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Youtube Friday – Drive Thru Invisible Prank

You already know, Thank God Its Friday, and its time to have that one funny clip of the week, and yes we got one that made our staff laugh out loud. There is a guy who decided to prank the good people that work in the fast food industry, particularly the drive thru. This guy created a costume that was an exact replica of his driver seat, so when he pulls up to the drive thru window, he looks like he is not there, blending in perfectly with the car. This is an awesome trick, because people think that the driver has left the car, so they start looking around for the customer. What would you do if you were working your regular job, on a regular day, and this happens to you.

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Charlie Row Campo Performing At The Roxy

The Crowd Is Hyped

Charlie Row Campo On Stage

California Boys

Chino Grande / Danny Boy / Cyzer

Chino Grande Kickin It Backstage

Jayo Felony Was The Surprise Guest

The Real Rick Ross Came To Support Charlie Row

UKMG Artists Chino Grande and Jasper Loco are 2/3 of the supergroup Charlie Row Campo. Charlie Row performed this past weekend at the World Famous Roxy Venue in Hollywood, California. Hundreds of people showed up to watch Charlie Row Campo perform along with artists like Jayo Felony, who was the nights special surprise guest. Charlie Row performed many of their classic songs from albums like “The Camponeros“, “Southern Gang Violence” , “Stop Studio Gangsters 2” and “Gang Tapes“. Charlie Row also performed songs from their newest album “California Boys“. It was a very dope set, but it didnt end there, with Jasper Loco performing some tracks from his album “Eastside Assassin” and Chino Grande performing songs from his solo albums, like “The Story Of My Life“, “Slow It Down” and “Still Active“. If you missed out on this event, you missed out on something classic. Also, The Real Freeway Rick Ross showed up to show some support for the artists, which also included Ric Hard, Straight Royalty, Cyzer and Big Silenca and more!

Out The Box Premiers Tonight!

Urban Kings along with Lineage Entertainment Group will be premiering the brand new Out The Box episode Tonight at 6pm Pacific Time! This episode is going to be really good, and it features Tui Asau in the episode called “Mister”. It is the very first episode of season 2, so make sure to tune back into Urban Kings to watch this episode first!

Mc Magic Ft. Ms. Krazie- Reasons

Mc Magic’s album The Rewire is finally out in stores. With that being said we uploaded his song Reasons that features Ms. Krazie. To give you a taste of what his album is about. You can buy the Album here or hget it on through ITunes.

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Introducing the 17 Year Old Phenom – Afro

There has been talk from some heavyweight hip hop legends about the upcoming of a new hip hop artist, that they say, is a legend in the making. Meet A-F-R-O, a 17 year old hip hop artist from Bellflower, California. He was heavily influenced by the old school New York emcees, like KRS 1, Kool Moe Dee, etc. His hip hop journey  began when he decided to enter a hip hop song contest, which was judged by Talib Kweli, Vinnie Paz, Murs and more. Once the judges heard from Afro, they knew he won the competition was over, and it was a rap. From there, his story began and is continuing to grow, now working with DJ Premier on his upcoming debut CD. Watch this video for yourself to see if he is the truth. Keep in mind, he’s only 17. Will he bring back hip hop? We all will see…


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