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Between Two Ferns – Steve Carell
Between Two Ferns – Steve Carell
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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

This is an interview show called “Between Two Ferns”, hosted by Zach Galifianakis and special guest Steve Carell.

2,359 Responses to “Between Two Ferns – Steve Carell”

  1. His original last name was Galifinakisberg
  2. ice cream soup :P
  3. Neff Juarez says:
    I've loved all between two ferns but this one has been the funniest so far!! Gotta give to the comedian steve carell
  4. [cp]Bravo says:
    OMG Hilarious
  5. Hans Pugly says:
    Classic! Hahaha!!!! 2:43
  6. DJmicaiah says:
    I saw Evan Almighty!
  7. blackspice says:
    this is the best one!! love steve carell so much
  8. I was already weak, but when that chair broke...Oh lord, I almost passed out. I can't feel my cheeks yo.
  9. TheNinjaRush says:
    i'm crying with laughter, lmao.

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