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Chingo Bling – Pos Why Ju Hating
Chingo Bling – Pos Why Ju Hating
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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

We just got an email from Silent Giant about this new Chingo Bling song. It is a remix of “Call Me Maybe”, that only Chingo Bling would be able to pull off. Chingo has been making classic remixes of songs and this comes in as another top notch remix. Brought to you by the good people of Silent Giant, Big Chile Ent and Chingo Bling!

71 Responses to “Chingo Bling – Pos Why Ju Hating”

  1. LIGHTSOUT956 says:
    No!!! Don't let people make u go back to parodys
  2. Hah Better than the real song
  3. edica suarez says:
    Ah! that's freaken hirlarus! hehe.. that's Awesome! Lol
  4. 2;13 funny as fuck!
  6. Jajaja no mames funny Shit bro
  7. "Im eh shasing..Is it estalkin? why ju hating?" Ctfu shits funny
  8. lol i wouldnt mind a phone call like that from chingo
  9. This chit is funny
  10. 713kingg says:
    Where can I get this!
  11. GLO713 says:
    Where can I get this!
  12. No mames wey funny as hell
  13. lre1989 says:
    Miss the old chingo but Cancun shawty is cool too.
  14. Lol funny stuff keep it coming chingo XD
  15. Ese Blown says:
    Lol funny stuff keep it coming chingo XD
  16. jajajajajjajajaja ooohhh thas some funny shit right there jajaja
  17. StudioLeak says:
    Chingo pus why they hating? This funny shit putitos....
  18. wow you come up with the most awesome and funniest things ever i love you chigobling im not estalking
  19. jenn619luv says:
    hahahahaha <3 chingo
  20. CARVAJAL928 says:
    Orale nice song chingo
  21. Orale nice song chingo
  22. chingo u a fool for this 1 !!!!
  23. j valdez says:
    chingo u a fool for this 1 !!!!
  24. marthamoe4 says:
    Lmao wtf nombre chingo ur fkn funny wey. Aki en mi room lafin toda loud and sola. U foo cabron
  25. Ann Zarate says:
    lmfao.... omg thank you sooooooo much for making my morning.... you rock!!!!
  26. Tejano281HTX says:
    @chingo u a fool. Cleaver the light song nexy wey! Trutru swing by the tmobile chop again

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