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Callin Out Names – Urban Kings Tv Exclusive 2011
Callin Out Names – Urban Kings Tv Exclusive 2011
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In this video we are callin out names of all STORES, MOMS and POPS and SWAPMEETS that dont have your favorite Ms Krazie, Charlie Row Campo, Steel Bangin Musick, Stomper, and all of our Urban Kings Compilations. We are calling out PEOPLE who would like to be members of our street team and viral promotion team. We are also callin out PROMOTERS to bring Urban Kings ARTISTS to your city and perform for our fans. NOT JUST UK ARTISTS, BUT WE CAN BOOK ANY CHICANO RAP ARTIST!!!!

102 Responses to “Callin Out Names – Urban Kings Tv Exclusive 2011”

  1. SmileyOCBoy says:
    urbankingstvdot com
  2. Elconejo253 says:
    @YOUNUYCDSCOM: what's the song in the background? any one know?

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