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Chunx – California Dreamin
Chunx – California Dreamin
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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

Chunx ft Crystal cc “California Dreaming” Official Music Video
Directed by Grafxphotography


74 Responses to “Chunx – California Dreamin”

  1. majestic1979 says:
    Cool jam u guys from calipat?
  2. bigovadoz says:
    im a fan.. #salute
  4. pape ndiaye says:
    Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad much
  5. chris mccall says:
    anyone wanna freestyle over skype
  6. Damm Thats Right Puttin It Down For Cali Gannna Share This
  7. miggy lopez says:
    this song jams and love the low lows in the video but lol @ the cops and prison guard. they could've got them better uniforms
  8. Love this song... Keep it up
  9. Love this song... Keep it up
  10. paula gomez says:
    I love this !!!! :D
  11. DJchickenz says:
    Gangnam style?...
  12. Meezy Macc says:
    Straight biting nipsey hussle ...same flow and everything ....keep it authentic homie
  13. eric li says:
    AMAZEBALL ****************
  14. Hidi Rose says:
    You're meant to leave lush henna on for at least 4 hours :/
  15. I like the Product but the Presentation is shit, i suggest that you man-up or Woman-up And remove those Nudes other then that it's nice
  16. A Freeman says:
    God save our gracious Queen - God help us when her weirdo son inherits.
  17. xNikkiRantsx says:
    One of the reasons why I've been single for so long is because most of the guys here that I've actually talked to were either not that bright or we didn't have much in common....that and me being super shy about talking to guys face to face plays a huge part in me still being single too .____. And I don't think you're average looking! I think you're more like one of those rubies you mentioned :)
  18. Aaron Starks says:
    I love that MS tells developers that there is not pressure to hit 1080p. Fanboys have made resolution a part of The Great Console War and it's hurting actual GAMEPLAY. Stupid fanboys.
  19. Authentic cool Video!

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