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Youtube Friday – Dave Chappelle – Indians

This is our Youtube Friday, and its none other than Dave Chappelle doing a stand up comedy special. This was during his “Chappelle Show” days. Dave Chappelle still does stand up comedy once in a while, in various cities around the country. If you have ever seen a Dave Chappelle stand up special or The Chappelle Show, you would know what type of skits and comedy he does.

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Killer From The West By Conejo

Who has this instant classic album released by Urban Kings, by Conejo called “Killer From The West“. Urban Kings has released music by Conejo before, and we actually released his very first album, called Shady Conejo, later digitally remastered and we added bonus songs for his album “Dead End Gangster” and the “Game Over“. This is the 3rd official release of Conejo with Urban Kings. This is a really dope album, featuring songs like Price To Pay, Package Pure, Heroin Flow and more. If you have this album, you know what im talking about, if not, make sure to listen to the song below to hear “The Night Crawler“. Killer From The West is available now to all major music retailers, including Amazon and FYE, digitally through iTunes and online at The UKMG Merch Store.

Conejo – The Night Crawler – Taken From Killer From The West

Jasper Loco Performed Last Week

Jasper performed over the weekend at the Steel Bangin/Charlie Row Campo concert that took place at the Green Turtle last weekend in Whittier, California. Performing was Midget Loco, Jasper Loco, Doll E Girl, Toro Loco, Shady Boy, Young Brown, Jay Brown and the rest of the camp. Jasper also performed this weekend right before Urban Kings friend Baby Bash in Riverside on Friday Night. Make sure to pick up Jasper Locos album “Eastside Assassin” that is available everywhere, such as FYE, Hastings and more! It is also available on iTunes and online at The UKMG Merch Store. Until then, make sure to check out Jasper Loco in his music video “Westcoastin”.

Jasper Loco – Westcoastin Music Video – Taken From Eastside Assassin

Music Thursdays : We’re Bosses!

Urban Kings Facebook Ambush – Midget Loco Answers This Tough Question

Click Here To Hear The Question And Answer

Urban Kings Facebook Ambush seems to happen every day. This time we got UKMG Artist Midget Loco answering some really tough, hard to answer questions from the UKMG CEO himself, Jaime C Diaz Jr. He asks one question that Midget does not know how to answer, and seems kinda shocked that Jaime asked. Make sure to watch the video to see what the question is, and if Midget was able to answer it or not! Remember, you must LIKE the Urban Kings Official Facebook Page to watch the video, so click the link, LIKE our FB Page, and watch what Midget has to say, or if he will even answer!


Honor To Ms Krazie’s Smile Now Cry Never

“Hey urban kings, I got here a picture of my amazing tattoo in honor to ms krazie’s smile now cry never album! Love it and love her! Hope you can post it up where the beautiful lady Ms Krazie can see it. Much love to all of you that make it happen from up in denver, colorado thank you very much.”
Our Ms. Krazie Fan, Vianeith Galvan sent us this message of her new tattoe dedicated Ms. Krazie.Thank you for all the love and support and shout out to everyone out in Denver, Colorado.


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