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Chino Grande – Ft G Malone – I Dont Give A Fuck
Chino Grande – Ft G Malone – I Dont Give A Fuck
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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

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Urban Kings Music Group is proud to release the brand new fourth studio solo album from Chino Grande from Charlie Row Campo, called “Trust Your Struggle”, The Premium Package. Fans have been anticipating Chino Grande’s album for over two years, since that time giving his fans a Charlie Row Campo along with group members Fiesty 2 Guns and Jasper Loco. This time, Chino has his sights set on the Trust Your Struggle album. Album Release Date for Chino Grande’s “Trust Your Struggle” is scheduled for 8/13/2013.

Artist : Chino Grande

Album : Trust Your Struggle – Releasing August 13th

Song : I Don’t Give A Fuck – Featuring Glasses Malone

Label: Urban Kings Music Group

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Label Contact: 562 696-5222
Booking Call – 562-696-5222

Trust Your Struggle will be AVAILABLE to all major music stores like FYE, Best Buy, Hastings, digitally through iTunes, and online through the on August 13th, 2013!