody and the topic of the song. “Nobody Else” is dedicated to those who feel what words are in the song, and with Ms Krazie’s beautiful wording, perfect rhyming and meaningful expression, anyone would be happy to have this song dedicated to them.

Ms Krazie’s Single will be releasing via iTunes on September 4th, 2012!

Ms Krazies “Nobody Else” is also available on RINGTONE by texting 19281035 (for the Hook) and/or 19281421 (Verse)

To the Phone Number 69937

Only $2.50 per ringone

Jasper Loco Performing Tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow Night Jasper Loco will be performing at Club Babylon, which will take place inside Ambiente, which is in the city of Alhambra, California. The last time Jasper performed at Ambiente was the “Cali Is Active” show, which Jasper had an amazing performance. He was invited back to perform again at Ambiente, and he is ready to put out another awesome show for the crowd. Make sure to go and support and show love to Jasper Loco and Charlie Row Campo. Jasper will be performing some hits from the “Eastside Assassin” album as well as new songs he is working on for both the new Charlie Row album and his solo album.


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