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Cash Out – The Curb
Cash Out – The Curb
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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

We got our hands on the brand new Music Video by Cash Out, who’s single right now (Cashin Out) has been hitting radio station airwaves throughout the country. Here is his new music video, this time assisted by Gucci Mane for the song “The Curb”. This song will be featured on Cash Out’s brand new mixtape album “Keisha”, which will be in stores on December 18th, 2012!

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35 Responses to “Cash Out – The Curb”

  1. tyga5204 says:
    better listen to baby , what the fuck is this garbage that shit gave me fuckin headake
  2. jorge tamayo says:
    the style of the same
  3. drereid38 says:
    foolie verse straight..chorus snapped
  4. JPforty says:
    cash out is weak as shit
  5. JPforty says:
    on the other hand gucci kills it like always GUCCCIIIIII
  7. kaybugatti30 says:
    Bricksquad 1017 laflare gu woop
  8. dbelle1975 says:
    Gucci killed it!
  9. Cashout destroyed dat shit
  10. TheRitz665 says:
    Этот ниггер не умеет и не шарит в рэпе!
  11. cash out is AWFUL! Gucci was tight tho
  12. dfplilhustle says:
    Dat girlz hair wasn't longer than cash outz hair
  13. secreri says:
    gucci did the beat right
  14. SuperChin45 says:
    Gucci Mane said if i had long hair i would shake my dreads lol
  15. Symone Brown says:
    i like this songg
  17. am Cash Out's DIEHARD fan but tbh this was crap...worst shxt i've heard from him...
  18. chazzybadazz says:
    Illuminati brainwashing music.
  19. havior says:
    I wish I had a bigger font to say this is GARBAGE! TRASH! WASTE! Kmsl on my kids, this worst shit I've ever wasted 3 odd mins on.
  20. tyga5204 says:
    fuck this headake shit
  21. cash out a hook writer, don't expect no lyrical versesthis junt slap doe!
  22. This wasn't a good song cashout need to get back to a beat similar to cashing out so you can rap like that again cus the verses on this song weren't good honestly my brother
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  24. that's that same beat from Billy Blue - you gone make it .
  25. Thnx Bruh, appreciate it
  26. itsthebalm says:
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  27. Booda8oo1 says:
    Who else only fuck with the Chorus

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