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Youtube Friday – Jimmy Kimmel Roasting White House


Jimmy Kimmel did an appearance at the White House for its annual Correspondent’s Dinner in Washington, DC. They thought he was going to be saying a few jokes here and there, but he ended up snapping on everyone, even the President of the United States. This is a pretty funny stand up video by Jimmy Kimmel. Make sure to check it out if you like people talkin trash about other people. Enjoy the video and have a good weekend.

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Your invited to meet and greet the cast for a better life this saturday!

Whos Ready To See Ms Krazie In Concert Again?

Have you been wanting to see Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie perform again? Its been a while since Ms Krazie has went on tour, and later this year she will be doing select shows in select cities. Their are no scheduled concerts as of yet, but we will be working on shows very soon. We are asking all promoters to email us at so we can work on some shows for later this year. Ms Krazie Fans, contact your local promoter and tell them that Ms Krazie would be a concert you would go to, and give them our email address so we can work with them to make it happen. What city do you want Ms Krazie to perform in? Let us know at The Urban Kings Facebook Page.

Young but Dedicated

Here are some young Ms. Krazie Fans singing Dedicated from the Album Brown Is Beatiful. Of course it was the Remasterd Album and if you don’t know what I’m talking about we made a new and improved album with 3 new songs. As well with a new cover. It looks like this and if you want it click it.

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Guess Whos Back In The Studio!

Can  you guess which Urban Kings Artist is already back in the studio working on some new music? If you guessed an artist from Charlie Row Campo, you are correct. And if you guessed that its UKMG Artist Fiesty 2 Guns! He is still riding the success of his most recent solo album called “Bring It Home“. That album is his sophomore studio album that fans went crazy for. Fiesty also featured on many of the Charlie Row Campo albums as well as featured on other Urban Kings artists albums. Did you know Fiesty also released a mixtape called “Talking Guns“? It was a dope mixtape that we will be featuring tomorrow on our site so stay posted to our blog for more information!

The OG’s Get Dedicated World Wide

Dedicated To The OGs finally hits the stores today, and available on ITunes. If you missed the pre-order dead line its all good, you can still get your poster customized (get more details in the interview). Get his album on to pick the package that is right for you. And if you really want his poster youbuycds is the only place you can find it.

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