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20 Second Cell Phone Charger
20 Second Cell Phone Charger
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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

18-Year-Old high school student Esha Khare Invented a 20-Second Cell Phone Charger! She also won $50,000 and now Google is interested in working with her.

23 Responses to “20 Second Cell Phone Charger”

  1. Why didnt she demonstrate the item!!!! All talk and no walk!!! FAKE!!!
  2. DirtyDeem says:
    The tech has already been out there and know about in large tech companies but kept under wraps as this tech would cause companies to lose profits. She just happened to stumble upon what was already knows and leaked it to the public. Now major tech companies have to step up and reward her just so that it APPEARS that they never knew about this tech. MEH....
  3. Allstate323 says:
    Her Daddy look like the Dude in the cave from Ironman.
  4. k5lta says:
    They are gonna have to do lots of test with this thing because I dont want my battery exploding or no shit like that from being supercharged lol.
  5. jackso229 says:
    30-36 the guy in the middle bust his first nut jtfo
  6. luis199000 says:
    nooo dont go to google u can be richer with out google
  7. SlimShaney08 says:
    that is awesome
  8. LastSong says:
    This girl is a fraud. She didn't invent anything. She stole the research from her internship at a lab.What a fucking joke.
  9. crazyolme says:
    true, but don't expect anyone to actually notice.
  10. agyjoah says:
    That moment when you feel extra dumb
  11. tom vernon says:
    It seems like she would have sold the invention and made a fortune
  12. Appleholic1 says:
    I hope she is the one who owns the patent rights to it.
  13. Hey @Trevs34 i got for no dollar my iphone 5 from is easy and came within 3 days
  14. she is from india
  15. Jake Booth says:
    Where do I buy it from lol
  16. Brian Tickes says:
    AMAZING! as a promoter im charging my phone all day everyday... AMAZING And i grew up in Los Gatos Just 10min from where she grew up!
  17. Bootsepic says:
    She's going to neat out bill gates...
  18. Klaudia G says:
    I wanna see it in action..
  19. tmat04 says:
    I truly believe our world is way behind in technology. I think that religion and the governmental impact has greatly affected science and our progress in technology. And even though it hasn't been proven, I strongly believe that there is intelligent life out there on some other planets and they are way more advanced than we are.
  20. tmat04 says:
    *governmental impact...
  21. potatoe4221 says:
    She didn't invent anything. All she did was use research about graphene and make it into a battery. Which was done 4 months before she even made that.
  22. Upsize it, and use it to recharge electric cars - oh, nevermind.. i forgot all about big oil vigorously trying to buy out and hush technology like that aimed for cars.
  23. Jordan Tate says:
    Id give her 5000 dollars for that charger

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