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Youtube Friday – Jimmy Kimmel Roasting White House


Jimmy Kimmel did an appearance at the White House for its annual Correspondent’s Dinner in Washington, DC. They thought he was going to be saying a few jokes here and there, but he ended up snapping on everyone, even the President of the United States. This is a pretty funny stand up video by Jimmy Kimmel. Make sure to check it out if you like people talkin trash about other people. Enjoy the video and have a good weekend.

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Steel Bangin Music / Hello Loca Tour in Raleigh, NC

 Midget Loco Taking Pictures With Fans

Midget Loco Performing On Stage

Midget Loco Signing a Autograph On A Drawing

Ms Krazie & Midget Loco Taking Pictures With Fans

Ms Krazie & More Fans

Ms Krazie Taking Flicks In The VIP

This is the first show of the year to feature Urban Kings Artists Midget Loco and Ms Krazie on the same concert. The event was taken place at the Capital VIP in Raleigh, North Carolina. The show was off the hook and had dope performances by Midget, Krazie and all the artists that did there thing on stage. The event was a full house and fans were not disappointed with the show. With Ms Krazie performing all her classics and Midget Loco performing all his hits, the people knew all the songs and rapped to them from the crowd. This was an event that will be talked about until Urban Kings come back to Raleigh. If you missed it, then you missed a dope show, autographs, pictures with all the artists, and a good time, because thats what this event was. Also if you went to the show, please feel free to send  your pictures to us by CLICKING HERE .

Kid Frost Launches $150 Million Business Venture

First off we gotta shout out OG Kid Frost.He just launched a business with a $150 Million dollar company that will be producing movies, television shows and music. Frost’s current company “Old West Entertainment” has teamed with X-Change to build this multi-media company.
The company also works and specializes in fields such as talent management, finance organization and television and music production. It also plans on representing and working with well established directors, producers, writers, actors, and entertainment companies.

This new company has a schedule of 15-20 films, all with a budget between $3 to 15 Million Dollars each.

Also Frosts latest CD “ALL OLDIES” is available now at

Ms Krazie Southtown Radio Interview

UKMG Artist Ms Krazie did an interview about her brand new album, called “Forgive Not Forget”, on Southtown Radio with Dj Sinner on Kohn 91.9. This is a really good in depth interview with Ms Krazie about her album, her feature in Coast 2 Coast Magazine, and the concept and ideas of working on and creating the songs for Forgive Not Forget. Kohn is a radio station in Arizona and Southtown Radio plays nothing but the best in Latin Hip Hop and Oldies. Make sure to take a listen and know how the thought and creative process was made for Ms Krazie’s new album.

Forgive Not Forget is available now, at FYE, Best Buy, Hastings, iTunes, and online at the UKMG Merch Store! The album features MC Magic, Lala Romero, Fer Ochoa, Carolyn Rodriguez, D Salas, Knightowl, Kozme, Problemaz, Wicked Babydoll, Mz Lovely, Garzia, Silenciosa,Duende, Jehu, Betsy, and T Train!



Delonte West BANNED

Delonte West from the 2011 NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks has been banned from meeting the President of the United States Barack Obama. Usually every year, the Champions from the NBA, NFL and MLB. This year is no exception and the Mavs went to see the President today. The Mavs werent scheduled to play the Washington Wizards this year (Washington DC), so they made the trip during a little break between games.

The Mavericks said they would not talk about  on West not being there. Delonte was arrested in 2009, for having a concealed weapon. The police found the handgun because they had pulled him over while Delonte was driving his quad.He said he would go home instead. Delonte was raised and currently lives in Washington DC.

Words Of Wisdom

If you really sit there and pay close attention to yourself you can learn a lot. You give out energy. what type of energy are you giving out? What are u representing without even knowing? Your a blank canvas to the world and you paint your own prosoma and display it to the world to view, to judge, to feed of it. People look at all this before anything and even after everything. Before your knowledge of studies, before any word spoken or even any chance for you to win them over your canvas is displayed from a distance. What is your canvas displaying today? What are you doing today to beat yesterday? We are that xSetForLifex crew, where if you pay close attention to the background of our bigger picture we display the highest potential without even knowing. On that HocusPocus chit

- UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr


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